zenith 701 viking engine

The 701 is an earlier version of a Zenith STOL. Jabiru engines have been produced in Australia since 1992, with more than 6,000 in operation around the world and many in the demanding flight school environment. It uses a reduction gear in it's own lube bath. The JABIRU brand of very light engines was specifically designed by aircraft designers for aircraft applications. The girdles in the case just begin to lose their resiliency with higher torque and thrust. Visit the website for complete details about the Corvair engine and installation in the Zodiac XL: www.flycorvair.com. Right now, as I learned there are NO more makers of the stroked crankshaft that are not from China. The Zenith 650 is only a slightly larger plane, 1320 lbs vs 1100lbs, although with higher speeds to 120 kts vs ~95 kts. Larry Zepp, Zenith Zodiac…" Aug 30. Contact Zenith Aircraft Company directly for the latest pricing and availability information. I think it take fuel burn to 8 gph, but they were quoting 1100-1300 fpm climb rates in a 1320lb sonex. incl. No battery power required for operation. The wingspan on the 701 is larger, probably associated with the STOL capabilities. can anyone recommend  an initial pitch setting for the whirlwind 3 blade 70'' prop?thanks, bob noffs. thanks, bob noffs, "thanks norm, i will probably start with 18. Literally dozens of different engine types can be custom-installed in the aircraft.”. Dave replacing a Jabiru in Kansas with the Viking 90. The cylinder barrels are machined from chrome nickel molybdenum steel forgings with deep integral cooling fins, ground and honed to a final specified finish. FormerHangie En-Route. All FWF Options Ready to Ship! Continental engines provide a history of performance and reliability, with available worldwide parts and service support. Powered by. All other pale in comparison. The cylinders are of conventional air-cooled construction with heads made from an aluminum-alloy casting and a fully machined combustion chamber. A couple of weeks ago I looked back at Sonex and found that they were promoting the Aerovee turbo VW engine. Put 400 hours on her in two years! All parts used on the engine, with the possible exception of some accessories, are fully FAA certified components but the engine as a complete unit is not certified. Since the UL Power engine is imported from Europe engine prices fluctuate on a regular basis due to currency exchange. The Viking 90 Going into Zenith 701 and Sonex . The original engine evolved into various models over the years, including the A65, A75, C75, C85 and C90, and finally evolved into the O-200 engine used in the popular Cessna 150. I was not clear on my response.. But, like I said, I don't know anything about their reliability.

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