why did hinami join aogiri

After the meeting, he recalled how he first met Hinami, when Eto brought her to the organization. With the Yoshimura and Kaya Irimi information collecting team, she was the one to determine Kaneki's location using scent.Template:ChapterRef, Template:SectionHinami was mentioned by both Kazuichi Banjou and Kaneki about her excellent sense of smell, and how it could have helped them find Akihiro Kanou much faster.Template:Cite, In order to cheer up Kaneki, she goes with him to a book signing event. Hinami became depressed and withdrawn because Sasaki had not visited her in the six months since the end of the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. When the two meet in person, there is an immediate connection between them. Chains Chapter 35 Summary, He told her of his next assignment, acting as a bodyguard to Big Madam and asked her to come to the Auction as his "ears. Meinen Namen, E-Mail und Website in diesem Browser speichern, bis ich wieder kommentiere. The two work closely together as members of Aogiri and seem to have a comfortable relationship. Afterwards Hinami silently cries in despair and Ayato is shown to comfort her upon seeing her saddened. After hearing about Akira Mado's recovery, Ayato asked if Hinami if she was content with the news. Eto offered her to join. Regarding the Shuu's … Hinami Fueguchi (笛口 雛実, Fueguchi Hinami) is a ghoul whose parents, Asaki and Ryouko Fueguchi, were killed by ghoul investigators. She ordered most of their forces to retreat and regroup but was brought up short when someone mentioned the Spine User, Akira Mado, was fighting with Naki. During the Auction Raid, she still cares for him deeply and broke from her position to rescue him from Takizawa. When Tatara refused, he reached out to Banjou instead to assist in breaking her out. While her primary duties concern information gathering, she also serves as a strategist and commander when necessary. Death Race 2 Tamil Dubbed Tamilrockers, They were feared by both peace loving ghouls and humans alike. Why did Kaneki Join Aogiri Tree? The pair met and befriend author Afterward, Hinami and Tsukiyama ran into Touka and Nishiki, sparking a brief confrontation. He wanted a place a place to belong, the only person close to him was his friend Hide. He didn’t know what he was, a human or a ghoul? Shinji Nakamura 3 years ago 2 Comments. In return, Touka is fiercely protective of Hinami. Hinami had loving relationships with both her parents and missed them dearly after their deaths. She believes this to be her weakness and the reason people she loved left her. She was also eager for knowledge and fond of reading in order to learn. Erforderliche Felder sind mit * markiert. fr:Hinami Fueguchi Aogiri? From Wednesday through Friday I'll answer the rest of the questions I get. Afterwards Hinami silently cries in despair and Ayato is shown to comfort her upon seeing her saddened. She cared deeply for Touka and Kaneki, constantly expressing sadness and worry for the two's unhappiness. Later, Hinami was eating her food in a room in Anteiku's second floor when Kaneki suddenly entered the room without knocking. Winco Hours For Seniors, it. She then proceeded to fight Takizawa in order to protect Sasaki. Before asking please check the Navigation to see if I had already answered what you have in mind. However, she is still reluctant to kill. She was initially hesitant, but finally discussed her concerns about Kaneki and was surprised when the author told her there was nothing she could do. Their similar expressions cheered her up, prompting the beginning of a friendship.Template:ChapterRef, Some time later, Sasaki paid a visit to Hinami in prison and brought her several books. After the time skip, she became a member of Aogiri Tree. Ghoul Physiology: Hinami was born with both a rinkaku and koukaku kagune, as well as heightened senses. When encountering Nishiki and Touka, she defends Tsukiyama against their accusations. If I could make a wish, I'd ask for the strength of two people so I could help. Dj Khaled Wild Thoughts Mp3 Song Free Download, All this attention directed to Hinami's rescue is making you blind, that's why the fandom was amazed when they say Touka and Youmo rescuing Tsukiyama. Why did Ayato join Aogiri? Can Leopard Geckos Lay Fertile Eggs Without Mating, As he departs for the day, Sasaki remains troubled by his growing attachment to Hinami and how this conflicts with his duties. it:Hinami Fueguchi The fact that she spoke to Ayato about such complex feelings relating to her parents deaths implies a closer relationship between the two of them. Kuki Urie visited her in order to get intel about Aogiri Tree. I believe that Cochlea is also populated with hundreds of ghouls from the Aogiri tree, why would ETO free HINAMI at any cost? pt:Hinami Fueguchi Kaneki noticed Hinami was reading one of While Hinami and her mother were walking back from the bookstore, four ghoul investigators, including When reading a newspaper detailing Kusaba's death, Hinami realized Touka had killed the investigator as revenge and decided to run away.Later on, as Kaneki went to Touka's apartment to pay Hinami a visit, he was surprised by Hinami's new, unprofessional haircut and gave her another book to read in her free time.Hinami made an appearance after Kaneki returned from Hinami joined the others from Anteiku in rescuing Kaneki. In later chapters, she expresses worry to both Tsukiyama and Sen Takatsuki over his sad and stoic demeanor, desiring his happiness. Aside from her casual clothes, she also wears the typical Aogiri robe while on missions. "Template:ChapterRef, During the beginning of the ghoul auction, Hinami sensed something off.Template:ChapterRef Her sense of unease proved to be true, as the building was quickly surrounded by investigators while Juuzou Suzuya attacked from the stage. They seem to get along well, and she expresses concern for his well-being during the Auction Raid. After her capture, Ayato was visibly distraught and insisted on saving her. Her mother Ryouko taught her to live in the human world and educated her in literacy. She listened to Yoshimura's speech to Kaneki about the ghouls who killed their emotions and forgot the value of life.Template:ChapterRef, Hinami joined the others from Anteiku in rescuing Kaneki. Ayato would often cover for her, such as berating her in front of Tatara to spare her from having to commit murder. Michelle Singletary Getting To The Real Point Of College, While Ayato went to rescue Big Madam and fight Suzuya, Hinami told Karao to follow her and fled towards the exit. Even without any memories... Haise Sasaki (this person) ... is Ken Kaneki (my big brother). She then greeted the driver as Torso and informed him that she had a message from Aogiri Tree.Template:ChapterRef She warned him that the CCG was pursuing him and Aogiri was concerned he might reveal information if captured. He wanted a place a place to belong, the only person close to him was his friend Hide. Even years after Kaneki's disappearance, Hinami still thinks of and misses him. After apologizing properly, he explained his half-ghoul status to her. Anyways, I can think of four possibilities. In her time, she was largely used as an intelligence gather. Hinami is a current member of Kaneki's organization Goat but previously served as a member of Aogiri Tree. Why did Hinami Fueguchi joined Aogiri Tree? Banjou is one of Hinami's caretakers and companions in Kaneki's group, and she enjoys his company. She is no longer terrified of smelling or seeing death, as shown through her interactions with Torso and Ayato. During her frantic escape, Hinami ran into Kaneki and begged for his help, but only returned in time to witness her mother being killed by Mado.Template:ChapterRef, When reading a newspaper detailing Kusaba's death, Hinami realized Touka had killed the investigator as revenge and decided to run away.Template:ChapterRef Touka found her in a distraught state and comforted her, only to be interrupted by the appearance of Mado.Template:ChapterRef Hinami helplessly watched her sister figure battle and slowly lose against the investigator, eventually releasing her own kagune and rendering Mado helpless.

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