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✧ Defer to Cassidy ✧ Talk to your parents, Alliance: Callum (Normal End) ✧ It’s sad The Royal Trap: The Confines Of The Crown. ✧ Protect Cassidy The issue is that they both come from the 5a, 6a, and 7a chapters. ✧ It’s the truth Dolores in particular comes across as charmingly vulgar without actually swearing at all. Also Dolores, though her ending is more of a. Gaston gets very upset when Madeleine brings up the topic of wigs with him. Choose "We could share" in response to Colette's question. When you arrive at the river, you will be given a choice between Callum or Oscar. ✧ Appeal to logic Alliance: Gaston (Happy End) Madeleine Valois is a prince's companion. ✧ It is none of your business Choose "What does your heart tell you?" ✧ I was looking for a poison Thank you for the guide, it was helpful to find where I was missing a choice to get on a path. In Chapter 6a, Defer to Cassidy when prompted. ✧ Look for Paloma ✧ Prince Gaston ✧ Talk to your parents. Alliance: Oscar (Normal End) You did your duty. With the succession at stake, who can you trust? Madeleine Valois is a prince's companion. CROWN.ITM Crown of Fallen Kings First uncovered in ancient ruins to the South of Amn, this crown has seen the rise and fall of countless empires. lylat Offline Pris Offline Category: Achievements, Walkthroughs. When Dolores asks which room to inspect, choose Nazagi's. From what I can tell, the difference in Gaston's endings comes from the one conversation you have with Cassidy in Chapter 7b. Oscar, when it seems like he's going to pull a. Oscar does this to Madeleine in his good ending. ✧ I still wouldn’t marry him ✧ It’s sad ), When you save Cassidy, choose "Protect Cassidy" and "Accuse Callum." itch.io Halloween Sale 2020. (This will prevent a Gaston or Nazagi alliance.). ", In Chapter 7a, Cassidy will not know what to do. ✧ Unfortunately, yes ✧ Defend Callum ✦ Load Save 2 ✧ Let him choose that ✧ Kiss him first ✧ I don’t want to lose you either Required fields are marked *, The Confines Of The Crown – 100% Achievement Guide (All Endings). Happy, wealthy, and wise. ✧ This explains everything ✧ He is good – in a fair fight The second/middle option effectively leads down the same path as choosing the third option ("What does your heart tell you?"). ✦ Load Save 1 ✧ No Most of my initial testing, leads and information came from. The Confines Of The Crown. Visits 19,616 (1 today) Last Update 1 year ago. ✧ Go with Callum now All rights reserved. Alliance: Callum (Bad End) The Confines Of The Crown > Guides > L Ψ Kongroo's Guides. Defender of the Crown is in the running for Best Strategy Game of 2007 at the upcoming Zeeby Awards. In this world, men rule, but women inherit. For more information, help, or to talk with other players about the game, please visit the Hanako Games Forums. ✧ Defend Callum ✧ I will. Unfavorite. Your email address will not be published. 2 . Alliance: Nazagi (Happy End) In Chapter 5d, select "Send a message" and "You're getting better" when Oscar returns to talk about his poetry. By L Ψ Kongroo. ✧ Duke Pherod In Oscar's route, even though she's steadily falling in love with him, Madeleine insists on pairing him up with Cassidy, as that will guarantee him a good future. Tell Nazagi that you think Dolores has enemies. On Sale! Happy Ending: A Position for Myself -> Propose Marriage. ✦ Save 1 ✦ Save 2 Hanako Games explained, "People kept getting the wrong idea about what the title was supposed to mean. I just thought people may want a direct guide to it. This means that the next king will be whoever the princess chooses as her husband... so any man with an eye for power has to catch the interest of the lady who controls it. If you are interested in helping to create one, please post in this thread or fill out this application . (You can also choose to wear the necklace but. ✧ Yes So does the guard who's distracted by the bathing scene. ✦ Load Save 9 ✧ I’m tempted… As long as you were not a jerk to Oscar during Callum's route, in Callum's good ending, In Nagazi's route, after he theorizes that. The Royal Trap: The Confines of the Crown. ✧ Defer to Cassidy Unfortunately, the princess he's supposed to be wooing disappears, and Oscar is labeled as the prime suspect. Madeleine and Dolores in Dolores' happy ending. ✧ It’s sad This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. This is a rather good thing for Cassidy, as no one will notice that she's a few years older than she's supposed to be. $20.00 $14.00 USD or more. ✧ Defend Callum ✧ I saw a man with a goose… Alliance: Dolores (Bad End) You burned your bridges. View bundle. The Royal Trap Achievement Guide. Madeleine Valois is a prince's companion. Advise her to "Tell your parents. Tell her "I am tempted.". ✧ Hug him ✧ Untie her ✧ Talk to Callum All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Award. We chatted with Greg Zesinger, Product Manager at … It only takes a moment. In Gaston's route, she serves as this for him instead. ✧ Break his heart. ✧ Oscar’s marriage to Cassidy You’ve met your match. We had this subtitle for years hoping to clarify matters..." [2]. No Alliance During the following conversation with Oscar, select "You're like a brother to me." ✧ We’re not finished here Eventually both he and Madeleine learn to tune her out.

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