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Richard and Meredith are looking for a large yacht after selling their sixty-foot vessel; Mike and Rhonda search for their dream boat. Still, amongst the Rich 100's superyachts, the Nova Spirit is one of the smallest on the water. Find Your Dream Luxury Yacht. Stephen and Sophia meet with Carl Neuzil at Baker Aviation in Ft. Worth to shop for private jets. The 88-metre long Quattroelle comes complete with a helicopter pad, multiple Jacuzzis, an infinity pool and a massive gymnasium designed by Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet. Despite the softened party atmosphere, the Festival will still attract the wealthiest people in the world who have already started mooring their extravagant superyachts along the French Riviera where they will host private parties and meetings. Jonathan Legg travels the world in search of exotic and unique experiences. With Chris and Summer's pizza franchise on the rise Scott Oshman from Pollard Aircraft Sales gives them a taste of a Citation CJ 2 +. The yachts are worth tuning in to see. A Citation 10 and a Challenger 300. Award winning Maroma Beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico; this unique beach offers luxury accommodations and powdered sands that never get hot; Bangkok and a ride on the Orient Express. Dave a concert promoter, has asked broker Cameron Jones from JET 10 to go bigger, with a Challenger 600. Donna and Angelo look for more cycling opportunities in Belize, White Rock and Fort Lauderdale. Alan and Steve look at a Gulfstream GIV - SP. Meet Riley and Elayna, sailing around the world on their yacht. The Northern Star is so big it consumes 200 litres of fuel per hour and needs a crew of 22 to run it. About half the length of Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Yacht Brittania, this boat is the crown jewel of Alex Shnaider's $40 million yacht and aircraft portfolio (oh yes, there are others). Find Your Yacht. Selling Yachts Season 4 Episode 4: The More the Merrier. During those years he was sailing his uncle's boat in Santa Margherita Ligure and jumping waves with a Boston Whaler 150 Super Sport around the island of Capri. He goes on a search for the Lost Dutchman's mine but gets sidetracked with the Biodome 2, UFO abductee Travis Walton, world's largest airplane graveyard, and a session of crystal and sound therapy. The ship even has a hidden bay off the side which can eject a smaller boat for water skiing or day trips into port. The Northern Star is so big it consumes 200 litres of fuel per hour and needs a crew of 22 to run it. Eduardo and Maria meet up with Scott Oshman at Pollard Aircraft Sales to tour a 2007 Citation XLS. Mike and Tom choose a sport fisher; Linda and Steve can't make a decision. These unforgettable memories around yachts and marinas built a foundation for Riccardo to learn all about Italian quality of yacht manufacturing and design. Following film producer Harvey Weinstein's scandal, many of the top parties are being scaled back, while many notable companies have ended their annual extravagant bashes. I am highly experienced in exotic travel and extreme luxury adventures and have. Stephen hopes to fulfill his dream of finally owning a jet. While Mark, a real-estate and hotel entrepreneur in Florida shops for a lighter jet with his wife Barbara to take them to Central America. The #MeToo movement is on everyone's mind, and a major effort is being made to do as much as possible to create respect and proper representation of women at the festival. ), Size: 533-foot yacht (Currently in Antibes), Superyacht ECLIPSE (Photo by Levent Kisi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images), Superyacht DILBAR (VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images), Size: 469 foot sailing yacht (Enroute to Antibes), Source of wealth: Fertilizer, Coal, Power oligarch, Size: 380-foot yacht (Currently in Monaco), Size: 370 foot yacht (Currently in Antibes), Size: 361-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Source of wealth: Built for the late Emir of Qatar, Source of wealth: Russian Grocery magnate, Size: 325-foot yacht (Currently in Antibes), Size: 317 foot yacht (Currently in Antibes), Source of wealth: Fashion tycoon (Michael Kors), Size: 303-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Size: 281-foot yacht (currently in Juan les Pins), Source of wealth: Pakistani Shipping magnate, Size: 266-foot yacht (currently in Antibes), Source of wealth: Internet companies, Banking, Size: 262-foot yacht (currently in Cap Ferrat), Size: 257 foot yacht (Currently in La Ciotat), MONTKAJ (Prince Mohammad bin Fahd al Saud), Size: 256-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Source of wealth: Son of late King Fahd, Saudi Arabia, Size: 253-foot yacht (Currently in Antibes), Size: 242-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Source of wealth: Energy and Aluminum, Warner Music, Size: 241.14-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Size: 240-foot yacht (Currently in Toulon), Size: 230-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Size: 225-foot yacht (Currently in Antibes), Source of wealth: Owner of Washington Redskins, Size: 220-foot yacht (Currently in Juan Les Pins), MADAME KATE (Alexandre Grendene Bartelle), Size: 197-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), LADY BEATRICE (David and Frederick Barclay), Size: 196.85-foot yacht (Currently in Monaco), Source of wealth: Telegraph Media, Claridges and other real estate, Size: 183-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Size: 180 foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Size: 166.34-foot yacht (Currently in Antibes), Size: 162-foot yacht (Currently in Juan Les Pins), Source of wealth: Russian investor, Steel Magnate and owner of Chelsea Football Club, Size: 159 foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Source of wealth: India diversified holdings, Size: 146.49-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Size: 144-foot yacht (Currently in Cannes), Size: 142 foot sailing yacht (Currently in Antibes), I have been a world explorer for over 30 years, having visited more than 90 countries. Philip Bell shows new father & daughter yacht buyers Lance & Erica two yachts. Exploring canals, history and beautiful castles on the west coast of Sweden. Call us. While there is no shortage of boats for sale, at $20 million Ron Joyce’s Destination Fox Harb’r Too might be one of the biggest steals on the water. While Joey and Sophia meet with Leonard Goldberg of Gold Aviation Services to talk about looking at a larger aircraft the Gulfstream IV. Nova SpiritThe Skipper: James Pattison (#5, CB Rich 100)Price tag: $25 millionLength: 46 metresImagine pulling up to the pump and receiving a $72,000 bill for a fill-up. A tour of a property soon to be the home of a count and a Clooney; a stunning California estate boasts the Kardashians as neighbors. During those years he was sailing his uncle's boat in Santa Margherita Ligure and jumping waves with a Boston Whaler 150 Super Sport around the island of Capri. Steven is forced to send a crewmember home. You may opt-out by. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article, Destination Fox Harb'r TooThe Skipper: Ronald Joyce (#60, CB Rich 100)Price tag: $20 millionLength: 49 metres You’re in luck — it’s reportedly up for sale for $162 million. MaidelleThe Skipper: Alexander Shnaider (#43, CB Rich 100)Price tag: $30 million+Length: 62 metresEven in the roughest of seas it would be hard not to feel pampered aboard the Maidelle. Nothing says you’ve made it like owning your own superyacht. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Psychiatrist says Fredericton mass murder was caused by actions of 'deranged' man, Facebook removes pro-Trump Stop the Steal group over 'calls for violence'. Do This To Remove Earwax, 23 Cool Products That Could Sell Out In 2020. A San Diego beach house; a beach house carved into a rock. The Maidelle is a floating five-star hotel, with hardwood flooring and polished wood accents throughout. The genocide memorial in Rwanda and the Hotel des Mille Collines. toggle menu. Northern StarThe Skipper: John Risley (#55, CB Rich 100)Price tag: $162 millionLength: 75 metresJohn Risley made his fortune on the water, so it should come as no surprise that he owns one of the biggest yachts in Canada, although describing his boat as a yacht is something of an understatement. They're looking to go big. He checks out the vast and opulent subway networks of Moscow, explores the legendary Russian space initiative, ventures to Grozny and gets some gritty hands-on combat, as well as weapons training. Size: 142 foot sailing yacht (Currently in Antibes) Source of wealth: German internet. Miriam & Gord moved to the suburbs for their kids. Back in Dallas Peter and Lauri continue speaking with Randall and Luis on specifics of chartering with Horizon. Cameron Jones from Jet 10 looks to help Dave, a concert and live event promoter. Marquis 2009, 47' Uniesse Yachts; Exclusive Yachts. While Joey and Sophia meet with Leonard Goldberg of Gold Aviation Services to talk about looking at a larger aircraft the Gulfstream IV. Randall Mize meets up with John and Mike Swartz of Swartz Aviation in Ft Worth to discuss a couple of aircraft options for his client Trisha. Successful property developer Mohammed looks for a large home for his large family; he sees three homes in upscale neighborhoods in Westlake Village outside of Los Angeles. Jonathan travels to Russia, the nation of czars. I have been a world explorer for over 30 years, having visited more than 90 countries. broker today: (954) 763-3971, © Denison Yacht Sales 2020 | The beauty, adventure and sheer escapism French Polynesia has to offer. Cruising the Gironde Estuary in southwest France known for its amazing wines and its many historical sites before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. A second look at what Belize has to offer. The Cannes Film Festival has become an annual tradition for superyachts and megayachts that are anchored in Antibes, Monaco or fronting the Jetee Albert Edouard in the Old Port of Cannes. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. A couple wants to move out of the suburbs and into a city in London, Scottsdale or Playa del Carmen. Stephen wants to purchase a private plane, but his wife Sophia has an extreme fear of flying. On this episode of Selling Jets, Mark and Todd have been friends for over 30 years, but will there plan for buying a jet together go smoothly? Do This To Remove Earwax, 23 Cool Products That Could Sell Out In 2020. Tara West finishes showing Mark and Tasha a property in Miami Beach; Kevin and J.D. Most people would consider that to be a decent down payment on a house, but for Jimmy Pattison it’s simply the cost of owning Nova Spirit. While New York City is a crazy and bustling place, one can cross the Hudson River to breathe and to get a fresh bite in the luxurious eateries of Hoboken, N.J. I have made the South of France my second home every year during this time and will constantly update this report daily with new arrivals throughout May. 1:00pm. Travel the waters of Spain starting in Seville, sailing the waters of the Guadalquivir with stops in Cordoba, Cadiz and Jerez; on to the Guadiana River in Portugal to visit Vila Real and Alcoutim; and for the finale, the legendary Rock of Gibraltar. On this episode of Selling Jets with Gerald's eyes set on a high flying jet Leonard Goldberg takes Steve and Gerald on a tour of an Embraer Phenom 300 and Mark and Darla tour a Citation CJ2 + with Carl Neuzil as Mark decides which Citation to chose. Meanwhile Stephen and Sophia battle it out on whether or not they will be buying an aircraft. Click the program details to see local timezone information. On this episode of Selling Jets Kelly goes shopping for a jet of her own. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. The reason for the sale? I love exploring hidden, never before seen locations, revealing exclusive over-the-top destinations and reporting on unique celebrity stories. In California's Napa Valley, a visit to three restaurants to sample wines. X Ft. Lauderdale: 954-900-9988 Tampa Bay: 727-442-0171. ; the expedition attempts to cross the South China Sea; disaster strikes during a huge storm. Selling Yachts Adding to the Fleet 2020-11-02 09:30:00 PST - 2020-11-02 10:00:00 PST. Allen and Steve are looking to add to their corporate fleet of jets. Selling Yachts follows three brokers based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; detailing the various aspects of a yacht broker’s professional life, from showing prospective clients various boats to negotiating the sale of a yacht.

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