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Even with a power outage, me and Jade played Mario Kart, Learn what to look for in your emergency lights, and how to stay prepared for a power outage in @bustle's roundup o… https://t.co/xfaJWnnHp3, RT @ABC7Chicago: ComEd customers can file claim forms for reimbursement for lost food due to power outages.​ https://t.co/pxBM2aedFa, Question: If you power your router (I've got AT&T DSL) with a UPS during a power outage, will you still have intern… https://t.co/kAffgGboHq, RT @Karnythia: I know people who aren't local (I'm in Illinois) don't really understand how badly the GOP has chosen to fail Iowa, but y'al…, I couldn't use my desktop computer (with the fancy webcam, fancy microphone, and fancy lighting) during the power o… https://t.co/DONHXZ4kAX. Residents are advised to assume a power line is always energized and to not approach one. if so, it is a good way to control the population! #Chicago #ChicagoScan…. Around 72,000 energy customers experienced a blackout in New York… https://t.co/SDDbTNjqm5, @CNN #news- Preliminary report shows likely cause of NYC power outage https://t.co/GZpd5xt3sy https://t.co/utfeIMMsuF, RT @ISEIFoundation: The West Side of Manhattan lost power on Saturday night. What’s next?! So um, about this power outage @ComEd https://t.co/Auz6pg1VLC, RT @Chicago_Scanner: Power outage, no power on the #cta Green Line Ashland to Central Park Power outage. RT @KevinBCook: The power outages in SE Wisconsin are too frequent in mild storms with non-severe winds. The Addison Blue Line station & platform are dark The power o… https://t.co/DV8mIVpMv6, RT @hacks4pancakes: We should all plan for power outages during storm seasons and summer weather. Report an Outage. Con Ed has reported that over 44k customers are… https://t.co/OVsmcW5OCR, Authorities in New York update power outage and blackout in Manhattan area are in the dark as of 8:55 p.m., with crews working to restore service Anyone who spots a downed power line is asked to immediately call ComEd at 1-800-EDISON (1-800-334-7661). If so, please report by visiting… https://t.co/WTReZCTi2H, RT @ComEd: Extreme heat is forecasted for our area this week! Report an Outage. It’s essential to select the right tree and location before plantin… https://t.co/IaMndy3l0S, May- we have killer wasps. damage to power lines or equipment); Other damage to electric transmission lines (vehicle accidents, trees, and animals can cause And more than half of ComEd customers were still without power in Kankakee, Dolton, Harvey, Markham, Sauk Village and South Holland. According to ComEd, 502,748 customers in the NBC 5 viewing 1-888-254-6359 or 1-888-254-4769. Customers are encouraged to take several precautions as storms approach the region. RT @suzenxriley: 'I'm overwhelmed': PG&E power outage leaves the ill and disabled struggling https://t.co/Eyyw141LTN, 'I'm overwhelmed': PG&E power outage leaves the ill and disabled struggling https://t.co/Eyyw141LTN, The @Ooma Telo 4G is an affordable, reliable wireless home phone. Severe wind can cause damage to power lines and equipment, resulting in power outages…, Strong winds are blowing through our area! #PatriotsInControl #DarkToLight, Jennifer Lopez makes up concert interrupted by power outage https://t.co/SI6jTUuLd5 https://t.co/0eSbaOaNX0, RT @hacks4pancakes: It’s almost a trope now - there is a ubiquitous thing that happens in Dragos corporate chat every time there’s a major…, Reason for massive NYC blackout remains a mystery ?️ Very hot temperatures can lead to increased strain on the power grid, whic…, @JVan125 @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 The #whitehats have been quite busy during these "power outages". #CTA Blue Line trains are stopped at Forest Park due to a power outage. Here are the latest Power Outage Numbers: ? While ComEd technicians had restored power to more than 478,000 buildings, power company officials estimated electricity will not be restored to all customers until Saturday afternoon. Contact your local utility company. … Thunderstorms are expected to roll through our…, @TheBarTheGym1 we're sorry for the inconvenience. India…. Thank Satan for our nintendo switch. RT @MikeJanssenWX: A High Wind WARNING is in effect Sun 3AM-6PM. PG&E's overpaid execs squeezed profits and let the untility's infrascructure decay to the point wher…, Workstation West Berkeley Co-Working Space Open During PG&E Power Outage https://t.co/I5th9lxuB2, Reports Of Power Outages In Oakland Hills Before Midnight During 2019 Powerdown https://t.co/xEwoAT8bt0, New top story on Hacker News: California power outage triggers chaos in science labs https://t.co/TOb9m0fd8h #Tutor… https://t.co/5FXWyKPyI0. It'… https://t.co/eFFjBRzxui, @hugs Hmmm. ?️ Snow & i… https://t.co/tXQ6oWwMqq, Chicago: 2100 W Division St. CFD dispatch power outage in a 5 story building and in the square block south of that… https://t.co/4846wtvQz8. Report an Outage "1-800-286-2000 Delaware, Maryland, New York 1-855-461-1926 Pennsylvania 1-800-342-5775 … Thankfully, the utility was able to respond as promptly as the…, How do you prevent wildfires? When @ENMU wanted to limit power outages impacting their research labs, computer systems, classrooms, and dormitori… https://t.co/J6X6o8gcrj, RT @HSRail: Another reason for a federal program to separate grade crossings https://t.co/aofsLQ98Q7, Another reason for a federal program to separate grade crossings https://t.co/aofsLQ98Q7, LAX flights grounded, cancelled because of power outage https://t.co/r9GL4cBxnd, Wow so it was so hot today that the building had a power outage, our gas system got effed up from it and the ovens… https://t.co/a6rv9v1x26, That the river is today higher than it was than the last gauge reading before what I assume was a Katrina power out… https://t.co/WHesNEFoSs, TRANSFORMER EXPLOSION WITH SMALL POWER OUTAGE ON SKOKIE VALLEY RD SOUTH OF CLAVEY RD, HIGHLAND PARK https://t.co/IwlXw5dYox, Power outages can be unpredictable, but reporting your outage doesn’t have to be! Outage Map. Tornado warnings were issued throughout the Chicago area ahead of the arrival of Monday afternoon's derecho — "a widespread, long-lived wind storm," according to the National Weather Service. ComEd. I’m just going to start making predictions for the next months disaster:… https://t.co/7Uic8J3niV, Derecho that hit Tennessee causes worst power outage Nashville has seen in decades https://t.co/oj5gkjeYTJ, Power outages and damage reported after 5.4 earthquake hits southern Puerto Rico https://t.co/YUU3iHTHtA via ⁦@USATODAY⁩, Tesla Powerwall knows when to stop charging your EV during power outages https://t.co/VskTnW3FQi, We had a power outage and it was pitch black Agreed. @smallwars @Jake_Hanrahan Or is this a photo of Californians protesting power outages, public defecation and disease? RCN serves in the Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and Chicago areas. It caus… https://t.co/JJWHjbvQeT, RT @nbcchicago: Power Outages Cover Chicago Area Sunday Night https://t.co/MZh7fTWFR8 https://t.co/TFsT3pSiZZ, Trees are an important part of our communities. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner, Widespread NYC power outage cripples subway system, snarls traffic Spanish-speaking customers should call 1-800-95-LUCES (1-800-955-8237). First Energy Solutions Corp. https://t.co/UDeL34ZKXH, RT @JustinAHorwitz: Fascinating how power outages in Venezuela are proof that socialism is an utter failure but power outages caused by wea…, 7 total power outages in less than 45 min UPS is OC rn. If you are experiencing frequent power outages, please send us… https://t.co/aCQTrga060, RT @NHLBlackhawks: "We definitely had our opportunities, we just didn't finish." Expect power outages in the Chicago area tonight. "We expect the vast majority of customers to be restored by Friday and the rest by 3 p.m. Saturday," ComEd spokesperson Cristina Meesenburg said. @Jenks330 Thanks for following up with us! @BeNiceNatasha Those rolling power outages in California, I’m sorry. Outage Map. Direct Energy Services. Iran has 3x the sanctions, 3x the population and half… https://t.co/rzYuU6VYpO, Squirrely situation - City of Powell WY will invest in insulating components, insulated wire and anti-rodent appara… https://t.co/iCiah8veJF, RT @RUTorch: Caught off guard with the Wabash Building’s recent power outage? @ComEd #Chicago, @ComEd power outage 4600 block of N Drake Avenue in Chicago, After the widespread heat-related outages of this summer, S&C’s Chris Evanich speaks on the need for investment in… https://t.co/VUrwQgbkQR, I mean, I'd hate to think that our friendly neighborhood power utility was endangering pets by knowingly misleading… https://t.co/Cqs3nsuYiQ. A power outage at Los Angeles International Airport diverte… https://t.co/wPQnWo0EJ2, LAX flights grounded, cancelled because of power outage https://t.co/1t6HdjHLXb, RT @charliekirk11: Maduro’s occupation of Venezuela is not a legitimate government The storms entered the region at approximately 3:30 p.m., hitting the city and surrounding suburbs. The selective power outage (because only part of my house had it) happening in later… https://t.co/z3qrCC4wKV, RT @ComEd: In response to the forecast, which calls for a chance of storms, we've increased our staffing and are closely monitoring the we…, He wanted his first day of school pic to be a mug shot. In CA, regulators have approved power outages as a means to lessen the chance of fire… https://t.co/jmXMAJYqpn, « America is the greatest » meanwhile Paris never had a full power outage ? Tuktukan, Guiguinto Bulacan. Is their a major infrastructure pr…, RT @ChiFamSupport: BE ADVISED!

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