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Many of Butler's later views were shaped by his frontier childhood. Born on July 11, 1744, Pierce Butler made his mark on history as being a soldier, farmer and statesman who is recognized as one of the premier Founding Fathers of American independence. Butler and the Court made the same decision with regard to employment agencies in Ribnik v. McBride, 277 U.S. 350, 48 S. Ct. 545, 72 L. Ed. Patrick Henry, speech in the First Continental Congress, September 6, 1774 I am not influenced by the expectation of promotion or pecuniary reward. On November 23, 1922, President WARREN G. HARDING nominated Butler to succeed retiring justice WILLIAM R. DAY on the Supreme Court. He is said to have introduced a Fugitive Slave Clause in the constitution, but later the authorship came under question. Butler's opinions in the area of civil liberties are less easy to categorize. 1281 (1939), Butler disagreed with the majority's decision to strike down an Oklahoma law that made it difficult for African Americans to register to vote. While in office, he secured more criminal convictions than any county attorney had done before. Quotes by Pierce Butler . If you ever become a mother, can I have one of the puppies? Butler resolutely stuck to his conservative principles even in the depths of the Depression. Harding also believed that it would be politically astute to nominate the Roman Catholic Butler to the Court. In his last three terms in office, Butler dissented in seventy-three cases—constituting more than half of the total dissents in his seventeen-year career on the Supreme Court. https://www.conservapedia.com/Pierce_Butler_(Founding_Father) Gaines v. Canada, 205 U.S. 337, 59 S. Ct. 232, 83 L. Ed. 940 (1934), when an increasingly liberal Court decided to do without the phrase "affected with a public interest" in making its decision and ruled that the state may regulate milk prices, Butler, along with the rest of the Four Horsemen, dissented. Writing the Court's opinion, Butler interpreted her statement as opposition to the entire Constitution and therefore the laws of the country: "Taken as a whole it shows that her objection to military service rests on reasons other than mere inability because of her sex and age personally to bear arms … [S]he may be opposed to the use of military force as contemplated by our Constitution and laws." He did, however, argue consistently for the rights of those accused of crimes. Custom and user added quotes with pictures, It was my first meeting with a philosophy that confirmed my vague speculations and seemed at once logical and boundless. (William Butler Yeats described his first meeting with a Hindu philosopher at Dublin). Ironically, Butler's dissenting opinions in many of these matters undermined the rights for dissent in the larger society. In his dissent against the majority opinion in Stromberg v. California, 283 U.S. 359, 51 S. Ct. 532, 75 L. Ed. Butler and his conservative colleagues also opposed Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal social WELFARE legislation. 944 (1928), Butler found himself in the unusual company of the more liberal justices LOUIS D. BRANDEIS, HARLAN F. STONE, and Holmes. After college, Butler moved to St. Paul and studied law at the firm of Pinch and Twohy. He argued persuasively for the rights of those accused of crimes, arguing in one opinion, "Abhorrence, however great, of persistent and menacing crime will not excuse transgression in the courts of the legal rights of the worst offenders." Butler also dissented in several decisions in the 1930s in which the Court struck down JIM CROW LAWS that kept African Americans from voting. They pointed to Butler's ties to big business during his legal career, claiming that these would bias his decisions on the bench. "ABHORRENCE, HOWEVER GREAT, OF PERSISTENT AND MENACING CRIME WILL NOT EXCUSE TRANSGRESSION IN THE COURTS OF THE LEGAL RIGHTS OF THE WORST OFFENDERS. ", Law Library - American Law and Legal InformationFree Legal Encyclopedia: Bryan Treaties (Bryan Arbitration Treaties) to James Earl Carter Jr. - Further Readings, Copyright © 2020 Web Solutions LLC. 562 (1931), writing the Court's opinion, Butler argued that a state inheritance tax was unconstitutional because it violated the Due Process Clause of the FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT, which proclaims that the state shall not deprive a person of liberty without DUE PROCESS OF LAW. He passed the Minnesota bar in 1888 and established a law practice with an associate, Stan Donnelly.

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