mu 2 private server

Play2Win Server Ranking System, EliteMU Online - we are Big and Popular Private Server with 3 different Servers. Wow Private Server; Countries; Germany; Promote Deinen Server + Deine Anzeige hier # Banner Server Name; WoWHellgarve most Complete … Let's build a Lineage 2 server! Master Experience 45x Unique Game server, Season 15 [Hard] [ FULL PVP ] [Experience: 30x dynamic ] [ Max Level: 1200 ] [ ONLINE TIME: 100% ] [ ITERNATIONAL PVP ] [ NO RES SERVER ] [ Hard mode PVP battles ] [ Anticheat Premium! ] Exp: 1.000x Stats Máximos: 65.000 New Characters Bonus Zen: 10.000.000, Version: 97d Eventos Admin Y Gm Pentagram shop website, weekly siege events! Servidor latinoameriano entre los mejores. Max Resets 200 Starter gifts, lucky set for all players! * NEW MAP ⏩No borra stats. Season: 6 Episode Ep 3 DexterMu. Versions . ⏩Maximo Lvl 400. Rese... [MU Online SEASON 6] PREMIUM [Exp Rate-1000x / Drop-40%] [PPL: 5//7/7] more info in web! Huge reset rewards, fun gameplay! Mu Instinto Online [Exp x500 - x300 | Drop 40%]. X9999 , X500 and X20 Season 15 Servers. Play2Win Server Server info: 150EXP / 7 Points per level for: BK, SM, ELF / 10 Points per level for: DL, MG Unique Progress gameplay reward - Battle Pas Resets Quest System in game with epic rewards! Season 3 Episod 1 Fun Remaked x5000 Ancient F.O Items on Land Of Trials Even if your not fan of X9999 style server, you should join to explore new Season 15 Features! OPENING on the day ⚡21 / 06 / 2020⚡ 05:00 PM PERUVIAN TIME! -0.97-0.99D (PvP server) Drop: 25% Server Experience: 1000x Get Game Server Get Login Server Get Datapack . Season 4 Puntos por Reset: Ninguno Below are listed most popular mu online private servers based by player voting. Servers Up: 3/3. Explore and fight! Join the best free to play Mu Online private servers list and advertise with us. Toplist reset in 25 days, 9 hours and 44 minutes. Balanced PvP Welcome to OriginalMU 0.97-0.99D (exp 13&x150) (Drop 30) (PVP) dw/sm=500 UniqueMU- Season 4.6 Upgraded! AZAMU - for those who appreciate quality server, low-rate exp, and active support We are offer to try our non-standard implementation game process More interesting then ever. Mu Online Europe private server Season 15 Part 1 3 Servers for each taste, X10 NORESET, x50 slow, and X500 Easy server! TRANSFER WITH YOU GUILD ANG GET FULL SET :: 2 Server: x1000 and x50 OPEN 28 November :: Achievements :: Economics game play and full PVP/PVE balance :: GuildWarehouse :: QuestSystem :: NewBuffs :: NEW PETS :: NEW ITEMS until season 15 :: NEW MAPS until... FULL SEASON 15 , EXP 999999x , HIGH DROP RATE , PVP AND NONPVP AREAS , FAST AND EASY LEVELING , SPOTS IN ALL MAPS , EXCELLENT ITEMS, WINGS AND JEWELS IN SHOPS , BALANCED PVP , NEW EVENTS AND QUESTS , FREE BONUSES , MU PLAYERS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD, AZAMU - for those who appreciate quality server, low-rate exp, and active support We are offer to try our non-standard implementation game process More interesting then ever. Premium server files with custom configs. Stats 32.000 Reset stats (1000 puntos por reset) ¡Únete ahora! All rights reserved. Server emulation made easy L2J is a free open-source server emulator fully written in Java released under GPLv3.0 license. AZAMU Season15 - [FREE FREEBIES - Low x50] - Custom Quest System! Look at MU Online in a new way!

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