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. . Don’t they understand rock? A regular running feature called “Stars Cars” was part real and part put-on: the Ramones with a dirty Pinto, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry in front of his freshly wrecked sports car, Alice Cooper laying in the path of a Rolls-Royce bearing a vanity plate that read “Greed,” Devo boarding a bus. John Lodge and Justin of The Moody Blues are interviewed in this book and Bill Wyman and Ron Wood says how The Rolling Stones became good friends with The Beatles in 1963 after John and Paul wrote 1 of their first hits,the Rock n Roll song,I Wanna Be You’re Man. Also in an excellent Beatles book Ticket To Ride by Denny Somach where so many other well known popular respected rock musicians and artists are interviewed about The Beatles praising them including Jimmy Page,Brian Wilson who says he’s always loved The Beatles. Why the sexual connotation time and again… it’s funny, but how does it get us further? This 1999 review of Mark Lewisohn’s excellent Beatles studio diary book where many of The Beatles recording engineers and tape operators and their producer George Martin are interviewed (and it shows how truly innovative,brilliant and creative especially John and Paul were in the recording studio),The Beatles Recording Sessions titled, Behind The Creative Genius Of A Groundbreaking Band by a musician himself says it all, he says that as a musician he found Mark Lewisohn’s portrayal of The Beatles genius and in parenthesis he says, especially that of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, to be completely thorough and accurate, as well as insightful. Thirty years ago, RBP contributor Susan (then Suzan) Compo was an apprentice punkette and aspiring rock scribe living in Tustin, California. Interestingly Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ became an equal depersonalized big symbol when a German street-musician played on the streets of Paris, near Le Bataclan. It was solely based on the peace message and the song, not about the bespectacled Lennon nor his widow. Plant is … It’s both comfortably cynical and very convenient for him to dismiss Beatles nostalgia as an artificial phenomenon — all those sheeple lapping up whatever their corporate overlords fed them. John Lennon was smaller than the song – and I liked that. “We had no other place to go and letters to the editor had weird rock-star fantasies.”. Joe Strummer christened John Tiberi (pre-Clash manager of The 101’ers, later associated with the Pistols) “Boogie” because he’d smoke Winston cigarettes; before “No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones” in 1977, Strummer was speeding through material like I’m Down and I Saw Her Standing There (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37x2vALzmDQ). A new anthology, Mainlines, Blood Feasts & Bad Taste: A Lester Bangs Reader, has been compiled by RBP contributor John Morthland and has been published in the summer of 2003. If the squares were in favor of monogamy, then monogamy must be avoided at all costs, whether it appealed to you or not. Lennon ran hot and cold on whether he wanted to be seen as a savior, but at his best — at what I at least see as his best — he urged people to think for themselves, not look to someone to solve things for them. But you didn’t have to see the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and that’s the difference between authentically great art and merely the soundtrack to your first blowjob. It was the virtue I sought most to emulate, then and now. . And that’s the ultimate irony, isn’t it. It had only been out for a couple of years when Jonathan ... Bob Seger: Detroit '77: Seger's Open For Business, Live Review by Lester Bangs, Creem, August 1976. Just like what you fucking like! Here’s a link to the FLW Trust, and here’s one to Wright Chat, an outgrowth of the FLW building conservancy. unrestricted remote and on-site access to each text and audio file in the database. I always thought that Jimi was only a later period Beatles fan,I knew he played Sgt.Pepper live the weekend it came out,& he played Day Tripper live also,& several people on different message boards said that when he was asked where the direction of music was going,he said ask The Beatles. ... Review by Lester Bangs, Phonograph Record, March 1973. Bangs openly lamented having been born too late to hang with the Beats, but he loved William Burroughs and wrote about him constantly. Steve Jobs said that this made a big impression on him when he was in his thirties.Newsweek rightfully says,that it’s hard to imagine another rock band that influenced the way computers are made just as it is to think of one whose name became an adjective. I once spoke to a rock DJ about The Beatles and even though he said they aren’t his favorite,he said nobody can say that The Beatles weren’t great,he said especially John Lennon and Paul McCartney as song writers. And here they performed Paul’s very good hard rocking,especially for early 1965,I’m Down at The Ed Sulivian Theater August 14,1965 one night before their live Shea Stadium performance. ... Review by Lester Bangs, Rolling Stone, 5 April 1969. The Doors: Jim Morrison: Bozo Dionysus A Decade Later, Essay by Lester Bangs, Musician, August 1981. Apparently there was only one right way to be a teenager in 1982, according to this guy born in 1948, and everybody else was falling for a rip-off. Other articles where Lester Bangs is discussed: Rock criticism: …Creem, whose most famous writer, Lester Bangs, had been fired from Rolling Stone after panning one of Wenner’s favourite bands. The Beatles were *NEVER* a ”boy band”! Just one of many examples I always loved this very early John song written and recorded in 1962 Ask Me Why.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ex-epsPWoc. Gila Bend, Arizona is worse by dint of being the asshole of the world, and I ... Bob Dylan: Mother, Old Glory, Apple Pie, Bob Dylan, Comment by Lester Bangs, New Musical Express, 25 September 1976. This is a description of the 2009 Beatles 3 part radio special of how brilliant and influential The Beatles were from the beginning and it has interviews with Brian Wilson,Tom Petty,Dave Grohl,Slash,Jeff Lynne,Ann Wilson,Nancy Wilson,Peter Asher,Jackson Browne,Bob Seger,T-Bone Burnett,Cameron Crowe,Mika,Mark Ronson,Susan Werner,Rick Rubin,and Joe Boyd. ‘RORY GALLAGHER, formerly of Taste, is now on his own and happening.’ That's what the ads say, but what do they know? They quote Steve Jobs saying,”Somebody else could have replicated the Stones,(Newsweek then says,nailing the difference between artists shaped by their times and those who shape them),no one could have been Dylan or The Beatles.”. “Astral Weeks,” insofar as it can be pinned down, is a record about people stunned by life, completely overwhelmed, stalled in their skins, their ages and selves, paralyzed by the enormity of what in one moment of vision they can comprehend. ... Review by Lester Bangs, Circus, 28 February 1977. He understood that what young people wanted was something still more than to break free of parental bonds. by Tom Carson. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/george-martin-recalls-the-boys-in-the-band-19760715?page=2#comments. For full terms, please click here. Here is their even harder rocking performance at Shea Stadium on August 15,1965 than they did on their record version of Paul’s I’m Down. They both embody masculine virtues. Most fans are unable to discuss the art, the creative process and what that art does to them… Not even paraphrased a biography should only provide details about the making of the art, the rest is BS. . Uhelszki took it a step further. Beatlemania was about the associations with the artist’s existence and art. And Wilco’s John Stirratt was asked in Bass Player which bass players have had the most impact on his playing and the first thing he said was, Paul McCartney is one of the greatest bass players of all time,if you listen to what he was tracking live in the studio it’s unbelievable.” “With his tone and musicality he was a huge influence,he covered all of his harmonic responsibilities really well but his baselines were absolutely melodic and inventive.”, http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/15716769/windy-city-wingman-john-stirratt-lays-roots-wilco. Chapman was reported as saying he murdered Lennon for being a hypocrite, and in that sense he does represent the dark, obverse side of idolatry. Former Kiss guitarist Bob Kulick who produced the heavy metal Beatles tribute album, Butchering The Beatles, said he saw The Beatles in concert in 1966 and he said he could hear parts of Baby’s In Black & Paperback Writer and they sounded amazing. . http://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2016/08/25/491201322/all-songs-1-the-beatles-are-live-and-sounding-better-than-ever. In 1981, he overdosed on nitrous oxide with a plastic dry-cleaning bag over his head — “I thought it was a joke death,” said Creem insider Dan Carlisle — and bizarrely left majority ownership of the magazine to his 4-year-old son JJ. All the while wishing it were London in 1966. Create a free Muck Rack account to customize your profile and upload a portfolio of your best work. and yes we can discuss for hours and hours about non-facts related to our stars, I call that gossip. A subscription gives you access to all the articles and audio interviews in the library. “Things like ‘The War of the Worlds’ by H.G. Plus the spirit! Feel free to disagree of course, but as Nancy said, leave the personal commentary at the door. . Austere, elusive, a tall ghostly woman with an aura of utter loneliness and distance so ... IDI AMIN, Grand Kleagle of the topographic boil of Uganda, has said, in response to world press canards that he's a mere throwback: "I am ... Iggy Pop, The Ramones: Iggy Pop: Cobo Arena, Detroit, Live Review by Lester Bangs, New Musical Express, 5 November 1977. “It was a tug of war,” said writer/director Scott Crawford. http://www.superseventies.com/ssericclapton.html . . etc. When The Beatles played live in 1963,64,65 & 66 they only had 100 watt amplifiers,no feedback monitors so they couldn’t hear themselves sing and play,plus the screaming crowds and that’s why they gave up touring. Aside from not having as much talent as Arthur Brown, he's really gotten the stult end of the ... Review by Lester Bangs, Phonograph Record, September 1976. I might be revealing a bit much about my personality, but this is the exact opposite of me! I think I’m not understanding what you mean at the end (the part about personal safety and power). Bob Dylan ,Roger McGuinn of The Byrds as early as 1963 and 1964 pointed out that even in early Beatles songs like She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand had unusual and interesting chords and they arranged them. Their supremacy as rock icons remains unchallenged to this day, decades after their breakup in 1970.”. “@Karen your line: “That’s because it’s not only about the art; it’s also about what creates the artist” proves Lester’s argument. WHOEVER THOUGHT when that dirty little quickie 'Wild In The Streets' came out that it would leave such an imprint on the culture? I was 13 in 1982, and Lester Bangs’ worst nightmare; because I’d heard a lot of the bands Lester loved… and liked the Beatles more. This is where the Stooges work. Individuals can subscribe to Rock’s Backpages for three, six and twelve months to get unlimited access to the complete Rock’s Backpages archive. Are You? We’ve talked about this many many times on the site; Nancy in particular has written some posts about it. The Stooges: The Apotheosis Of Every Parental Nightmare, Profile by Lester Bangs, Stereo Review, July 1973. Knowing whether John and Paul had joint erotic experiences or sexual relations, is to me so beyond humanistic thinking that I have yet to learn how that might change our perspective of their music, as The Beatles as well as solo-artists. His sweeping, unearned pronouncements irritate the crap out of me. Fuck the Beatles, fuck the songs, fuck the cute direction and Marx Brothers comparisons: it’s BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that the most rock ‘n roll human being in the whole movie is the fucking grandfather! Are you saying it would be better if people focused only on the artwork and didn’t seek to know anything about the artist’s life? Little did he know that a few hundred years after his death he would still have a huge following. I heard the small samples on amazon.com,and what struck me is how typically great and prominent Paul’s bass playing is,someone said he’s playing it like a lead instrument.Also an amazon.com reviewer said how underrated John’s rhythm guitar playing is and how George Harrison’s guitar playing is very good and how great Ringo’s drumming is.

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