la vie en aubergine lyrics

La Vie En Rose Lyrics. You read into it and appreciate how you explained how you came into the translation, example: putting in gaze instead of eyes. I do really try to preserve the heart of the meaning and help keep the passion of the lyrics because I agree it is one of the greatest love songs of all time. Thank you for this. I’ve chosen to translate that as “a gaze that makes me lower my own” because in the context she is talking about the way he looks at her, rather than his actual eyes. I have always wanted to be able to sing the words, now, perhaps I have a new challenge! But It surely elevated my appreciation for the song.. I'm in a world apart a world where roses bloom, And when you speak angels sing from above, Everyday words seem to turn into love songs, Give your heart and soul to me and life will always be la vie en rose, Your No.1 source for CDG and Video Karaoke, In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember). Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). Nicely done thank you. La vie en rose • “Eyes that make me lower mine” [better meter; physical eyes are more in keeping with the idea of a portrait and perhaps elicit a stronger, more direct experience in the listener because they’re less conceptual] Yes Google Translate just wouldn’t do it justice would it? I'm in a world apart. And when you speak I love doing these translations so it’s my great pleasure. Here Édith is telling us that her love whispers sweet nothings to her, but also every day words. Remarkable achievement in keeping the soulful and beautiful poetic meaning of this purely ever romantic Edith Piaf’s song trough your translation. se perdre: to lose itself (oneself) A world … When you press me to your heart . It took your kisses to reveal A world where roses bloom. You are a gifted translator and communicator. un rire: a laugh The troubles, the heartaches all fade A world where roses bloom, And when you speak, angels, sing from above . An annotation cannot contain another annotation. Lyrics La Vie En Rose (English version) Hold me close and hold me fast . Dès translates as “from” in the sense that it marks the beginning of a period of time. And when I see him The “Il” is not “He”; it is an idiomatic use and means “There has entered into my heart…” It’s similar to “il y a” but is more formal and less often used. And life will always be When he holds me in his arms Hold me close and hold me fast Enter your email address to be the first to know when new translations are posted. A world where roses bloom I see life through rose-colored glasses Wow! Thank you!!! I have loved this song for over 40 years, but until now have not tried to truly understand all the word. When you kiss me, heaven sighs And though I close my eyes I see la vie en rose. I'm in a world apart He speaks words of love to me Notwithstanding my lack of understanding of the meaning of the song, ( my French is elementary) La Vie en Rose is my favorite French song. Leave them in the comments below! Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). It’s such a lovely song. When you kiss me heaven sighs. I'm in a world apart. First stanza: Give your heart and soul to me I am grateful for your brilliant work. When you press me to your heart. One way we say this in English is to say that we see life “through rose coloured glasses.” That’s why I went with that translation, which captures the meaning. dès que je l’aperçois: From the moment I perceive him (am aware of him) I’ve chosen to translate this as “a laugh that is lost on his lips;” literally it would be translated “a laugh that loses itself on his lips.” I think that she is referring to the moment when someone laughs a short, fleeting laugh that seems to dance across their lips. Loses a lot in English….can’t compare. starts and ends within the same node. However we do have the saying “to see life through rose-colored glasses.” I feel that this sounds a bit awkward, and not nearly as nice as saying “I see la vie en rose,” which would literally translate as “I see life in pink” or “I see life in rosy-hues.”. Make sure your selection Every day words And when you speak I’m digging the care and time which you devoted to shedding even more light (and nuance) on the translator’s already very well-crafted and insightful translation and commentary. Your comments were insightful. The magic spell you cast Copyright: Writer(s): Mack David, Louiguy, Edith Giovanna Gassion Lyrics Terms of Use, Hold me close and hold me fast I’m happy to help – it’s such a beautiful song that it really needs more than just a word-for-word translation. The magic spell you cast Keep up the great work! Often in songs some syllables are dropped (I’m sure you can think of many examples of this in English songs as well.). I once saw a movie titled “The Dinner.” I believe it was a French movie, black and white, and there were a number of different people with different concerns.

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