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Aventura, FL summer camp for kids enrollment is now open. The kids are well cared for and have really become a family with the other students, teachers, and staff. our educators analyze children’s work and use this along with developmental standards to build their curriculum. If possible, bring your child along with you to the tour, we would love to meet them as well. As their reading skills emerge, kindergarteners learn to recognize and produce rhyming words. individual thinkers and thoughtful citizens of the world. When your child draws or paints they begin to represent detailed aspects of their imagination as well as begin to incorporate letters and words to describe them. KLA Aventura services children 1 year to 4 years old. In 2016, Ms. Castro stepped down from her School Director position and now serves as the Pedagogical Consultant for all the KLA Schools across the nation. During these discussions the teachers take notes or make recordings to document children’s thinking. KLASCHOOLS  (KIDS LEARNING ADVENTURE) in Downtown Miami The teachers connect stories with objects and events in children’s lives so that they may begin to understand that print and pictures have a meaning. In addition, the direct and open communication with the Director of the school and all the teachers is a very positive asset because they care about the individuality of each student. We are open! Our educators prepare various large motor experiences inside the classroom, around the common areas of the school, and outside in the playgrounds and garden for your child to challenge themselves physically and develop gross motor skills. Jan D. Las Vegas, NV. An innovative and progressive institution inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. They become complex thinkers through predictions, and their teachers provide supportive information and opportunities for experimentations of trial and error observations. This, in turn, helps them to understand that print carries a message and the words we speak can be written and read; that stories have a beginning, middle, and an end. Along with physical well-being and social development, we ready children for lifelong success in learning. We have been part of KLA Aventura since the school opened in 2010. We are 115 families with children ages 1 through 5 years old, and 30 staff members. Now that school has safely reopened, what can we parents do to support and encourage the schools we care about so much? 20301 Biscayne Blvd | Aventura, FL 33180 | School: (305) 931-2322 | Admissions: (305) 377-0391 Our school reflects in its environment and the modern and international community of which is part of. Discover the 12 key safety measures KLA is implementing. The grand majority of our staff have been with us for over 3 years! Registration is open for Kindergarten, First, Second and Third Grade. As the children engage in different explorations where their interests are taken into account, the teachers facilitate learning through questions and providing appropriate tools and materials that will further their research. They begin to challenge themselves further and it is common to see them outside in the playground climbing up and jumping down. A carpenter’s corner filled with measuring tools supports mathematical concepts. My little girl has been in this school for the last two years and she loves her teachers at KLA Aventura. KLA Schools Aventura 20301 Biscayne Blvd Aventura, Florida 33180. KLA Schools of Aventura is located in the heart of Aventura’s business district. Babies love to be spoken to. As children explore and develop relationships they build an understanding of learn what causes certain feelings and realize that others may react differently to the same situations. Children love to feel a sense of accomplishment and putting a puzzle together, painting, and drawing are all ways they demonstrate their growing abilities. Diversity is a key value at our school, and in celebrating our unique customs, we are very involved in the daily experiences of our school, and joy is clearly visible among us, as we are becoming a family of learners, researchers and explorers. Participating regularly in professional development experiences, our teachers are constantly looking for ways to learn more about the best ways to teach our students. We By encouraging communication between the children they begin to understand the dynamics of a classroom community. Children love to feel a sense of accomplishment and putting a puzzle together, painting, and drawing are all ways they demonstrate their growing abilities. Miami Moms Blog, Miami’s Premier Parenting Resource, is thrilled to announce our Ultimate Guide to Miami Preschools! Our teachers use these observations to recognize your child’s interests and create projections based on your child’s curiosity and their teachers’ intentions. Here, children of all ages come individually or in small groups to encounter experiences with different media that will progressively support all their languages of expression. They become aware of the uses for writing and may dictate words for the teachers to write down. creative learning environment for our children, parents and Moreover, this study provided us with our philosophical inspirations. It is during this critical period that children learn the fundamental pillars that will allow them to be successful in their future educational and professional endeavors. We offer a variety Because of this children begin to further progress in more complex social interactions such as joining in organized group play. Most children at this age express themselves in sentences and are able to recite simple rhymes and ask questions. Call us now to schedule your tour: 305-377-0391. Through projects children develop cognitive skills such as problem solving, collaboration, understanding cause and effect, sharing and how to be a member of a group. We are open! KLA Schools is an innovative preschool inspired by the world-renowned Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education. welcome ideas for learning and share best practices so that we can Atelier (Art Studio) An Atelier connotes an artist’s workroom and at KLA Schools of Aventura, it is also a common space that children share. for learning, an appreciation for their community and all life on Learn more at www.klaschoolssummercamp.com. These open-ended materials support the children in developing divergent thinking, problem solving skills, and creativity. It allows teachers the time to revisit their day, develop strategies to support children further and gather materials and tools that can elevate the activities happening in their classrooms. Physical Education, Art and Music are weekly courses included in the tuition to offer children opportunities to expand upon their interests during their daily experiences. At KLA Schools we hire the “who” and not the “what”, considering who you are is as important to us as what you know. Because Miami is such a growing city, we are frequently asked about local early childhood programs and recommendations for child care, preschools, and schools.Choosing a school or child care center that fits your child’s and family’s needs can be an overwhelming task. Our school represents 44 countries around the world! Since their vocabulary and pronunciation increases, they begin communicating in more complex and compound sentences. The world is full of things to discover for the Nidos as they move and dance to music, discover insects, leaves and flowers, and begin sorting and collecting things they find in the playground. As a family-oriented program, we know the need for childcare before and after school hours. With many toddlers possessing at least 50 words by this age, educators observe your child develop their expressive language skills and witness an increase in their ability to remember events. We hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity to tour our school and meet our staff, while learning about our unique programs. As your child begins to walk, run, and jump, our educators observe and analyze their interactions with the environment, materials, and each other. Your review will be checked according to our submission guidelines and posted within a few days. 20301 Biscayne Blvd  |   Children of the Four’s know days of the week, months and the seasons. Four-year-olds are very curious and use their imaginations to help understand the world around them. From supermarkets to doctor’s offices, to the auto repair shops nearby, children have the opportunity to explore various concepts provoked by such sights by bringing ideas, questions, and possibilities into our classrooms. The Development of Our Educational Approach. KLA Schools of Aventura Aventura, FL. After opening its doors in 2010, KLA Schools of Aventura has immersed itself in the community and wholeheartedly dedicated itself to the professional development of its staff. our planet. Select a value $ ... KLA Schools of Aventura. Four-year-olds enjoy dancing and are able to move rhythmically and easily. 13702 Biscayne Blvd North Miami Beach, FL 33181 786-503-9019 We are located in the heart of Miami’s downtown and While their fine motor skills evolve the children dig and pour in the sensory table, paint, scribble, and express graphically on an easel, paper, or other materials. We are open! Atelier is a French word that means ”workshop” or ”studio.” Our journey into a food atelier began this year! Food takes on many different meanings for human beings. They opened the first KLA School in Miami, FL, in 2008 and began franchising in 2010. 20301 Biscayne Blvd | Aventura, FL 33180 | School: (305) 931-2322 | Admission: (305) 377-0391 The KLA Schools Summer Program offers fun and educational summer camp experiences for kids. KLA Aventura is fantastic. The children exchange knowledge as they engage in conversations. Spanish ExposureBy incorporating a second language into their daily routines, children are able to benefit from increased verbal communication, reasoning and even mathematical skills! Independence becomes an evident milestone for two year olds. Playground Encompassed in Nature As the children engage in different explorations where their interests are taken into account, the teachers facilitate learning through questions and providing appropriate tools and materials that will further their research. Children develop the ability to isolate beginning, middle and ending sounds as well as segment syllables in words enabling them to blend these parts and read their first words. curiosity, creativity and individuality can foster a lifetime love As children create theories and ask questions projects begin to emerge. We are currently seeking individuals that are creative, team players, curious, and willing to be facilitators of children’s learning while believing in the child’s competency and potential. Aventura, FL 33180  |  School: (305) 931-2322 | Admission: (305) 377-0391. Registration is Now Open! Specialized Location Our free-standing structure finds itself in the middle of a growing community which includes Aventura Mall, Founders Park and a lively railroad that offer inspiring provocations to our children. This offer is also available after school, in addition to our location-specific classes like ballet, karate, zumba and soccer. Calendar, digital and analog clocks, calculators, counting tools such as beads, rocks, and straws are some of the tools that support addition, subtraction and counting. Our goal is not simply to build a strong, warm and nurturing connection with each child, but to extend that connection to our community of parents. Development of gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, healthy habits and team work are just some of the reasons we integrate physical education into our weekly curriculum. Our teachers invite the children to participate in creating projections and in revisiting their experiences through photographs, discussions, videos, or voice recordings.

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