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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If that’s all a bit too, well, loud this morning—granted, Copeland knows no other volume—pianist Charles Cornell has put together a lighter, jauntier remix that sets Copeland’s words to some theater-friendly accompaniment. Glory to God. Want more from the Friendly Atheist? Well, this is frightening ... a Texas pastor is selling a new cure for the virus ... just blow it away. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Download the TMZ App on the Apple App Store, Download the TMZ App on the Google Play Store. We’re going through this thing with a holy spirit immunity from the works of the devil. I’m not healed now! He lives in Chicago, occasionally writes plays, and was a talking head in Best Worst Movie, the documentary about Troll 2. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Jesus is your source! Lord. Send Great Job, Internet tips to gji@theonion.com. Rather than telling his believers to do what they must to stay healthy, Copeland is lying to them in the midst of a pandemic. We have the victory over the coronavirus (COVID-19)! pic.twitter.com/iw77wZaK8m, — Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) October 28, 2020, I was noticing today, President Trump, his beautiful First Lady, without masks. He is the miracle working God. One of them even includes a cameo from Cardi B, whose own coronavirus rant got some remixes of its own. Jeff Dornik Is Stupid, and I’m A Tad Stupid for Responding To Him, Why You Should Allow Your Children To Use Essay Service, Round-up of Posts for 10.17.20. Something. Hey, we’re immune! More remixes, we imagine, are on the way, as Copeland, an obscenely wealthy con artist who owns three private jets and still demands his recently laid off parishioners give him money, is clearly going to milk this pandemic for every red cent he can. The popular bible passage tells tales about Moses, the 10 plagues and Israel’s safe march through the Red Sea. Friendly Atheist. Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today's church and ministry leaders, like you. I consider not symptoms in my own body, but only that which God has promised. Copeland, who heads up the Copeland Ministries out of Fort Worth, has been in the biz for 52 years, but this sermon has gotta take the cake. Is! Your job’s not your source. Let it happen. still demands his recently laid off parishioners give him money. Previously the televangelist made headlines after claiming that he could cure viewers of the coronavirus if they touched his oily hand through their television set during his televised ministry. If it is, you’re in trouble. We are all suffering because of Christians like him. All of that is a lie. Thank you, Jesus. The negligence he’s preaching won’t just affect his gullible followers. Also, send me the Nonreligious Newsletter and special offers. It was also pointed out that their church – led by faith-healers and full of charismatics who believe such antics – has a full-time medical staff and health clinic who treat the illnesses of their staff and church members. Kenneth Copeland healed viewers of the coronavirus through their televisions last night. Satan you bow your knees, you fall on your face, COVID-19 … I blow the wind of God on you. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Claims Christians Are Now Immune To COVID-19. Only that what the Word has said. We’re going through this thing with a Holy Spirit immunity from the works of the Devil! But even if he’s better, there’s no supernatural immunity from a natural virus. Get updates from Progressive Secular Humanist delivered straight to your inbox. And by His stripes, I am healed now. We know that Donald Trump caught the virus, received special treatment, and claims to be better… but obviously that’s not the same as having immunity to COVID. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. During a wild prayer service Trump’s spiritual adviser Pastor... How Bostonians Brush Their Teeth (Comedy Short). Cause it to happen. We have no idea what his health status is. See them at Protestia.com, Round-up of Posts for 10.16.20. You probably do. Prayer is a powerful weapon, and it CHANGES things. The fear of ‘What are we gonna do? It started way back in early March when he asked viewers to touch their TV screens against his oily hand in order to prevent the virus.. Kenneth Copeland healed viewers of the coronavirus through their televisions last night. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. They claimed in 2018 to be immune to the regular flu (she said Jesus gives them a flu shot). Pastor Kenneth Copeland Claims He Can Blow Coronavirus Away Pastor Kenneth Copeland I'll Blow This Stinkin' Virus Away!!! I am the healed, and the Devil is trying to give me the flu!… Or whatever else kind of thing he’s trying. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. The 225,000+ Americans who have died from COVID so far include plenty of sincere believers. Multi-millionaire televangelist Kenneth Copeland tells viewers that even if they lose their jobs because of the coronavirus outbreak, they must continue giving to the church: “Whatever you do right now, don’t you stop tithing!” pic.twitter.com/Xp154Fm1rn, — Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) March 19, 2020. Of particular focus has been a sermon in which Copeland calls for both a “supernatural heatwave” to “burn this thing” and also a “wind of God,” which, in a moment no doubt indicative of Copeland’s mindset, he blows from his very own mouth. Several ministers then joined him inside his mostly empty megachurch as Copeland preached emphatically from Exodus 15. He received your healing. Previously the televangelist made headlines, after claiming that he could cure viewers of the coronavirus if they touched his oily hand through their television set during his televised ministry, Copeland ordered his followers to keep giving to his ministry, even if they lost their jobs, Yes, I want the Patheos Nonreligious Newsletter as well, Identity Politics vs. Transactional Politics. He and his ministers then commanded the atmosphere to send the supernatural heatwave. Thank you, Lord God. Now say it: “I take it. I’m the healed and the devil’s trying to give me the flu.”. Kenneth Copeland Ministries was founded in 1967. Today, we look at … [Publisher’s Note: HT those godless atheists], “Jeff the GK” is an obnoxious vegan with faux-hawk coiffed hair from Southern California who occasionally shows up on the. Scamvangelist: God Gives Christians “Holy Spirit Immunity” from COVID. It just dies,” continued Copeland, “It’s even better, I just heard the Lord say this ’cause I’ve witnessed it, it’s even better if there is no wind at all — just enough heat to keep from killing them people in New York City,” he laughed. Thank you, Jesus!…. I have my shield up, thank you very much. “Wind, almighty strong south wind, heat, burn this thing in the name of Jesus. Copeland said, “But when you stand in faith and say, no, I don’t mind telling you, I will never have COVID-19, I will never have any other kind of sickness and disease because, thank God forevermore, He bore my sins in His own body on the tree… Glory to God. They later apologized after it was explained to them that there followers could genuinely get sick for not taking precautions. Whatever you do right now, don’t you stop tithing! pic.twitter.com/8lwHufTIy4, — Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) March 12, 2020. Waiting for your permission to load the comments. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Get our FREE Newsletters and special offers! You couldn’t give me that flu if you tried. Latest Coronavirus News | Coronavirus Resources, By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. ... Want more from the Friendly Atheist? And Last March Copeland ordered his followers to keep giving to his ministry, even if they lost their jobs because of the pandemic: Fear of this coronavirus is faith in its ability to hurt you or kill you. But you get your tithe in that church if you have to go take it down there and drop it off… stick it under the door or something. Bottom line: Televangelist Kenneth Copeland declares that God has given Christians “holy spirit immunity” from COVID-19, and claims that Donald Trump proves it. I thank you and praise you for it…”. Let's hope Trump doesn't hear about the Pastor's "cure.". For much of this year, televangelist Kenneth Copeland has been telling viewers that the COVID crisis was over all because God — acting through Copeland — defeated it.. Randall Colburn is The A.V. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Hey! It’s mine. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland declares that Trump is now immune to COVID-19, which is evidence that Christians are immune to the virus. Well, I don’t take it! It hates humidity, it hates water. Get our FREE Newsletters and special offers! pic.twitter.com/8lwHufTIy4, — Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) March 12, 2020. Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Patheos’s Partners, Drunk North Carolina Pastor Arrested For Urinating On Woman During Flight. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I’m getting laid off at work!’. Expect and believe for the power of God to descend upon His people in response to their faith, praise and prayer. This isn’t the first time the Copelands have made such claims. If Christians decide they’re immune from the virus, even though they’re not, they may catch it and spread it. … Put your hand on that television set. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland declares that Trump is now immune to COVID-19, which is evidence that Christians are immune to the virus.

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