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| Hamilton says that he will protect RJ if he wants it since he considers RJ as one of their own. He humiliates Max by pulling out his penis, rubbing his hand on it and smearing his hand on Max's face. He uses a mechanical chair to move himself. Miles carries Jenny off to the nurse's office while Robin kicks them both off of the squad. Millicent was a quirky candy counter girl who often fainted out of panic. | | 20 min [3] MTV executives were interested in developing scripted television series around the time Katzenberg and Grahame-Smith made their short film. Eyal Gordin Hamilton has Lily's cellphone with the recorded message and wonders where she is. So they hire a babysitter named Jenni who turns... See full summary », Claire Sengupta, an attractive Indian-British girl moves next door to the Bergers, and RJ finds out that he and this "clunker" have quite a lot in common with each other... except for the ... See full summary », TV-14 Rick strips and gains a large sum of cash in the process, although embarrassing RJ and making Miles strangely aroused, Amy seems to be having fun. RJ tries his best to comfort Jenny with her zits, but ends up hurting her feelings. Everything is set for the party at Rick's hotel and all the guests then start to arrive. Max, who wants to settle the score with Miles for beating Max's testicles repeatedly at the dance, cannot beat Miles publicly so Coach Sinclair signs both of them up for a sumo match. Martha Plimpton, Afterwards, Hamilton announces to the school that RJ is part of their crew and not to be messed with. The last straw for RJ comes when Max throws a piece of bread into Jenny's soup and RJ stands up to Max and attempts to smooth things over with him. When RJ asks who, she reveals that her and Coach Sinclair are starting a relationship. Millicent is easily frightened by anything, and has trouble making up her mind and make her decision. When Miles goes to Robin's house to take her, she asks what he's doing there and she tells him that she was being sarcastic when she said 'yes' to him. RJ meets up with his tutor Amy and is shocked at how hot she is and fantasises about her. RJ wonders why he is not coupled with Amy, and so does she, resulting in her assuming RJ wrote them down and she storms off and says she doesn't want to talk to RJ. Lily comes up to RJ, telling him that she told Jenny about RJ and her. During the class Jenny and Max get into a conflict by telling her that he already had sex with Rebecca. RJ gets invited to Jenny's Sweet 16 Birthday party and Miles is upset that RJ isn't taking him. Scared about trying to stand up to Sinclair, Miles, Hamilton, Lily and Amy tell RJ to just give him a chance. Meanwhile, Miles gets into trouble with the hot substitute math teacher and has to stay after class. Comedy, Samantha (a dork) is in love with Payton (another dork) who is in love with Carrie (a cheerleader), who dates Clark (the football captain). Sinclair says to RJ that he's genuinely into Suzanne and plans on making a relationship with her. Kara Eve Taitz[1] (born May 11, 1981)[2][3][4] is an American actress,[5] who starred as Lily Miran, a socially awkward and sex-crazed girl who has feelings for the main character on the sitcom The Hard Times of RJ Berger. Unsure as to how to coerce Claire to give him a handjob, Lily suggests, although she is against doing so, that he just be forward to Claire and not to "beat around the bush". Vanessa Marano, The show is presented as a coming of age story and has been described by Katzenberg and Grahame-Smith as a blend of the television series The Wonder Years and the film Superbad. Amy asks RJ why Jenny is with him and he can't come up with an answer. Miles then comes to the conclusion that he will shave off his pubic hairs in order to have sex with the substitute again but later vows not to have sex again with her and tells her that they are through. In the end, Suzanne and Rick tell RJ that they are getting a divorce. After they are shocked that Chet pulls a gun on the two of them, they calm him down saying they have a mission for Chet. Later that night, Sinclair proposes to Suzanne but Rick and RJ storm in and Rick reads her the poem he wrote to her when they first had sex. Amy asks if there was a wish and RJ comes back with saying "It's about to come true..." then they enjoy Amy's "birthday surprise". Jareb Dauplaise, Jenny tries to ask Lily what it's like to have sex and Lily ends up telling her that she and RJ had sex. Socially awkward RJ Berger has to play in a basketball game when several of the team members get ejected from the game. A woman suffers from amnesia and is forced to find out who she really is. Afterwards, Rick appears and tells RJ and Miles that he is the new substitute English teacher. Even though our show has one animated segment in every episode, even the live-action is like a cartoon, just with the way people carry on."[7]. Berger's two best friends are Miles Jenner (Jareb Dauplaise), whose ambitions for popularity cause him to clash with While trying to find the answers, RJ knocks over an object, making a noise loud enough to get the teacher to notice. RJ saddens her when he asks her why she isn't speaking to Rick. Robin tries to lead the cheerleaders until Jenny shows up and a confrontation starts to brew until Miles interrupts and the girls are shocked to see him in uniform. The Tipton staff and London must attend a Team Building seminar, which doesn't go as planned. Everyone tells RJ that he should go to the dance and not worry too much about Lily. Jenny is very upset about this after Miles tells her it won't go away in time for her cheerleader picture.

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