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To wrap up our legit check guide, we will want to point your attention towards the patch that can be found at the rear end of the sneaker. Real vs Fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe 2016 Legit Check - YouTube First of all, let’s have a look at the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe image in order to easily visualise and understand the differences between the fake vs real Black Toe AJ1s. In the Air Jordan 1 Black Toe real vs fake image above, you can see how the authentic shoes have a curvier look on the upper and the bottom sides of the leather side, and how in the middle, they are narrower. This used to be a very common flaw in the past but it’s been majorly fixed. Look at the highlighted french “VOTRE” on the Jordan 1 tag. Can you notice how the “E” is not entirely printed? I’d quickly check whether the hourglass shape is present. In other words, knowing this flaw will enable you to spot most of the fakes in a few seconds. 4. Check out the comparrison shots below, courtesy of hupu . The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic. As we’re getting close to the end of the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 comparison, we want to draw your attention to the sole of this sneaker. We’ve created the most comprehensive legit check guide for the Nike Air Jordan 1. Looking at the legit Black Toe AJ1’s, you can see how they have their Swoosh logo placed higher, since the upper line is smaller, and the bottom line is bigger than the fake shoes’ lines added by us. If you want our opinion over a specific pair or your money is stuck with the bank/eBay/PayPal, as a result of getting scammed with fakes, we’re likely able to help. We’re doing greater things and want to build a beautiful place for people like you. The R and D in “JORDAN” should always be connected. As we’ve mentioned it two paragraphs above, the main idea is that the fake shoes have their letters in the “AIR JORDAN” text looking thicker than they are supposed to be. This way, I’d save myself a lot of time if there’s no shape — that’s instantly a fake pair. Let us make it clear: toe box holes positioning ranges even on authentic pairs. Top-tier replicas sometimes get this thing right so it’s not the most reliable tell. Below the medial line, keep in mind that the sneaker has to have almost a bell-shaped bottom in order for it to be authentic. At the same time, the “J” character seems to be different — it’s not only the letter’s shape, but also the sizing. If I’m put in the situation where I need to authenticate the Jordan 1’s in a couple of seconds, here’s how to legit check the Air Jordan 1’s in 4 easy steps: Naturally, the visual comparisons above will assist you in authenticating the J’s, but we’ve carved this checklist out so that you can have a quick, go-to place if you need bite-sized reminders. Buy it from our partners! The shoe on the right is in actual fact the retail pair. So close that they’re touching and sometimes even overlapping. In order to give you the main idea of what you should check your shoes for on the Air Jordan logo, let’s have a look at the fake vs real AJ1 Black Toe image. Then, moving on to the “SWOOSH ®” text, the fake shoes have their letters looking wavier and slanted, once again, while the legit Black Toe AJ1s have their letters correct place. Let’s have a look at this real vs fake Jordan 1 shape comparison below: The authentic example’s curvature (highlighted on the upper right side) is not something that you will find on every single original pair, so don’t take that as the go-to way every time. Looking at the authentic Black Toe 1’s, you can see how they have a bumpy and curvy shape, and while the fake shoes are also a bit curvy, they’re not as curvy and pronounced as they are supposed to be (that’s why the lines are less curvy as well – to point out the shape of the shoes). If you need help with the authentication of your Air Jordan 1 Black Toe we’ve got you covered. That aside, our go-to thing still applies in this real vs fake comparison above: the wings elements are printed in a poorer manner — fuzzy lines and overlapping areas can be noticed. However, most of the time, fake manufacturers fix a flaw and create 2 other flaws. If you’re wondering how to legit check Air Jordan 1’s, this is one of the fastest ways — look out for inconsistencies on the size tag, such as this one. The fake shoes commonly have their wings in the logo improperly positioned, which is also visible in the fake vs real AJ1 Black Toe image above. However, that’s not the only flaw. If we compare that to the authentic example, yes, they’re not printed with the utmost precision — but we can see the difference in quality. Along with each step of this guide on how to spot fake AJ1 Black Toe shoes, we are going to link fake vs real AJ1 Black Toe images so that you’d easily differentiate between the labeled authentic and replica Black Toe AJ1s. There isn’t a lot to cover here, besides the fact that the Nike swoosh has a different shape. The fake “O” looks more like a zero, given it’s taller shape. Some standout differences between authentic and fake version of the Air Jordan 1 Black Toe is the lacing setup. The defining problem on the fake shoes is given by the fact that the letters are poorly printed on the tongue label, while on the legit shoes, you can notice the difference in quality, having a better printing job than the fake shoes. The bulkiness of the toe box is a more reliable factor. If the hourglass shape is there, I would have a quick glimpse of the toe box holes. The reason for our thinking is simple: these elements are where the replica manufacturers will compromise. Lastly, I’d have a look at the ™ character. At the same time, the overall quality of the print is lower on the fake. Not only that, but in this “SWOOSH” text, you can also see how the fake shoes have their letter “W” bigger than the rest of the letters, while on the authentic AJ1 Black Toe shoes, all of the letters have the same size. Mostly, the counterfeit AJ1 Black Toe pairs have their toe box’s perforations looking too wide, and the overall look of the toe box on the fake shoes is over-inflated, Check the Nike Swoosh logo on the side.

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