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Using that evidence, she was able to bring an appeal to her son’s case. [31] After somehow obtaining jurors' home addresses, which are not officially available to the defendant, Giuliano targeted juror Jason Allo, whom a friend of Giuca's had recognized in the courtroom. [52], On June 28, 2018, in a letter to the Brooklyn district attorney, New York's highest court announced it would hear Giuca's case, with oral arguments scheduled for April 30, 2019.[53]. Eventually, Fisher found himself at Giuca’s party at his parents’ house in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I have no doubt that when it gets up on appeal, [the case] will be vacated. [42][43], In February 2014, an attorney acting for Giuca submitted a petition to Hynes' replacement as Brooklyn district attorney, Kenneth P. Thompson, requesting that the conviction be voided. She went undercover to find out as much as she could about one juror in particular: Jason Allo, juror number 8, whom she learned had known some of her son's friends. Will this Tape Free Him? She bought a burner phone and a fake business card. In the months leading up to the April 30th oral arguments, a large number of amicus curiae briefs were written in support of Giuca, from parties including the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Innocence Project, American Civil Liberties Union, New York Civil Liberties Union, New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Legal Aid Society, Bronx Defenders, Center for Appellate Litigation, Office of the Appellate Defender and Chief Defenders Association of New York. But in a later conversation, Avitto said he'd completely fabricated his account of Giuca’s involvement in the murder. He had been viciously beaten and shot five times. Meanwhile, Mark Fisher, 19, a sophomore at Fairfield University, was out in Manhattan on the evening of October 11, bar hopping in the Upper East Side. The judge denied the motion, however, ruling that the recordings were unreliable and that there was no evidence Allo had intentionally lied during jury selection. More on this story here: How one mom went undercover to fight for justice for her son. One of the worst parts about this is people thinking that I’m a murderer. On October 11, 2003, Giuca was out partying with friends in Manhattan. [37] However, State Supreme Court Justice Alan D. Marrus dismissed the recordings, ruling that they were unreliable, and condemned Giuliano's surreptitious activities as "reckless". "All I can say is that in any dealings that I had or the detectives had, I think we always found [Nicolazzi] to be of the utmost integrity," said Casazza, retired New York Police Department homicide squad lieutenant. Will This Tape Free Him? Russo was arrested on November 19, 2004, and Giuca was arrested on December 21, 2004. In the words of ABC News, “He had been viciously beaten and shot five times. We all have said, or heard people say they would give their life for their child,…, https://crimewatchdaily.com/2015/11/12/exclusive-grid-kid-killer-speaks-to-childhood-friend-jason-mattera-as-he-fights-conviction/, http://crimewatchdaily.com/page/2015/06/03/when-its-on/, https://truecrimedaily.com/2015/11/12/exclusive-grid-kid-killer-speaks-to-childhood-friend-jason-mattera-as-he-fights-conviction/. Those recently winning appeals in such cases include Anthony Yarbough, Jonathan Fleming, Darryl Austin, Robert Hill, Alvena Jennette, David Ranta, William Lopez, Ronald Bozeman, Darrell Dula, Jabbar Collins and Jeffrey Deskovic. Giuca's legal team then filed a motion in court to vacate his conviction based on prosecutorial misconduct.

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