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(4 episodes, 2019), Lady Caroline Collingwood After hearing Logan's plan to expand to local TV, Kendall begins to plot a vote of no confidence against his father. When Kendall leaves, he starts having second thoughts. Julia Murney as Trainer 1 episode 2018, This series is about the District 21 of the Chicago Police Department. Christine Spang as Lucy 6 episodes 2018-2019, This series describes the life of a charming and Joey Brooks as Tanner 1 episode 2018, This series sees a dangerous cop teaming up with an older detective. I am a writer living and working in Los Angeles. Alfredo Montez as Waiter (uncredited) 1 episode 2018, Kendall, knowing that with Ewan attending he can’t afford to lose another vote, decides to helicopter out to Long Island to make one final appeal to Ilona to win her vote. This movie is about a family that goes on a winter vacation. Caitlin Fitzgerald as Tabitha 8 episodes 2018-2019, Stacey Scotte as Housekeeper 1 episode 2019, (1 episode, 2019), Security Officer Harriet Walter as Lady Caroline Collingwood 3 episodes 2018-2019, But as the show finds its legs, the episodes get better, and "Which Side Are You On" delivered in a faster pace and more visually engaging manner. Douglas Waterbury-tieman as Male Assistant 1 episode 2019, Whether the billion-dollar fortune at the heart of HBO's Succession will make it that far is an open question. Vic Browder as Tara 1 episode 2018, Alexander Hurry as Logan Roy Associate (uncredited) 1 episode 2019, Jack Gilpin as Mr. Wambsgans 2 episodes 2018, Yoshiro Kono as Japanese Exec / ... 1 episode 2019, This series is about an american global-media family that Lying low, Kendall spends time with the locals and finds his sobriety tested. Shane Rawlings as Bodyguard / ... (uncredited) 1 episode 2018, How long? Pierce Newscaster Roman looks to land a deal for local TV stations with his father’s longtime nemesis. Valerie Edmond as Organizer 1 episode 2019, David Hight as Airport Passenger / ... 2 episodes 2018, Mallory Ann wu as Gina 1 episode 2018, / Archduchess Ilona was baptised on 30 May 1927 and was named after her godmother Queen Elena of Italy who, on account of being unable to attend in person, was represented at the ceremony by Count Ercole Durini di Monza, the Italian Ambassador to Hungary. This series describes the life of a law school graduate. In hearing his son’s misgivings with his leadership, Logan becomes raucous and unhinged, screaming at the phone, refusing to leave the room and recuse himself. This series is about the next generation of the Ewing family. This series is set in Gulfhaven, Florida. Son as Hipster Clerk (uncredited) 1 episode 2018, Brian Hotaling as Mark 2 episodes 2019, Eva Solveig as Icelandic Make-Up Artist 1 episode 2019, (uncredited) This series describes the lives of a family of New York cops. Jeremy Shamos as Mark Pierce 1 episode 2019, (1 episode, 2019), Police Officer Kevin D. benton as NYC Traffic Jam Pedestrian (uncredited) 1 episode 2018, / (1 episode, 2018), Bodyguard and ambition. (1 episode, 2018), Wall Street Broker Maybe ten. Stephen Nelson as Gala Guest (uncredited) 1 episode 2019, Juliana Canfield as Jess Jordan 12 episodes 2018-2019, (uncredited) (uncredited) (1 episode, 2018), Security Guard #1 He calls up Frank to call off the vote or push it to next quarter, but Frank pushes back. This series describes the life and times of criminal (1 episode, 2018), Party Guest Zoe Winters as Kerry 2 episodes 2019, Ivica Marc as Guide 1 episode 2019, Hotel Guest This series is about a spy who recently quit the U.S. government. (1 episode, 2019), Billionaire CEO Bryan Burton as Sound Tech 1 episode 2019, Rob Yang as Lawrence 20 episodes 2018-2019, He’s not interested in Kendall’s plans—only Roman’s perspective. This series is a spin-off of "The Closer" (2005). Chris Fulton as Max 1 episode 2019, Male Employee / Young Executive #2 (2 episodes, 2018-2019) (uncredited) Logan finds himself in crisis mode as news of a hostile takeover breaks; Kendall's siblings are not happy when they find out about the takeover. Yes, we shared some thoughts ahead of its season one premiere and also wrote up the finale, but we’re big fans of Jesse Armstrong’s wickedly funny exploration of the ultra-rich and want to dig a bit deeper as we gear up for the new season’s August 11 premiere. Ekin Koç as Kadir 1 episode 2019, After successfully thwarting a potential scandal, Tom introduces Greg to fine dining. This series is set in the late 1800s. Saamer Usmani as Chris 2 episodes 2019, This movie is about a group of girlfriends that have known The island from the previous movie contains some... Bob Parr (Mr. Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy 20 episodes 2018-2019, Cate Bottiglione as Mom 1 episode 2019, (uncredited) (uncredited) Finally, he relents, chasing down a town car to take him into the city. Dillon Sibilla as Upscale Club Goer 1 episode 2018, Mitch Cantor as Party Guest (uncredited) 1 episode 2019, This series features stop-motion animations. This series is about James 'Ghost' St. Patrick. / On his 80th birthday, media magnate Logan Roy – whose imminent retirement was thought to be a given – shocks his family by announcing he’s staying on indefinitely as CEO of Waystar Royco.

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