how tall is sun wukong rwby

Hence why many fans think of it as an early BlackSun anthem. Zwei, DEATH BATTLE! Later on, Sun and Neptune enter a library, where Team RWBY and JNPR are present. Professor Ozpin | Check Always open links for URL: Roblox Protocol and click Open URL: Roblox Protocol in the dialog box above to join games faster in the future! After the press conference, Sun joins Blake in getting signatures from the citizens of Menagerie for the defense of Haven. Sun's use of his staff is similar to the Japanese martial art Bōjutsu, which is a form of martial arts that uses a bō staff. According to Yang, Sun was the last one to see Blake, who ran away after the evacuees returned to Vale. Weiss Schnee | Pyrrha Nikos | A work in progress portion of the fight was shown on Rooster Teeth's 2017 ExtraLife livestream. Following the events of Volumes 4 and 5, Team SSSN is shown to have strained their relationship with Sun, angry at him leaving them yet again. Jinn | Later, Sun joins the Belladonna family in confronting the Albain brothers about the information from Ilia's Scroll, though they are unable to arrest the pair due to the lack of evidence. He was able to leap off a building, land on Roman Torchwick, and then perform a front handspring and a front-flip before coming to a stop. So after experimenting with some colors I made this. Sun's use of his "gun-chucks" is similar to the martial arts Eskrima. save. Sun is also a very skilled climber, claiming to climb trees all the time and having done so to reach Team RWBY's dorm room, which is implied to be several stories above the ground. After the Battle of Haven, Sun sees Blake off at the train station as she heads off to Atlas. Robyn Hill | Sun is capable of jumping large distances between cars and still being able to move without losing his balance. In his second appearance, he goes out of his way to help Blake, whom he had just met and barely knew. I'm Sun wukong. Eventually, the White Fang, aided by Roman Torchwick, arrives to seize the shipment. The fight however was later canceled. Sun responds by throwing a banana peel at the cop before running off, winking at Blake Belladonna as he does so. Willow Schnee | Sun has been shown to be quite athletic, relying on parkour for mobility. :D Female Sun Wukong (ValkyrieArt) FAN ART. Marrow Amin | If it doesn’t, start the, Please choose whether this site may use cookies as described below. Image Gallery He quickly discovers that the spy, Ilia Amitola, carries a Scroll with valuable information on it. • Brooding Girl, Gentle Boy• I Want My Beloved to Be Happy• Meaningful Echo• Opposites Attract• You Are Not Alone. Fiona Thyme | This causes a disturbance in the trees, leading the two to spot a masked White Fang member.

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