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How easy it is to forget how many there have been over the years. They are female Autobots, usually pink or blue in color. The Autobots fought off the Decepticons, who escaped, but nothing seemed to please the human feminists. (Some believe Arcee has a romantic attraction to either of those two, but that depends on who and when you ask.). Upon waking up she discovers Skids and Mudflap are also captives of the Decepticons. IDW Publishing [ edit ] In Transformers: Defiance #1, back on ancient Cybertron, Arcee was among Optimus Prime's crew at an excavation site … If anything would happen to, say, Daniel Witwicky, she might just completely lose it. After being taken to his hideout, Lockdown divulges that Arcee is carrying vital information Megatron would be interested in, intent to extract it for his employer. All content sourced by fans, online websites, and or other fan community sources. If concern for her friends is her strength, it's regrettably also her weakness. After dealing with that threat, Arcee starting filling the Dinobots in on recent events, only for them to be promptly attacked by a new Predacon. She and Jack scouted out Franklin High School when schools in the region began unexpectedly exploding. The Space Pirates arc saw Arcee skip guard duty at Autobot City; her dereliction of duty led directly the fall of Autobot City to the Quintessons. Arcee Arthur the female human T-SPAN newscaster from … And, in "Dweller in the Depths", she is seen fighting back against Springer when he is turned into an energy vampire. Transformers Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, SS 86 Scourge, More SwiftTransform Review, Takara Transformers SIEGE SG-EX Rainmakers Official In-Hand Images. Get a look at 13 Arcee toys from G1 Japan, Energon, Animated, Prime, Movies, Generations, Cybertverse, and more along with the latest Earthrise Arcee in both their robot and alternate modes. She can form bladed weapons or blasters from her hands. She took to the shadows, and once Optimus had rescued the other hostages, Arcee rescued Chuck Chuckles and took down the two Decepticons herself. It was revealed in "Transwarped" that due to a special fail-safe program after being placed in stasis, Arcee uploads the data into Ratchet, allowing him to continue her mission of activating Omega Supreme. Subsequently, assigned to Earth for training, they managed to annoy their commander Hot Shot beyond reason but subsequently apprehended Snow Cat. The new images show odd the classic G1 fembot posability range and accessories, revealing very impressive options for display and photography. Omnicons were a main group of characters Transformers: Energon series allied with the Autobots. This version of Arcee first appeared in the fiction "Dungeons & Dinobots", a text based story from Fun Publications. This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available. Arcee found Cliffjumper a brash soldier inappropriate for her stealthy mission, but he convinced her Kaon was too dangerous and that she could use his ship to go to Earth. They raced into a Space Bridge and teamed up with Optimus Prime. She is one of the evil Autobots. Advertising | In her picture, she resembles her G1 Counterpart but is still colored blue. According to the Hasbro 2007 movie toy's tech spec for Arcee, she received combat training from Ironhide. During the years when Shockwave united most of Cybertron, Arcee was in a resistance group to his rule along with Kup, Blaster, Hot Rod and Wheelie. She was a major player in "Dark Awakening", being among the crew zombie Optimus Prime betrayed aboard the mausoleum. IDW Publishing. Optimus Prime sent her to another planet to stop Decepticon research on a star breaking weapon. They found Knock Out and a bunch of Vehicons feeding Optimus's body into a crusher but were overcome by the Decepticons before they could rescue him. In the Energon storyline, the character Arcee was a female Omnicon who transformed into a motorcycle and used an energon crossbow. Freed by Snake Eyes, Arcee was part of the assault to rescue Prime and proved instrumental in SerpentO.R's (now controlled by Cobra Commander) defeat, ripping his chestpiece off and allowing Hawk to reach the Matrix, opening it and putting Cobra Commander in a coma. She claimed to have never met him before and when Starscream said he would kill Cliffjumper if she did not cooperate, Arcee showed little to no concern about him. Arcee and Bulkhead headed to Zhejiang Province, China after the Autobots lost contact with Optimus Prime. Arcee the female Autobot Omnicon motorcycle from Energon. His return was noted by the Autobot Cosmos, who alerted Arcee, Cliffjumper, Smokescreen, Camshaft and Air Raid. There are three distinct body types shared among the Omnicon ranks, but unlike the Terrorcons, each Omnicon possesses an individual mind of his own. promptly turned on him and escaped to Cybertron via Spacebridge. Arcee was one of three non-transforming Super High-Breed Model vinyl figurines created in 1987 by Takara. Arcee makes an appearance in the "Transformers Animated" episode "Thrill of the Hunt". She is informed by Hardhead that Jhiaxus cannot be destroyed forever as he is bound to the Dead Universe; she is pleased by this, as it means she has the chance to kill him, over and over, forever. Don't mix the two systems, you'll get a wrong result. She later sided with Optimus Prime against Megatron's orders to counter-attack their invaders. However, by the events of "This is Why I Hate Machines", when Megatron arrives to Cybertron in Omega Supreme, the exposed Shockwave begins setting up a scheme to track down Arcee and acquire the access code to Omega Supreme from her. Arcee leaves with Prowl and the Autobots, eventually joining them officially by carving their insignia into her shoulder. Arcee (アーシー, Āshī) is where most make the mistake of noticing only gender, but these first impressions are quickly expanded upon. The first reuse of the name Arcee was in Japan. Arcee (March 2021) . Arcee was subsequently part of the mission to rescue their friend. She gives Optimus Prime flowers before he dies of prostate cancer. In Bumblebee, Arcee makes a small talking cameo at the beginning of the film with her original G1 appearance. According to the biography printed in the collected Reign of Starscream books, Arcee was once a member of the Autobot science team who had to adapt her skills when the war broke out. Arcee appears as a playable character in the 2012 video game Transformers: Prime – The Game. She is the only character to have actual flashbacks and complete in-depth origin episodes, whereas characters such as Optimus Prime and Smokescreen have images of an event while they narrate the story. Additionally, there is one other Omnicon body-type - that of the unique Omnicon leader, Arcee. In Revenge of the Fallen, Arcee was accompanied by two similar Transformers, Chromia and Elita One, sharing similar robot and vehicle forms, as well as the same holographic driver. Arcee appeared among the Autobots under the command of Rodimus Prime in the alternate future story "Aspects of Evil 2" from Marvel UK Transformers #224. Arcee appeared in issue #17 of the Titan Transformers Magazine, in a story called "Return to Cybertron Part 1". She then bravely tells Ratchet to use the EMP device on her to erase her data core so that Lockdown will not be able to retrieve the data from her. Aided by Thundercracker on the Nemesis Starscream recovered and sent the information Frenzy had gathered back to Cybertron just as Hardtop spotted the Autobots closing on the Nemesis. When Optimus ordered the Autobots to Earth, her ship had been destroyed, and she was willing to wait as she detected the Decepticons had returned to Cybertron and they were planning something big. In the Japanese television series Transformers: The Headmasters, the events of the last three episodes of the U.S. series were ignored. Arcee appears on the cover of issue #3. The mission eventually reunites them with Grimlock and Rodimus Prime. Bumblebee and Arcee teamed up to take out the cannons manned by Vehicons that Starscream had brought along. Shockwave used a cortical psychic patch to get the Intel, but the two managed to escape before he could kill them. Starscream took the two Autobots to Shockwave, who was on Cybertron. More information on Generation 1 Arcee at TFU.info, More information on Class of 1984 Arcee at TFU.info, Gallery of an assembled and painted Arcee at Transformers @ The Moon, Photos and review of unpainted and unused complete Arcee kit at HeroicDecepticon.com, More information on clear Arcee at TFU.info, More information on pewter Arcee at TFU.info, More information on Heroes of Cybertron Arcee at TFU.info, Hasbro's Own Convention Will Sell You a Giant Transformer That Actually Charges Your Phone, https://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Arcee_(G1)/toys&oldid=1454157. During this, Arcee appears to be loyal to the Decepticons, but once Devastator is unleashed on Cybertron, she kills Bombshell to sever his link with Prowl, enabling the newly formed Autobot combiner Superion to temporally overpower him.

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