hong kong human environment interaction

The huge reservoir will affect the climate and temperature of the region as well as the plant and animal life. Some international groups are reluctant to invest in the project because of environmental concerns, and this might delay its completion. Hong Kong got most of its money early on from the pearls they extracted in the harbors. Yet according to World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong the number of the endangered black-faced spoonbills wintering in Mai Po has risen from roughly 35 in the late 1980s to 152 after 10 years. Partly because of their large populations, some Japanese cities have become very polluted. Second, the dam will generate huge amounts of electrical power. Hong Kong Landscape and Human Impacts The natural landscapes of Hong Kong, displayed in many of the Country Parks, are determined by the underlying geology and geomorphological processes. The number of species of birds in Hong Kong is one third of that in China while the number of butterflies species is also one sixth of the total butterfly species in China according to surveys reported.[1]. It is not uncommon for a family of four to live in a one-bedroom apartment. ''Hong Kong's Bad Biodiversity''", "Porcupine! You will explore more about how East Asians live in the next chapter, on human geography. These plains are among the most densely populated areas in the world. However, the Chinese government has not been careful in protecting the environment from the consequences of building the dam. Under threat from chemical pollution, increased sea traffic and the destruction of much of the natural shoreline for land reclamation, the number of pink dolphins has dramatically declined as the city continues to develop. The varieties of the organisms also different from seasons, especially in Hong Kong where oceanic currents change with season: very few erect foliose macro-algae are found in summer because they may suffer from the burning heat; a lot of foliose algae are found on the shores in winter. One of the solutions to the shortage of space is landfill. Not only the flora and fauna are affected but also humans. According to a Baptist University study, daily average minimum temperatures have increased by 0.02 degrees (Celsius) annually between 1965 and 2003, due to the "concrete jungle" which traps heat during the daytime and releases it at night. The dam towers more than 600 feet high and spans a valley more than one mile wide. Also, the river drains about one-fifth of China's total land area. The total land area of Hong Kong is 1,076 square kilometers, but about 75% of this land is open countryside[citation needed], which contains more than 2600 species of vascular plants, about 450 species of birds, about 200 species of butterflies, about 100 species of dragonflies, 40 species of mammals, 80 species of reptiles and more than 20 species of amphibians, including some species endemic to the territory.

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