homophone for boy

perses reverses Doug = boy's name. appraises tamises tractrices exchange's noyes busch's witch's 1 decade ago. news's voges refinances tax's confesses bridge's blazes destroys eruptive 6: disparages Words that sound the same as Boys . hazes 0 0. jerryb. deploys surmises biz impulses pretenses Many new additions are thanks to contributions from users like you. possesses professes office's latices graces endorses addresses dirges esses disease's glosses fuzes This mobile-friendly website is a handy compilation of homophones for anyone who is learning or simply curious about the English language! collins's rebaptize hisses thomas' expenses splices loges brydges aces breeches pleases service's lances 1 decade ago. sandwiches police's research's A homophone is each word of two or more that have the same pronunciation, but different spellings, meanings, origins, etc. caches mrs. assesses messes sages mages funches veliz Many non-native English speakers don’t realise that these words are homophones. misuses espouses ferriz resources toys rance's stances pace's confuses A homograph is word or words that have the same spelling, but different sounds (or same). services' almost 6 years ago: annoys tis dozes accuses discloses lease's This resource is useful for schools and offices as a reference for when spoken English word must be converted to written language. searches fizz fixes bilges alliances tish's birch's faxes reinforces stitches advances dieses binges purges despises infringes hirsch's polynices Sign in. gris eloise bowses nurse's churches' tresses brooks' brooks's sciences' race's lunches amuses brace's grouses Demonstrate that your computer’s spell checker, although a handy tool, will not necessarily catch incorrect usage. quiz feliz hiss's buses Words That Rhyme With BOYS. saks's forces fleur-de-lys tenses alliance's illinois liz cruz's gasses judge's slashes nash's wiz waxes merges moises sixes hitches auspices niches These homophone worksheets are great for helping your children to reinforce their knowledge of homophones and practise recognising different homophones and their definitions.. finances dax's gas's It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound. bosses' cages tisch's It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound. birches purses mashes farces The homophones for aisle are I’ll and isle. Interesting note: The soft drink company Mountain Dew played with this homophone set with its motto “Do the Dew.” 6. eye, I. eye (noun): The part of your body that you use to see. displaces strauss's announces six's whiz "there", "their", and "they're" is a classic example of a set of Homophones. creases breaches cadences If you think we're missing any homophones, let us know by emailing me at al@homophone.com, You can also visit my main business at aafinancial.com. marches arises lashes AD and ADD; RIGHT and WRITE; LEFT (directional) and LEFT (departed) MEAN (not nice) and MEAN (defined) What are homographs? glass's rehearses 1 decade ago.

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