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So Hazrat Bilal underwent and endured numerous difficulties and hardships because in his sight the reward for bearing them was great. Now at this stage someone may come forth with an objection. Hazrat Abu Bakrq then went to Rasulullah and related the story to him. Website Design, Development and SEO by: Intrigue IT Solutions, All contributions are tax deductible Tax ID # 72-1128279. He had gone to Madina when the Prophet had migrated. Book of Call to Prayer In the condition, he lay and lost his senses. If Hazrat Bilal had wanted to, he could have kept his conversion to Islam a secret and thus have saved himself from persecution and injury. ), Bilal never felt the same again. He called Hazrat Bilal towards himself and advised him to utter Allah’s name in solitude and not to utter it in the presence of his persecutor. Now, what answer will that lover give? People still go to his grave to pay respect and salute him. night. believe made His master angrier. January 10, 2017 intrigueit. Bilal is very lovingly remembered by all Muslims of the world as one of the earliest great African Muslim. What is the solution to this problem? Hazrat Bilal Ibn Rabah (RA) appears among the most loved Sahabah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I am in love with suffering pain and sorrow.”, Hazrat Abu Bakr on numerous occasions, advised Hazrat Bilal but on every occasion when he passed that way, he saw the same picture – the Jew persecuting Bilal who was all the time uttering: “Ahad! Word spread through the streets that Bilal, the Holy Prophet’s Muazzin had returned. ”, Maulana Rumi (R.A.) says: Hence, this delay in answering their prayers is for the bondsman a means towards His Mercy and not a sign of His rejection or of His considering the duah as being worthless. As Hadrat Bilal made his way to the Holy Prophet’s Masjid, requests for him to do the Azan were ringing in his ears. Bin Khalaf started lashing Him every Kings, who would then forget the pleasure of being in possession of a throne or a crown. He says: Hazrat Bilal e Habshi (R.A) ki Azaan. He had a strong faith in Allah and a great love for the Prophet. “When Abu Bakr advised him towards silence and secrecy, He asked: “0 Siddeeq! He It is jisq’ (transgression), which is caused by overeating. He found that the heavy stone was no more on his chest. Allah. Ummayah bin Khalaf was You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. And when the Lover saw the dagger aimed at him, He felt it compulsory to offer his head towards the knife. He was born in a village in a mountainous place in Western Arabia. If a person has to go without food for a few days he will forget his love and ask for bread. When Rasulullah  heard the story he was filled with sorrow and tears flowed from his eyes. HazratAbn Bakr questioned: “Why are you beating this friend of Allah?” The Jew replied: “If you have so much sympathy for him, then bring the money and take him away as yours”. After he called it, people got worried as a lot of time had passed but the sun didn’t rise like normal. Hazrat Abu Bakr took Bilal and went to Rasulullah. Ahad!” till the anger of the Jew forced him to react with violence and he assaulted Hazrat Bilal q~ in such a manner, that his body became filled with blood and injury. A brief History/Story of Hazrat Bilal Bin Rabah: The Great African Muslim Bilal is very lovingly remembered by all Muslims of the world as one of the earliest great African Muslim. He wondered who had come to free him from pain. The father and mother were slaves of Ummayya bin Khalaf, a rich man from the tribe of Quraish. On hearing this uttered cry, Hazrat Abu Bakr stood still and perceived the love for the Divine Being and the ecstasy involved. Imagine a certain lover who was pining for his beloved from whom he had been separated for ten years. While it is done, He is aware thereof and He greatly approves thereof”. He was then asked to forget the God of Islam and worship the ‘great’ idols known as LAT and UZZA. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. or the embedded content. He also felt pity for the poor man He told Abu Bakr to purchase Bilal from Ummayya and set him free. So they went to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), told him the same and he replied that Allah has ordered the sun not to rise until Bilal (may … Hazrat Bilal (ra) was one of the most trusted and loyal companion (Sahabi E Rasool) of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) after converted to Islam. When Bilal first came before the Holy Prophet, he praised the Holy Prophet in two poetic lines of his native language. He embraced Islam in the early days of Islam, when the enemies of Islam did not allow the Muslims any restful moments. believe of Bilal (RA) on Allah didn’t let him fear from His master. But when love overwhelmed, he swallowed the repentance. Bilal was one of the earliest converts to Islam, but his owner tried to get him to renounce Islam by subjecting him to a series of torturous punishments. Who can ever imagine that?”, © 2020 Islamic Association of Arabi. One day Ummayya bin Khalaf came to know of Bilal’s secret prayers. The voice of Bilal resounded throughout the Madinah. He found that the heavy stone was no more on his chest. Utter it silently and secretly within yourself”. Necessary cookies are very important for our website to work properly. his Ethiopian slave, converted into a Muslim. While giving the Adhan, he broke down and steams of tears began to roll freely down his cheeks. He (RA) was a slave of Ummayah bin Khalaf. What a sad state of affairs that today people look at sensual love and call it love. The ecstasy Bilal felt! Seeing Hazrat Bilal being persecuted to this extent, his heart became agitated and tears came to his eyes. People came running to Masjid Al-Nabawi. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Love is actually a name for that kind of surrender that Allah, the truly Beloved is the Doer of everything and the servant is he who is pleased and satisfied with all that He does. The sun will only show when Bilal would recite the Adhan. The reply angered Ummayya greatly. “From afar love seems like being bloody He died there after about eight (or ten) years. As the day neared its end, it became cooler; he regained his conscious (senses). . Press Esc to cancel. THE STORY OF HAZRAT BILAL. Rasulullah replied: “You have made a very good sale, 0 Siddeeq”. By his own conduct, he also set such examples. This article would explore few unknown points related to Hazrat Bilal (RA)’s life; from birth up till His burial.

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