gundam battle operation 2 tier list

Let's take a look at each piece. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 PlayStation 4. Couldn't ask for much more for a melee build. Cheats. It's helpful, with decent stats and above-average shot defense, but not mind-blowing. So for the moment, the Gerbera Straight is just a flat S tier but if we see a shift in the meta towards more and tankier gunpla, it may become as top-tier as the mace or Barbatos sword. There's a new banner out this week and I'm here to break down the various parts and talk through what is worth keeping and what to pray to the gods you pull. Battles take place primarily between mobile suits, but players can also disembark from their mechs to accomplish specific tasks on foot, such as capturing relay beacons and performing emergency repairs. With as much melee attack as the coveted Barbatos arms, as well as a really healthy balance of melee def, shot def, and armor, these arms are second only to Barbatos for an In Fighter with the added benefit of giving a strong Defender build or Melee build some teeth. It's good to see a mid shooter with as much shot attack as Seabook Arno, and the passive part trait is really strong. Significant damage to the head will impact radar performance, while a destroyed head will render the radar completely inoperative, and reduce the mobile suit's attack power. While a pure Astray Red Frame build would benefit from this greatly (because the rest of the build is so focused on melee defense), a hybrid build between this and another set like the Exia set will likely not need this ex-skill trait and could benefit more from boosting the passive ex skill (Alie Strike or Gundam) or from equipping a powerful Ex Skill. It is a follow-up to the original Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation, which was released in Japan only in 2012. https://gbo2.fandom.com/wiki/Gundam_Battle_Operation_2_Wiki?oldid=7360. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Welcome to the Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 Wiki. The arms for Astray Red Frame don't have the very best ex skill in the world, but the sheer melee attack pushes these arms to S tier for sure. Consider Supporting us with GamePress Boost! Destroying the legs will reduce basic movement speed to a slow walk, in addition to the previous effects. However, more aspects of their history and personalities are presented in multiple scrolling text blurbs that appear when preparing for sorties. So it's not the strongest ranged, the strongest melee, the strongest tank, the strongest damager, etc. Well, that'd be a problem for whoever gets hit with this thing in the first 3-10 seconds of the match. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 is a free-to-play third-person mecha combat game based on the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, released for Playstation 4 in Japan in 2018, with a western release following in 2019. The Gerbera Straight comes equipped with as much attack power as the Mace and Barbatos sword, but with a more meh ex skill/part trait. These NPCs also have unique dialogue during holidays, special events, and their birthdays. See PlayStation.com/bc for more details. Reviews. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 is an online free-to-play action game released exclusively for the Playstation 4 via the Playstation Store in July of 2018. Still, ex skill cooldown reduction isn't the very best passive trait possible for an in-fighter. In addition to the ground-based combat of the original game, Battle Operation 2 introduced maps for space combat. In space, Leg HP is replaced by Backpack HP. As players continue to play the game, they will gain experience points and level up. Rockets still curve very little if at all. We'll get to that below. We just haven't seen a lot of value in the shot guidance. We'll call it A+ with S leaning tendencies for the right squad. Dragon Gundam Back - Tier: B. Support Fire has the ability to heavily damage and easily destroy enemies if they are caught in its radius. As is, the arms are a strong piece for an Out Fighter or an In Fighter with long or mid shooters supporting. Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Arena Announcement & Balance Changes, Covert Gerbera Event, Astray Red Frame, Dragon Gundam, Seabook Arno Coming Tuesday, Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Server Issues Causing Boatload of Freebies For Users. To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. The ex skill for the Dragon Gundam arms is really interesting, though it seems to reduce the wrong thing. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 has 17 trophies that can be earned. The Astray Red set is certainly better (in my opinion) than the Aile Strike and the X Divider sets, and on par with the Exia/Dynames sets, so certainly it's worth pursuing (at least those insanely powerful legs) if you are running an in-fighter. Games. It comes with higher than average melee defense as a major contributing factor and is most suited for an IN FIGHTER with average melee attack, better than average debuff skills (head and hands), and an insane leg moves.

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