ge spacemaker microwave fuse location

However, as also mentioned, I read that thermo fuses (depending on their function) do not all function with continuity. It happens every time you push buttons before closing door completely. same as above...trying to locate fuse on ge microwave model # jvm3160dfbb - GE Microwave Oven. That is the one that is my prime suspect at this point . Posted: 01/02/2018. Right to Repair. This particular blue painted maybe be the fan control. =), oldturkey03 Then see if that’s the problem. Not being an electrical engineer I am unable to reason my way out of this one. same as above...trying to locate fuse on ge microwave, oldturkey03 No one confirms why one thermostat fuse would be closed and that I should look at the diagram behind the touch pad, which I have done. Most microwave fuses look like the one pictured to the left. First, unplug the microwave. Remember that MW have extremely high voltages and getting zapped by one of those could be a heart stopping experience. The only other possible culprit could be the magnetron but to get to that I need to get the MW off the wall etc. Honestly, these fuses aren't expensive so it isn't about the money so much as it is about trying my best to narrow it down so that time isn't wasted. Once the outer cabinet is removed, follow the power cord into the unit. It is for this reason that I pulled it out. Hold times are long. I already ck’d the continuity on the thermal fuse (Oh what a ##&&%) GE sure likes to make life difficult. I am crossing my fingers and toes that the images offer some insight. Microwave ovens are a huge part of our modern lives. See if this document will help GE-Spacemaker-XL.pdf Slightly different model but identical principal. Back Answers Index; 451557. 50; appliance stores will charge you about $20. It is normally open (circuit is broken) until it reaches a certain temperature (40C or so) then it closes and the fan kicks in. Join Repair Clinic's VIP email list for 10% off, plus other discounts and tips! © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Accessibility. The fuse on the floor had continuity but the "back wall" fuse had no continuity. If the appliance overheats, the thermal fuse blows to cut off power to the appliance. Store. Got lucky. I omitted the wiring diagram as it likely would not help (I could be wrong) The close up image of the belly of the beast shows the Therm fuse on the "floor" and there is an area just behind it near the bottom right corner on the "back wall" showing the space where the other Therm fuse lives (currently uninstalled). It is greatly appreciated. Each end is metallic and the center is either ceramic or glass. They are usually an inch or two long. Genuine OEM Part # WB27X11094 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # 6930W1A003X | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB27X10388 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB27X11095 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB27X1127 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB21X10162 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB27X10166 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB21X10046 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB27X11138 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB24T10060 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB24X10034 | RC Item #, Genuine OEM Part # WB27X10195 | RC Item #. Aha, I thought, this is the problem child. =) I am hoping that the blue paint offers the strongest clue as to whether this is the culprit or not. Think of all the food and drinks that we put into the microwave every day. Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens. Hi, GE XL1800 doesn't power on. Usually thermostats are closed (they let the current going through). The only identifier on this fuse was KSD-40LC & AC 250v/10A - AC125v/15A. Already ordered? Hi Old Turkey, first, thank you very much for taking the time to respond. @oldturkey03, @frenchmanfl okay so you have a few T.C.O' (Oven Thermal Cutout) All TCO's are normally closed but it the bottom TCO were to open the MW would be totally "dead". I look forward to receiving your diagnosis. Nothing on the panel will work. Once again, thank you very much for taking time out of your day to respond and assist. Whether we are heating up a cup of coffee or cooking a meal, we love the convenience factor that a microwave brings to daily living. =) Thank you all for reading and for your very kind assistance. GE Spacemaker JVM1630WKC02 Microwave I am having the exact same experience as Steve described below. GE Microwave Oven. On is on the floor, in the component cavity behind the circuit board, when removing the microwaves touch pad control panel and one is located on the "back wall" that is parallel to the circuit board. Terms — Skip to main content. We carry a full line of thermoprotectors, line fuses and fuse holders for GE models. Get the best deals on GE Spacemaker Microwave Parts when you shop the largest GE Microwave Space Maker XL 1800 Fuse Holder and Fuse. If the thermal fuse has blown, the appliance will no longer heat. They are called TCO One is cavity, magnetron, hood, bottom. Remove the cover from the microwave and locate the door switch, which will be right below the spot where the door's hooks latch into the frame. After researching possible causes of complete power outage, I ascertained (which makes sense) that it was likely a fuse issue. If so, could it be the problem?

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