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Know where the East Bridge’s Key may be? A Sunnytop marketing memo sits on the desk and the Sunnytop Ski Lanes room 6 key hangs on a board behind the desk, attached to a keyring in the shape of a Nuka-Cola Quantum. Jack tells me they were just gone. The central floor spans the length of the building and contains the reception and foyer in the center (check by the fireplace for a magazine spawn and the reception key holes for a key to the locked room in the northwest). Stimpaks will heal a lot of your HP for you. Hopefully you won't tumble as you cruise down this beginner's trail to the base lodge for a well-earned cocktail! You can find the key on top of a port-a-potty (a pocket toilet) to the west of the tower. Outside of room 6, on the green tin roof just through the broken window, in a metal cage. After you complete the Flavors of Mayhem main quest and think you’re about to get back to The Missing Link, it’s time for another deviation. Sunnytop Ski Lanes Room 6 Key. Let the front desk know if you need anything, and remember to have a sunny day! Arm yourself by equipping high damage weapons, and armors with strong resistances for the fight! Suite Check-Out Procedures Off to the south are the dining area and bar, with an intact banjo to get the Well Tuned bonus. Friendly Hills (Blue Square) If you miss these windows, don't fret! Although this is the last of Rose’s quests, it is definitely the longest; be prepared for a lot of walking, as you’ll be journeying back and forth between a lot of different locations. Fear not! Huntersville will be located just West of where you are from the Trapper's Camp. The Horizon’s Rest Armory Key can be used to open the armory AKA the door in the lowest shack on the tower in Horizon’s Rest. Listen to this, then head across the lodge and down to the lower floor in search of a terminal. It is East of the AVR Medical Center. Potential power armor mod - On a metal shelf to the left of a power armor chassis on the lower level. Required fields are marked *. To: At the site, head to the top of the building where you’ll find the Gourmands Note. All Rights Reserved.All trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.▶Fallout 76 Official Website. No luck. The door this key is to be used on must be located on a shack on the cliff. [7] After they went extinct, the lodge was claimed by new tenants. Unfortunately, the key isn’t here, but you will find Margie McClintock’s Holotape. The lodge is large and shaped like the letter Z, stretched out on a north-south axis. ERROR: Check-out service unreachable. The Wendigo Cave is something of a maze, and filled with Mirelurks. To: Part of Sunny Top Ski Lanes, this building was the base lodge for the ski slopes. They've had their hungry eyes on the place ever since they went strict cannibal. [2], The resort had multiple questionable business practices including encouraging unskilled skiers to learn by practice, declaring "What's the worst that could happen? *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. The safe at the top of North Kanawha lookout is locked. Basement level, near the staircase to the foyer. Around the bend, near the staircase leading to the foyer, is a power armor station with a random power armor spawn. Head behind the reception desk on Sunnytop Ski Lanes and you will find the key hanging on the wall. I don't know how much more of this I can take, honestly. In the basement, next to a raider corpse between an. Keep a safe distance from David as he is armed with a shotgun. Now use the keycard reader inside to open the cache, completing Key to the Past in the process. In the following months/years, the group preyed on travelers and worked in conjunction with the cultist group at the Palace of the Winding Path[7]. On the back veranda, on a patio table beside the curved stone wall with a view to the east. There is a walkway that goes around the property, leading into a number of guest rooms as well as to the ski lift station. On the rusting human cages with the skeleton draped on them, on the green tin roof porch of the side (southeast) building, on the southwest exterior side of that building (access via the smashed window from bedroom #6). Spotting and disarming traps will not only let you avoid getting damaged, but will also net you some XP! Sunnytop Ski Lanes Room 6 Key. SUBJ: Backups Guests can request a later check-out time 24 hours in advance for a reduced fee. FROM: Check Out All Story Quest List & Walkthrough! Keep your eyes on the floor and watch your step to avoid the traps! Once you climb up to the highest point, you might notice a locked safe too. SUBJ: Margie? With all five key fragments in your possession, your next task is to return them to Rose at Top of the World. From the mine, head southeast across the Savage Divide to the Devil’s Backbone, located due east of Huntersville. Make sure you are well-equipped before going here! I mean, all the other rooms’ keys are used, but the Room 6’s key can be seen hanging behind the reception desk. When you arrive, head through the main entrance and search a dresser to find the Palace Admin Password. Now all of it is derelict, surrounded by traces of raider presence. SUBJ: Gone??? - Guests who depart their suite in an unkempt state will be subject to a mandatory housekeeping gratuity. What's the worst that could happen? The resort featured four ski lanes: Massey's Tumble (Green circle), Good Times (Blue Square), Friendly Hills (Blue Square), and Champion (Black Diamond). Another magazine spawn can be found by the northwestern end of the building, with a bobblehead spawn on the opposite side. He's the only one who knows what it is now. Your first objective is to trek out to Blackwater Mine to check a terminal. Note: Accessing this command unlocks the floor safe. With this, you can access a Holotape Duplication Terminal located on the floor below. Make sure you don't veer off the cliffside on this thrilling intermediate-to-expert trail! By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. An easy way to get there is to fast travel to Greg’s Mine Supply and travel northeast. Fortunately, when you arrive, you’ll find David battling some Feral Ghouls so try and keep out of it initially; let David take as much damage as you can from the Ghouls before you engage and take him down, as he can be quite dangerous. You will need to get a kick many doors and collect a lot of stuff to unlock everything this huge game has to offer. It is time for you to inhabit the room and find its secrets. I mean, all the other rooms’ keys are used, but the Room 6’s key can be seen hanging behind the reception desk. Fortunately, this is the last quest that you need to complete for Rose before you finish The Missing Link, following Signal Strength and Flavors of Mayhem. In Margie's room is her terminal, a bobblehead, a locked safe, and Margie McClintock's Holotape. A functioning guest terminal can be found in room #2. Beware, however! I know she says not to worry, but... we lost track of the Blackwater Bandits a while back, then the Trappers... and of course whatever happened at the Palace of the Winding Path... Well, I'm getting worried that whoever or whatever it is will come for us next. Trademarks belong to their respective owners. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. To cap off the mismanagement of the resort, the water feed line to the snow-making machines was "mixed-up" with the sewage disposal line, resulting in a banning of all ski slope usage until "the snow color reverts to white"[6]. It was friggen spooky, man. The Diehards Key Fragment has, unfortunately, been destroyed. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Your first objective is to trek out to Blackwater Mine to check a terminal. The central building is flanked by the main gate and courtyard in the west (with several intact vehicles and lots of open spaces for fighting) and the rear deck, which once provided guests with access to the slopes and luxury amenities. The main building contains guest r… If you follow the train track from Top of the World, the site is near the end, southeast of the Palace of the Winding Path. FROM: The central part of the upper floor overlooks the foyer and contains minor loot scattered around the lounge. To: She's been lying to you, Vince! Then search for information on Rosalynn Jeffries at the Charleston Capitol Building and finally go to the basement of the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort to … Fortune favors the bold! On the opposite end are the rooms used by the raider leaders. No location theme keyword variable specified - check the infobox! "; requiring guests to tidy their suite prior to departure at the cost of a "mandatory housekeeping gratuity"; and requiring guests to self-check-out prior to 8:30AM using the in-room terminals before returning the room key to the front desk, also at the cost of additional administrative and check-out fees[3]. The reception desk is staffed by a petrified corpse. Return to Rose so that she can produce a "master key" from those key fragments. FROM: They don't call him the Trapper for nothing! This will help bring down the Wendigo's HP while you are running around trying to avoid its attacks! We all hate the Principal. Fight your way through the super mutants to reach the objective room inside. SUBJ: The Palace You can find the key behind the chained door in the office building of the National Isolated Radio Array. Even if it increases your thirst and hunger, it will help protect you from the Wendigo's attacks. Both rooms have chained doors that lead to the exterior of the building and eventually around to the ski lift station at the back. It is locked and requires Hacker level 1. Failure to do so results in an additional administrative fee. Defy death itself as you fly down our signature Black Diamond trail. They would have left a much bigger mess. Check out this guide for a full walkthrough of the Key to the Past Quest from Fallout 76, including gameplay tips, guides, & more! This is handy for when you are in a low health situation when fighting the Wendigo. It's for their protection, if something ever happens to us. It is locked and requires Picklock level 2. The "Massey's Tumble" ski lane at the resort is a reference to level designer Steve Massey. Do you think they finally actually transcended or some bullshit like that? Following the Great War, Margie McClintock and her raider group, the Diehards, took over the resort as their base of operations.

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