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We're once again not sure what we'll talk about next week, so feel free to give us some suggestions in the comments. To the east, Christian kingdoms like Theodoro, Trebizond, Imereti and Circassia can make good vassals or easy target for a naval invasion (assuming your Adriatic conquests) to try and encircle the Ottomans. The Revolutionary Empire is a slightly more conservative form of government with a single ruler ruling with reference a chamber of deputies. Administrative-Quantity: Provincial Taxation System, Great Qing idea 7: The Ten Great Campaigns, Kiwi idea 6: Rejecting the Australia Constitution, Lotharingian idea 2: Glory of Charlemagne, Vermont idea 1: Home of the American Revolution, Veronese idea 4: Civil Blood and Civil Hands, Aragonese idea 7: Protect the Little Folk, Ayyubid idea 3: Righteousness of the Faith, Carib idea 3: Resistance towards the Pailanti'po, Chachapoyan idea 1: Warriors of the Clouds, Great Yuan idea 2: A Savage Kingdom Holy and Enchanted, Herzegovinian idea 3: Stjepan's Rebellion, Imerina idea 2: The Twelve Sampys of Imerina, Luban idea 4: Encourage the Kasala Tradition, Medri Bahri idea 5: Independent Traditions, Neapolitan idea 4: Crush the Power of the Barons, Perugian idea 6: The War of the Eight Saints, Timurid idea 2: The Mantle of the Great Khan, Trebizondian idea 5: The Lessons of the Fourth Crusade, Religious-Quantity: Field priests and Soldier's prayer books, Russian idea 7: Broaden the curriculum of the Cadet Corps, Bavarian idea 6: Found a Professional Army, British idea 5: Reform of Commission Buying, Brunswicker idea 7: The Black Brunswickers, Burgundian idea 4: Reform of the Feudal Army, Candarid idea 5: Legacy of the Candar Corps, Deccani idea 5: Modernize the Sarf-e-Khas, Great Ming idea 2: Revive the Three Grand Divisions, Hessian idea 5: Modernization of the Hessian Army, Holy Roman idea 6: Adopting the Goosestep, Irish idea 7: Nationalized Gallowglass Septs, Icelandic idea 5: The Men of Fire and Ice, Kongo idea 7: Defend Against the Colonists, Mewari idea 7: Reorganized Rajput Regiments, Mughal idea 1: The Jagir and Mansabdari Systems, Münster idea 5: Soldiers of the Imperial Armies, Pacific Northwest idea 1: Great Whale Hunts, Punjabi idea 7: Reforming the Punjabi Army, Rigan idea 7: Restore the Brothers of the Sword, Sardinian idea 7: The Order of Saint Maurice, Vijayanagar idea 7: An Army for the City of Victory, Economic-Quality: Weapon Quality Standards, Sardinian-Piedmontese idea 4: Royal Sardinian Army, Dalmatian idea 5: Dalmatian Independent Army, Italian (cU) idea 2: The Tradition of the Legion, Brazilian idea 4: Halting Foreign Incursions, Chickasaw idea 2: Spartans of the Lower Mississippi, Deccani Sultanate idea 4: Purchase Habshis, Dithmarscher idea 1: Resistance to Feudalism, Interlacustrine idea 6: Unity of the Clans, Jaunpuri idea 7: Modernization of the Army, Teutonic idea 3: Adjust our Infantry Tactics, Innovative-Quality: Modern Firearm Techniques, Horde idea 2: Traditions of the Great Khan, Mongolian idea 1: Ghostly Horses of the Plain, Transoxianian idea 1: Mawarannahr, the land Beyond the River, Bharathi idea 1: Modernized War Elephant Tactics, Chernihiv idea 2: Field Cossack Regiments, Manchu idea 5: Link with the Mongol Dynasty, Maratha idea 1: Tradition of Military Service, Shirvani idea 3: Tribesmen of the Caucasus, Transylvanian idea 1: Unio Trium Nationum, Franconian idea 4: Free Imperial Knights of Franconia, Gujarati Princedom idea 1: Kathiawari Horses, Aristocratic-Espionage: Noble Loyalty Act, Bharathi idea 7: Develop Rocket Technology, Portuguese idea 7: Royal Academy of Fortification, Artillery and Drawing, Bengal Sultanate idea 5: Conquest of the Gangetic Plain, Rassid idea 6: Like Salt Dissolves in Water, Pacific Northwest idea 5: Legacy of Raven, Innovative-Offensive: Modern Siege Weapons, Quality-Exploration: Superior Supply Systems, Horde idea 1: The Life of a Steppe Warrior, Mongolian idea 3: The Life of a Steppe Warrior, Oirat idea 2: The Life of a Steppe Warrior, Burmese idea 6: Organized Military Campaigns, Clanricarde idea 5: To Hell or to Connacht, Venetian idea 7: Found the provveditori ai beni inculti, Bosnian idea 7: Over the Hills and Through the Woods, Nubian idea 3: Warriors of the Sahara Desert, Romanian idea 3: Scorch the Lands and Poison the Wells, Sinhalese idea 7: Sinhalese Guerrilla Warfare. It also provides a higher chance of getting land leaders with a high fire/shock/maneuver/siege value. No. Access to special interactions with its Daimyo vassals, May reform through various outcomes of the “, Only available to Buddhist, Dharmic, Muslim or Animist nations in the, There are three ways to get this government form, all requiring to first be a “. The Ottoman Government is in many ways synonymous with the royal household. Attrition stacks additively. The most popular disciples of Islam in this foreign land have always been the Sufis. Moreover we must demand cash payments of all our subjects at all times and offer lighter taxes when needed to encourage local economy. I'm not sure about if they're on transports, but going to war with your troops in any other territory will black flag them, even if the ally is in the war. In many ways allying ourselves with the clergy would offer an efficient and very strong cadre of administrators. I don't know why I'm black flagged. These are the men who’ve seen the horrors of war and fought alongside their countrymen to preserve and advance the Revolution, and these men should be the ones to rule us. Morale recovery affects how long an army will take to recover to full morale after it was lost in a battle or by changing the maintenance slider. Archived. The clergy already possess many of the skills we look for in administrators. The base cost and time of a regiment depends on its type; this is then adjusted by any modifiers, in particular any buildings the province might have. The ruler reigns until death. Banners have +5% discipline -- they can still be drilled -- and can be cavalry or infantry. Expanding further into rich Venetian territory in Northern Italy can turn Hungary into a trade and naval powerhouse. In this way the political and geographic realities can shape the level of direct control from the center. Potential requirements. As Tsar of all the Russias our ruler is the true overlord of the Eastern Slavic Peoples. Bulgaria is a particularly good one (released from bordering Ottoman land), since it lies in the middle of Balkan territory and has a core creation cost bonus. Let us do away with the Black Army and instead let the reliable armies of the realm fight for us. Our vast colonial territories must have a central administration that reports directly to the Crown. They are displayed with a green background in the army view. This is computed off the regular recruitment cost, not the mercenary recruitment cost. I feel I messed up taking quantity ideas early on. This cost can be influenced by the army maintenance slider of the economy interface.

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