epdm roof coating reviews

I am very pleased with the results, and will share my experience. Once cured, it can resist algae and mildew. (screen The coating is also 100% white and shiny while also providing a nice rubbery feel. At this point this is heating up and could have been avoided had they never tried to keep my money. The breeze will catch the fine strings and carry them to adjacent surfaces. I get a call on Tuesday from Mr [redacted] who starts into me about the Revdex.com complaintHe tells me my VP of IT says you clicked the send or order button twice and I tell him that is not trueI tell him that I have the one and only receipt from your company for completed order still on my screen on my tabletThis happened after trying to place the order the first time and adding your year warranty that there was no way to opt outI simply closed the browser completely and re-logged into my account I created in the session prior to this and ordered what I wanted minus your warrantyI then after making the purchase get a receipt and think everything is okay until I catch over $in charges from EPDM on my statement Mr [redacted] clearly stated that your website was doing this by design for the ease of customers ordering so they don't have to fill it back in againIt is predatory tactics and your website looks like it is possibly either a fake or terribly designed because your main page is bigger than any device I view it on so your calculation page is half way showing upThis made me believe that the website could be hacked or you purposely did not tell me to see just how long you could get away with over charging meAlso I found information online from your reviews also complain about billing and warranty denials for the year warranty you offerWith a simple search engine search using your address in Shelton, CT So I have not slandered your companyI am simply telling my experience and it is my right to report the experience and terrible customer service based off of my very own 1st experience with EPDM coatingsYou can threaten all you wantFurthermore I am going to report you to the [redacted] Attorney General's office for your website practices based on my experienceThe very first time I went to EPDM's website back in January and you notified me of my cart still being full hours after I shut my browser and the mysterious double order you say I clicked onI will pull my IP address logs, phone records, and my receipt generated from your website, my credit card statement and all of the supporting evidence and be ready for your next move I suggest you learn to give the proper customer service and hire a competent web developer and seriously look into giving people a way to opt out of the year mess once they click okay and find out how much the increase isYou only show the price after you chose it with the order and there is nothing you can do to get out of itI tried to empty cart and start over and it kept adding it to the new order no matter how many times I tried in the same sessionThis is completely deceptive in nature and it is not a customer asset but as we all see a huge customer nuisance Had you reached out by email on say Feb 2nd or 3rd and said hey there is an issue with billing we are working to correct it this would have all been avoidedI do not have [redacted] so I am not sure why you included themI did file Revdex.com, Yelp, Linked In, and Google which were all found through a search engine using your company and addressYou can simply delete linked in adds and comments go awayI can't remove the comments on Linked in as it is not designed that wayI will inform Revdex.com that you have my money back today on the 11th like I told Mr [redacted] I am requesting you pick up your product as well because I do not want to deal with your establishment based on my terrible experienceI will go through [redacted] to have this fixed if you chose not to comply and come and get your products from my front porchIf anyone asks me what I have been through you can bet I will tell them the truth of what happened so that they do not have this kind of negative experience, I am not making my story up as it happened and there is no way for you to weasel around itYou have no email nor phone records to show that you made any attempt to contact me at all over the money you should have returned immediately once you saw the mistake no matter who's fault it is, so you did this all by yourself by deciding to not reach out whether it is because you intentionally meant to keep the money or your gross negligenceEither way it sure looks bad from my side of things and I am or was a potential customerBecause of this I will just pay to have the roof replaced as I have no faith in any of your claims about its durability if your accounting practices and customer service issues are what they are based on what I have experienced Sincerely, [redacted] *Phone logs*: Feb 11:33am ###-###-####Feb 9:43am calls to ###-###-####Feb 10:25am callsFeb 11:46AM callsFeb 1:53PM call from ###-###-#### Mr [redacted] *Here is copy of receipt [redacted] ------ Original message------ From: [redacted] Date: Mon, Feb 8, 10:AM To: [redacted] Cc: Subject:Re: EPDMCoatings Order # [redacted] Shipped [redacted] # [redacted] Here is email they sent from when I first just went to their website built order and decided to think on it a little more and do research On Tuesday, January 26, 3:PM, " [redacted] " < [redacted] > wrote: Dear [redacted] , You attempted to submit an order; however, it was not accepted by our systemThis may have occurred due to a variety of reasons; a poor internet connection or issue with an internet service providerPlease contact our office at ###-###-#### and dial ext for the sales department and we will be more than happy handle the issue personally If you feel you made an error in entering your credit card you can also go directly to the order form [redacted] and enter the e-mail and phone number you used and it will bring up the address and order info you have entered Thank you, Client Support EPDM Coatings Online System *System generated email [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted], this has already been taken care of customer has called my 1st experience with EPDM coatings. it will take 24 to 48 hours to show back up. They've used pond-liner roof in Ireland for 50 years now and they're still fine. It’s also imperative you understand that these coatings tend to stand up better against pooling water than the other two types. Plus, this coating’s one of the most inexpensive products on this list, which means it should shoot straight to the top of a bargain buyer list. Find out more about how to choose the best RV wax and best RV caulks with our reviews and ratings. It doesn’t matter whether its cold or hot this aspect of this coating will hold up perfectly. Rubber is a popular material for the RV roof. What more could you ask for in an RV roof coating? But even with this select group, three brands stand out a little bit more: Dicor, Kool Seal Total Coatings, and Rubberseal. You see it provides high-quality performance at reasonable rates, which is beneficial quality for whoever ends up buying it. informs me or even addresses the issue until I contact you 7 days later. And since you want your RVing experience to be relaxing, don’t bring unneeded stress into life with a roof coating with a difficult using process. The first step, in this case, is to clean the roof thoroughly. But some people don’t enjoy using Amazon due to a variety of reasons. It’s always a reassuring experience when you encounter a product with an enormous amount of positive experience. And for this reason, this product deserves a spot on our list. They popped and left little pits in the coating. However, we must mention that this coating has a thinner texture than most of the other brands on this list. My biggest frustration is the price it cost and how little I could actually use. As others have stated, it’s pricey but a lot cheaper than a full roof replacement. I am simply telling my experience and it is my It is known for sticking well to the surface where you plan to seal.   We’d love to help you in any way we can! The vast majority of EPDM roofs are black, but the homeowner should be aware that EPDM can also come with a white coating that can aid in heat reflection and thereby reduce energy costs. Usually, this is accomplished by reflecting the sun’s rays and insulating the roof from the heat. One of the primary functions of this roof coating is to offer protection to your RV roof for years. Staff at EPDM Coatings,My 29, RV had a couple leaks, at the front where the aluminum and rubber roof came together under a molding, and under the radio antenna. Liquid EPDM requires specialized installers – be sure to get with your local contractor for more information. We even replaced portions of the sky light and sealed around it many times. Sincerely, You can expect this coating to be effective against water damage as well given its waterproof capabilities, which is always a plus. One of the plenty of good things about this product is its guaranteed compatibility with different kinds of roofing material. Once your coating has too many cracks, it will cease to form a protective layer, and you’ll have to start all over. With that, it can help properly secure all the things and features found in your roof. *Phone logs*: I recaulked everything I could and even removed and resealed the front seam entirely. The prep time takes longer then the coating of the roof. I’d have to do some serious thinking before buying it. If not, then you should avoid it altogether. Liquid EPDM Rubber. Sticking to a budget will also help you avoid wasting time browsing products you can’t afford. 1st attempt to credit failed by customers credit card 2nd attempt In other words, it has multiple purposes where it can offer aid with its high-quality performance. the roof replaced as I have no faith in any of your claims about its my browser and the mysterious double order you say I clicked on. Once you see their potential, you’ll wonder why you didn’t coat your roof sooner. This versatility ensures you’ll get the most out of this product that you can. Where can I get that much plastic to cover my RV. starts into me about the Revdex.com complaint. How the roof coating will function is also dependent on the specific type you have chosen. Rubberseal Liquid RV Roof Waterproofing and Protective Coating, 10. It has a goal of protecting and beautifying the fiberglass material used in your roof. In this case, there’s no reason to worry as there are numerous other options available. It does so by lessening the transfer of heat into the roof. Expect it to not become brittle nor hard too fast. Due to bad planning on my part, I had to do mine during the middle of a 90 degree Alabama summer day. your company and address. Another reason I like EPDM rubber is that you don’t have to put it on more than once. Reply Reply to All Forward MoreHere is my reply. Other than this flaw, there isn’t a single problem with this coating, and that’s pretty remarkable given the various flaws that tend to plague these products. You see Camping World sometimes has sales, which render their prices lower than Amazon and could give you a better bargain. You have to apply this liquid roof RV coating on the area. Please If you are in search of a high-quality, liquid roof coating, then this product will not disappoint. And it can provide these results thanks to a set of features that I find truly appealing. It’s essential we mention this product is useful in other situations as well. Attached are the before and after pictures. But never compromise on quality and always purchase a particularly designed product for RVs e.g., RV Roof Magic.

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