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They’re sure that either Jonny drowned the kitten or Taylor didn’t know how to take care of it. SRUTHI: Oh wait wait wait. I keep getting sidetracked there are so many people here. This is a drama in three acts involving the Latvian chess (former) Grandmaster Igors Rausis. SUNNY: Oh, that was a mess. That’s him... SRUTHI: She's walking around, opening all her enclosures, which turn out to hold these like strange and delightful animals. She’s staying at some house with her boyfriend Jonny and we know nobody has been able to reach her all day. Alex meets a scientist who has built a tool meant to do the impossible -- measure the world's overall happiness and sadness. Oh my God. He has some rolls. SRUTHI: They tell Taylor’s mom, look, if we find her, we’ll call you. JENNIFER: Say hi. For example, many pre-colonial peoples of the Philippines believed that one had to go through a voyage on …, On Sunday, October 6th, the TFAL crew had the opportunity to be a part of the Beatrock Music 10-Year Anniversary Festival held at the Bootleg Theater in Historic Filipinotown. He didn’t tweet or post it or anything. Matt Lieber is driving with the windows down and the music up. Snake Discovery on YouTube has a frankly ridiculous number of snakes but she uses them for educational shows and breeds them for others to avoid people buying wild caught snakes. SRUTHI: Where where? TAYLOR VIDEO: I bought a $2,200 ball python. SRUTHI: [alarm sound] Hmmm where are the Taylor fans? They’re probably all hoarding animals. Vote for your favorite reply all episodes - we'll run the winners in August. Do you miss the local Filipino restaurant or store that no longer exists? And in all of this, Taylor is nowhere to be seen. Everyone has their own thing. SRUTHI: A big room with hotel carpeting and colored strobe lights. While the passing of these doggos are devastating for the couple, they thankfully still have four Pomeranian babies to care for: Drama, Da Vinci, Diva, and Delicious. Listen as we reminisce about some of TFAL’s greatest moments, and, of course, playback some of our bloopers that never made it on air. That’s - Sorry I just freaked out. SRUTHI: Do you feel like you have any time like at this point to just kind of like be in equilibrium. EMZOTIC: To say that she was feeling sick. ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place. Episode 103 – On Filipino American Nationalism(s) with Vicente Rafael, Episode 102: Coffee Talk with Joseph Zoleta of Black 6 Coffee Trading Co, Episode 101: Pag-ibig – TFAL talks Romance Novels with Tif Marcelo, Mia Hopkins, Maida Malby, and Sarah Smith, Episode 99 – Weaving Filipino Cultures and Communities: A Conversation with Anthill Fabric Gallery, Episode 98 – Filipino Funerals, Spirits, and the Afterlife, Episode 97 – TFAL Game Show 2: Live at Beatrock’s 10th Anniversary, Episode 96 – Human Trafficking: A Conversation with Damayan and Mairi Nunag, Episode 95 – Filipino American Gangs, Part 2: Law Enforcement, Episode 94 – Filipino Americans in Wrestling and Comics: A TFAL & PNGpodcast crossover with Scott Lost, Episode 93 – The Murder of Joseph Ileto: 20 Years Later, Lakas Filipino Martial Arts Podcast Episode 20: Guro Jay Jasper Pugao – The Movement, Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation. Is the difference, like, when you’re making a video, it’s an internal monologue almost? FAN: She has like these pain issues and like other stuff. We make a concrete plan. But like–. SRUTHI: For a long time, the posts on Guru Gossip are relatively tame. We were mixed by Rick Kwan and Bobby Lord. We’re all required to practice social distancing. VLOGGER: I feel like this vlog is such a mess, because like we’re everywhere, we’re walking so many places. TYLER VIDEO: Hey, what's up you guys, I’m going to show you guys all of my pets–. Which is fine, she’s going to make it for her next event, the 2pm meet and greet. He is first and foremost a student in herpetology, both formally and in his pastime. Basically, you sit in your chair, and you wait your turn to go up and have a moment with your creator. This week, Sruthi wanted to thank Devon Guinn, our former intern who did a ton of work on this story. We went out down to the bar, they were all closed. However, even if you can provide for the animals, you may still be giving them the minimum of needed attention. SRUTHI: So if you don't mind I'll just check in, maybe in a week or two and [TAYLOR: Definitely.] I'm sitting on my bed right now. TAYLOR: David? SRUTHI: We just sat there for a while, waiting to see if Taylor would call or return our text messages. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Catherine Martin They don’t have names yet or anything. And I totally relate because I miss school a lot because I have chronic migraines. SRUTHI: At the time I spoke to Taylor, she was twenty years old, she lived with her parents. I’m mentally trying to prep myself to go back in the room. I’m like, really? Community dedicated to discussing eccentric people who voluntarily make fools of themselves. I hope the pain of his passing can one day turn to fond memories of your time together ❤️. TAYLOR VIDEO: Hey guys, what’s up. I was about to go inside and meet Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, the incredible Filipino Martial Artist that had captivated my attention over the last several months on YouTube. I think it took him a good 8-10 minutes to get out of that lobby ‘cause it started a whole mob around him. So he tours, he does music, but when he’s not touring, he doesn’t leave the house unless like we’re both going somewhere. EMZOTIC VIDEO: Hey guys, it's Em. SRUTHI: Taylor’s still dealing with a long line of fans, and after what feels like several hours, I go up and say, hello. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/carlonavarro/support, Dance off! Mulan September 4, 2020. I just I couldn’t get to school. She would sprain her ankle just walking around her house. Official Sites …, Photo by Charles Collyer While at San Diego Comic Con this year Elaine and Producer Mike were lucky enough to speak with Scott Lost, former professional wrestler turned comic book artist. It…, When we began our podcast journey several folks reached out to us about covering the multiracial Filipino experience. | Just in June, Star and Schwandt also lost their nine-year-old dog Diamond, with a special video dedicated to her loss. Its ten o'clock in the morning. There’s a bunch of tables set up at the front, just side by side, for the creators – they’re going to stand there. I could not figure out, I was like hello hello? Obtaining news has quickly evolved over the years. SRUTHI: At this point, we basically know two things. But then you keep on getting more animals. YES. EMZOTIC: And I don’t know after that what happened. Oh my god…. We reminisce about our abilities (or inabilities) to follow a dance routine, our love for dancing, and of course, Pilipino Cultural Nights (PCNs…, In 1932, Celine Navarro, a young Filipina American, was buried alive and murdered by other Filipinos just outside of Stockton, California. SRUTHI: I think it’s a very like claustrophobic–. VLOGGER: Alright guys, so we just got to Playlist Live. And you can see people here just freaking in anticipation. Do We Need Them? It's pretty much my only furniture that's really my own in my bedroom. In this edition of Hilaw Pa, the crew comes up with new ideas that every Filipino American …, Many Filipinos and Filipino Americans tend to identify as such without question or sense of history of how these categories emerge historically. I had no idea there was even more drama in the Pettube world, but I guess I’m not surprised. I don’t know what the YouTube version of that is... [fading down]. Fil-Grad. So, this one’s the boy. To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. Instead, I meet one of her fans, this 15-year-old girl named Margaret, who is explaining to me why she has flown all the way from New York just to meet Taylor Nicole Dean. TAYLOR: Okay, one second. She tells her fans, meet me at the hotel driveway, 8pm. ... ↳ YTMD - YouTube Momma Drama. I’m going to be like... JENNIFER:  I can’t even believe it. I was just about to cite the episode they did about beauty YouTube. And he just texted me that he’s at the bar. In this episode the TFAL crew talks about their experiences with hiking, fishing, camping, and nature.

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