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If your child is ready for their first cell phone, but you don't want them to have a smartphone yet, have them try out the BLU Z5-GSM. The 2.4-inch display clearly shows text and icons for easy menu navigation; it also allows you to play the classic Snake game that Nokia phones are known for. Looking forward to going s! Of course, the most ubiquitous of the lot is the smartphone: the item upon which this smart revolution was founded. The only problem with this durability is that all the ports on the phone are covered by thick caps which can be slightly difficult to budge making it a bit annoying when you just want to plug some headphones in or connect your charger. Either way, it's a bold choice to attempt something that no one else seems to have the nerve for. Basic phones: Phones that aren't smartphones, or feature phones. I have had some old / cheap phones where the MP3s sounded terrible. how much should what should I expect, I already don't use social media I just want to look at my phone less. The whole thing feels very 2008 – not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just quite a step up from the original 3310. How much you’ll get out of the basic phone experience will depend on how much you care for all those elements of your fancy phones. The only thing you’ll need to do to get the phone set up is plug in a Nano SIM card card. Even so, there are a few compelling reasons to consider the new 8110. No. That'd be a heck of a conversation. The 1.8-inch display clearly shows menus, caller ID, and text messages without being too crowded or clunky. So if this is your dumbphone of choice, why buy it at all? You can also supplement the phone's internal storage with a microSD card up to 32GB to store all your favorite photos and songs. It’s a simple flip phone with big buttons that are easy to read. In terms of basic phones, the B30 is almost as basic as they come. May have trouble connecting to your cellular network. Snake! "Easy-to-use menus and large, durable keys are perfect for those looking for a simple phone. There are also shortcut buttons that might be helpful for elderly users who are unfamiliar with mobile phones. The dull navy blue of the original has been replaced with glossy neon red and yellow designs (or more muted black and grey if you’re feeling serious). Ultimately, if you’re buying a Cat phone, you’re buying it for the durability and the B35 pulls that off with aplomb. Check out our guide for ways to make your cell phone battery last longer. Oh the joy! As for the keypad, it's almost a carbon-copy of the original – so, yes, you press the ‘7’ key four times to get an ‘s’ when texting. Along with the great battery, this basic phone has a two-megapixel camera, a built-in FM radio, and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s just an extra step than is really necessary and irritating as a result. The Plum A105RED basic cell phone is built specifically for Whatsapp users, having a dedicated button for quick and easy access to the app. You can’t turn the torch on with the phone in sleep mode, and you can’t open it when you’ve got an app open. By virtue of it being a simple phone, there isn’t a huge amount left to talk about with the Doro. The Nokia 3310 was my first ever phone, a hand-me-down from my older brother when he got a Motorola Razr. You’ll have no camera, no music, no internet, no GPS, no games, no social media. It’s probably the purest expression of a dumbphone, a real throwback to the days of the original Nokias. On the other hand, my Luddite father (and many other people his age) who still doesn’t know why he pays for a data connection on his phone has been crying out for this for years. Unfortunately I couldn't get hold of one of these to test it. It’s just as rugged as the B35 (albeit, not as waterproof) put smaller. All of this works well and exactly as you’d expect it to, but it does rather beg the question: what is the point of this phone? You can also supplement the phone's internal storage with a microSD card up to 32GB to store all your favorite photos and songs. You can also load a microSD card to play your music through the phone. I’d love to have a phone that did connect to a online podcast service of some sort, but I’m sure I can sync them with my laptop or something. It’s a silly device, an attention seeker; pull it out of your pocket and it’s sure to become the centre of attention. You could talk to someone for a full 32 hours before the 3310 runs out of juice. Taylor Clemons is a tech writer who has written for IndieHangover, GameSkinny, and Steam Shovelers. Is it a dealbreaker? You turn it on and off with a long press on the direction pad. Essentially, the B30 is a pared down version of the B35. The U181 works on any 2G network that runs on the T-Mobile grid. Not only does this basic cell phone let you talk and text your friends and family, but it also has a built-in MP3 player, GPS function, and Bluetooth connectivity for headsets and external speakers. It does have a headphone jack too which is helpful. If you like the concept but you’re looking for something a tiny bit smarter, Light Phone’s second iteration is planned to launch in 2019. A number of Verizon dumb phones have vz navigator, but they are all 3G, and those towers are going bye bye. Then you’ve got to wait for the prompt to disappear before you can actually do any of this. The best phones in this category cost so little not because they skimp on the basics, but because they're very selective about which features they include (and which they omit). As a torch, it works absolutely fine, the trouble comes with the way of accessing it. For those who work in an industrial setting or simply find themselves out and about in the great outdoors a lot, that ruggedness could definitely come in handy. ", "Everything about this phone has been designed specifically for senior users. After raising over £320,000 in a 2015 Kickstarter campaign, the Light Phone has become something of a legend in the dumbphone hall of fame. Battery Life: 22 hours talk time, 744 hours standby time Camera: 2 MP Weight: 79 grams The Nokia 3310 is the gold standard when it comes to dumb phones. But like so many class clowns, it’s also a lot smarter than it wants anyone to know. The Key2 LE is fabulous to type on ... and the sound chip is really well done on both of these phones. The GPS is integrated and this makes it easy to connect with VA Navigator of Verizon. A simple phone made for seniors, the Doro 6620 is very easy to understand by design. This is an updated version of the classic Nokia phone, and it’s a great buy.You get a torch and a camera, as well as a full-colour 2.4-inch display, and nice big number pad buttons. Its rechargeable battery gives you over six hours of talk time, and it can last up to 27 days between charges with minimal use. Press ‘X’ to hang up. All the Verizon dumbphones you can buy on their site are 4G currently, since they are doing away with the older towers. Obviously you’re not looking at anything close to the quality of the latest products, but they’ll suffice if you just want a quick snapshot. Not compatible with Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T. It does have WhatsApp though, but other reviewers have said it is terrible to type with, so you might want to just cross your fingers that WhatsApp ends up coming to the 8110. The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, The remake of the Nokia 3310 ushered in a wave of 'dumbphones' aimed at simplifying the increasingly complex world of mobile phones, The new Nokia 3310s are bolder and brighter than ever with a range of cool colours to choose from, The Light Phone was a concept originally shared on Kickstarter where it raised 200 per cent of its original funding target, The original 8110 was colloquially known as the 'banana phone' and this remake leans into that heritage with a bold yellow design, The original Nokia 8110 was made famous by its appearance in The Matrix, The Alba Flip Mobile is simple and easy to understand even for the most technophobic users, The Cat B35 is a seriously rugged phone which should easily survive anything you can put it through, The B30 is a pared down version of the B35, but it's probably the purest expression of what a basic phone should be, Light 2 is currently funding on Indiegogo, The best weighted blankets for a soothing night's sleep, The best WiFi extenders to boost your internet signal, The best garden strimmers to keep your lawn neat and tidy, The best smart bulbs to light up your life, The best secateurs for pruning your garden, The best juicers for fresh fruits and vegetables, The best portable BBQs for grilling on the go, The best saucepan sets for stovetop cooking, The best kids smart watch for parents to buy. Does it take away a bit of that throwback feeling? There’s also a headphone jack, which is great but might make the phone a little less dust proof than the original. July 11, 2018 Facebook; ... A 2-megapixel phone … Then you’re good to go. The battery is good although it pales in comparison to the Nokia 3310’s. You read that right: 31 days. It’s probably also helpful for those who are wont to lose their devices frequently. Alba are a brand designed for those who struggle with conventional mobile phones, either through technophobia or because of visual impairments. It’s technically no worse than the camera on the B35, but given the B30 has a much smaller screen, the pictures look much worse. You should get about a week and a half from a single charge (depending on usage, obviously.) The A1 has a convenient SOS calling feature to rapid dial up to five contacts in case of an emergency, and the phone can store your personal and medical information to make it easier for EMT and ER personnel to help. Read on for our curated list of the best basic cell phones. If you're specifically shopping for a great, accessible phone for seniors, consider the Prime A1 from Easyfone, with its easy to use interface and excellent volume. The original version was known as the ‘banana phone’ on account of its slightly convex spine. Here you’ll find the buttons are big and everything is as uncomplicated as it possibly can be. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. If you want to use the torch while you’re watching YouTube, for example, you’d have to wake the phone, go back to the home screen, turn on the torch, then navigate back to YouTube. Aside from that, everything is as you’d expect. Best Dumb Phone 2020. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. In terms of software, there’s actually a surprising amount of functionality on offer. Again imagine if an iPhone was like that. Battery life is an essential factor to consider when choosing a cell phone to fit your needs. Tap those and press the triangle key to dial. People buy dumbphones because they want to go off grid, or they’re sick of the constant notifications, or because social media is getting too much. Those who want a phone that has good camera quality and call quality. For those looking for a basic phone to keep them away from the temptation of social media and internet browsing, this would be absolutely perfect. Ultimately, the new Nokia 8110 can do a lot. There is an online app where you can set up to nine speed dial contacts which are accessed by with a long press on the corresponding button. I don’t need need any features to the MP3 player - it just needs to be simple and easy to interface with, have good storage (64gb or more ideally). Nokia 3310 (Candy Bar) This device is the gold standard when it comes to dumb phones. When the camera is this bad quality and the pictures look even worse, why bother at all? Arguably my favourite feature was a little dock which came with the device. You actually have to open it and then press a button. These are actually smartphones but you can disable a lot of the built in smart features... plus they have real keyboards. There’s also two sim card slots, if you’re the type who wants to have multiple numbers for one phone. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. I also question the inclusion of a camera. Which "smart" features can you disable on the Key2 LE?

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