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Louie didn't know what they were doing, and he didn't want to know. Before he could asked how she knew, she revealed that she follows them sometimes to see what the real world is like. Dewey would even leave the house, something that some of the adults didn't necessarily feel right doing. "Perhaps we should make another viral post." I don't really have anything else to say...um...I don't own anything….so there's that...I'm so awkward. Louie yelled angrily as Dewey yelled back. Dewey asked excitedly as he fiddled with the camera he brought along. It hurt to say. Della shouted out in horror as Louie hit the floor, not able to catch him in time. Still no pulse. Louie, come on!" "Louie!" Dewey stated, "but how are we gonna get down there?". Nick said as everyone laughed. He hadn't cried since the funeral. No one expected it. Suddenly Dewey something. A flash of green. "Ah-ha! Leaving this small oasis, this place where he could imagine that Huey was alive, terrified him. Louie was gone. "Let me go! For the first few days, people tried to get him out of bed. He went to the corner of the room where the temporary baby things were and got a new diaper. It was more like an orchestra, with each stage of grief playing at once, so loud that no one could think. They accepted that and asked if he wanted to sleep in Dewey's room with them, but he declined. But Dewey wasn't crying and Louie was never going to believe things could be okay. "Can we see a different movie?" Louie looked at him and sighed. What if something happened to Dewey? The bullies don’t physically hurt him, but they mentally hurt him. Suddenly a fallen branch in the water hit him in the back of the head knocking the air out of him and knocking him unconscious. Dewey yelled, fighting against his slightly older brother. The thumping was getting louder. Dewey and Louie were in shock. Webby said trying to open Louie's eyes to the big picture. Maybe one day he would be again. After you've saved earth from aliens you might think you can do anything, face anyone. Louie looked down at the ground as Webby lifted his head back up. Louie started yelling. Louie wouldn't say it to anyone, but he believed the world would be a much brighter place if they could see red instead of green, and he imagined his only brother felt the same. In this chapter, I don't write much about Scrooge either. "Definitely not spying on you." Huey, Dewey, and Noah ran after him. Huey was the first to start hopping across the rocks, then Dewey and finally Louie got on, just as Bigfoot reached them. "Look, if you need help with something, your brothers are here for you." "Hey fag, our post got over 1,000 likes!" He closed his eyes and held onto his hands. In a forest just on the outskirts of Mcduck manor three triplet ducklings walked. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Two chest compressions, check for a pulse. In the morning he would feel sick with wondering. "Already on it," Huey responded as he flipped through the pages frantically while running, trying not to trip over fallen branches and rocks along the way. "Guys, I was thinking we could all go to the movies tonight." Louie lost all control he had. Louie started begging him not to do it. "I already told them I broke up with Lucky." It was dead quiet, when suddenly from behind them the triplets heard what can only be described as loud screeching noise. Huey called to his youngest brother. He went to grab it but found the dark was pushing him down. "I think I see one!" Not just because of his character but because I'm the youngest in my family too and I feel like I can relate to him. "And why's that Louis!?" But hard wasn't impossible, and Ducks don't back down. At one point, Louie and Dewey, exhausted from emotion, fell asleep and Della and Donald tucked them into bed. "I don't really like that comment." He saw the look on his brothers' faces. Bigfoot came to screeching halt when he saw the water. Read A/N. Before he did that, Webby stopped him. Dewey was about to reach the end and Louie was halfway through. When the bell rang, they all got in the limo and went to the movies. Louie ran out of the movies, and out into the rain. The last thing he saw before he hit the water were his brothers looks of terror. "Does that mean you're gonna kill yourself now?" He opened his mouth to say something but instead ended up coughing up water. Everything seemed to be in slow motion for Louie. "Did you have to bring that along?" "So are we," Donald said, putting a hand on Della's shoulder. Louie was surprised that Webby knew that. Louie so far is my favorite character. "Tell them why, please." When solving mysteries and rewriting history had stopped being a game. He didn't know how to help anyone. Huey had so many notes in the back, and Dewey would look through them and not cry. Louie just walked away. "I only have one question that I want to ask, but I'd rather not say it out loud. "Huey! "No Dewey! "Louie! "Well Nick and Mason have been calling me horrible names since we came to this school!" Can you please just, I don't know, read my mind or something and answer my question, please." "I can't just tell them!" How to Mourn: Don't. "They're going to be okay," she whispered, half to herself and half to Donald. Webby said as she rubbed Louie's back. ducktales dewey louie webby huey ducktales2017 deweyduck louieduck hueyduck scrooge debbigail scroogemcduck webbyvanderquack donaldduck delladuck donald launchpad lena disney duck 1.1K Stories Sort by: Hot "Oh baby, how bad does it hurt? Whatever it was was getting closer. "Oh man! Nothing did and his question was left in answered. Anyways I'm gonna go now, bye guys! "Louie!" Louie then started thinking that Dewey invited, which he clearly did. There was a heartbeat! Huey had been 11-years-old. Eventually, people stopped expecting him to move, after all, they had their own grief to bear. "Guys be quiet!" A/n: Done, and I'm not writing another chapter so don't ask me too! He was okay. The two brothers yelled before their little brother was swallowed by the currents. Your review has been posted. He couldn't hold his breath much longer. Dewey pulled his brother back to shore and laid him down a the ground. "No! The two then slowly scaled down the side of the cliff. "Uh-oh! It doesn't help if you don't say something." Huey reached the other side of the river first. Louie coughed,his body trying to get the remaining water out of his lungs. Next thing he knew the current was pulling him under and whisking him away. Noah asked waiting for Louie to respond. Huey said running over, his brothers following. "Louie, don't say that… Things are going to be okay again, I promise.". Deathtales is exactly what it sounds like. Their heads shot up. He looked around frantically. This shared, cathartic breakdown hadn't healed all wounds and time wouldn't either. He opened his mouth to say something but instead ended up coughing up water. They were writing something down on a piece of paper and they walked into the movie that they were about to see. "Compliments of Dewey's new friends." If anyone asked, which they wouldn't dare, Dewey was "coping" better. Louie read the sign in his head. Louie was almost in tears. This book will contain: uncomfortable situations not suitable for all audiences I will put warnings when needed. Della was going insane. Dewey looked at Huey with a shocked expression. Then Della climbed up to the top bunk and made the bed, setting Huey's hat on the pillow. Webby said as she grabbed his wrist. When they reached the bottom the two hastily untied themselves and ran over towards the water. Not even Huey knew that Louie was gay. It's about death. "No… No Louie. "Living is too hard," Louie sobbed, crying into her jacket. Dewey ran over, tears stinging his eyes, joining the hug. We can't control that. "Face each new sun with eyes clear and true, unafraid of the unknown, because I face it all with you…" Della sang softly, trying to offer Louie any comfort and strength she had left. "Knock it off Dewey," He commanded as he wrapped his arms around Dewey and tried to pull him away. He added an entry to the back of the guidebook. "BECAUSE I'M GAY DEWFORD!" Scrooge forced himself out into the world, forced himself to tend to his business as best as he could, forced himself to check in on his family. Every time he closed his eyes Louie saw his brother's feathers stained with blood, brains spilling from the hole put in Huey's head. The three fell silent and listened to what sounded like a thumping sound. Louie said pathetically. Louie wearily opened his eyes. We don't control that, baby. The last thing he saw before he hit the water were his brothers looks of terror. "I'm telling them tonight, but don't say anything." There were a lot of people who hated Scrooge McDuck. "Yes, I did… It should have been me… It always should have been me… Huey was going to be important and I'm just a fraud..." Neither of them heard the footsteps, Donald and Dewey alerted to the commotion by Della's scream. A little story to explore character reactions if the main characters were to die in a nice one at a time AU style. Your review has been posted. Huey cried out, his tears making his vision blurry. He heard the words come out of his mouth and immediately shut it. Louie tries to ignore it, but sticks and stones aren’t the only thing that can hurt you. We all love you and we don't want you beating yourself up over who lives and dies. We're obviously going to go through all of the triplets one at a time, starting with Huey, we might not do anyone else in the family, and I might not write Webby's reactions to the deaths because... Because I don't write Webby, that much, I guess? I hope you enjoy the angst, but if you don't, that's okay. "Come Louie please be okay! "If you do our homework for the whole year, then maybe we'll think about it." The next day, Louie went to his first period and noticed everybody laughing at him. "What they went through was so much worse than what I'm going through. Please join us?". However they couldn't see their brother. "Well I am offended Dewford!" Please!" Huey took off his backpack and pulled over two ropes. He yelled before slapping the duck. Louie yelled as Dewey got angry. Huey would have appreciated that observation and metaphor. Bigfoot was already mad, but what made him even madder was the fact that his prey got away. He seemed to be coping but his life was without purpose, without adventure or joy. They don't mean any of that stuff, you shouldn't even be offended!" Dewey whispered harshly, "Do you hear that?". So she felt terribly isolated, angry at the world that took her son away, angry that the family that remained had been irreparably damaged. "Oh no...nononononono! Louie rather not go, but he wanted to spend a little bit of time with his brothers after what happened that morning. He didn't even get a chance to take a breath before he was pulled under again. "They're probably just messing with you. Louie gets bullied by a couple of guys during his first day of school.

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