dr andonuts rage dialogue

Mad Dummy during the fight. You start out by fighting Dr. Andonuts's defenseless Id. Gender if you want to even hope to get through this game. Dr. Andonuts blames himself for the deaths of his wife and the Chosen Four. "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Dr. Andonuts delivers one to Varik before the final battle, claiming that Varik is not a hero and that he should leave the doctor alone. For a much Lighter and Softer EarthBound Halloween hack alternative, see Hallow's End. transform into a giant axe and swing itself at you, arguably the most uniquely fitting battle theme in the game. Kinda boring with only genocide path. * And the only thing you'll hear is the sound of silence. Megalo for him: OBLITERATED (original). When Ness and friends appear to be trapped in the Cave of the Past's appearance in the present, the third version of the Phase Distorter appears with Dr. Andonuts, Apple Kid, and another Mr. Saturn who helped them complete the machine quickly. * tl;dr He seems to regain some of his intelligence after killing him; as he calls himself pathetic, says that Varik reminds him of his son's friend, but still has most of the rudeness; saying that he's going to beat the shit out of you if you ever meet him again (although, in very broken up dialogue as he's struggling to stay alive, he doesn't even finish his sentence). Recurring Riff: Twoson in the fall. This is based off Toby Fox's halloween hack. He had told Porky in a hushed voice that it should not be used just yet, but now Porky can only live inside the capsule for all eternity. This is based off Toby Fox's halloween hack. If you actually manage to make it all the way to the Peaceful Rest Valley entrance, you'll find it blocked by a rock with an angry note from Brick Road. the chosen four never returned from the past in this timeline, The narrator engages in non-stop, game-ending laughing if you die to Dr. Andonuts at the end of the game, the same ones who were transported to the alternate timeline, who have somehow figured out a way to bridge the gap and attempt to help Dr. Andonuts back to sanity? Affiliations After that, he … However, Porky starts laughing and completely ignores his statements. his stats suck, and he's honestly scared of the undead monsters. BUT THEN A, you die, where the narrator says this before trapping you in the game over screen endlessly, you copy him by using a mechanic completely unnecessary in the original game: changing equipment mid-battle. The most infamous being his "PSI Bitchkill" (Starstorm) attack (which deals instant KO damage but the player is kept alive because of the rolling HP system in Earthbound). Varik returns to the lab and finds Dr. Andonuts dead inside his machine. but the Chosen Four didn't return since they were sent to a timeline created when Giygas was killed in the past. automatically defeat the other two "NO! This is easily one of the most disturbing EarthBound hacks to come out... well, ever, really. A mental construct of Dr. Andonuts in said museum claims he is proud of killing the Chosen Four. Dr. Andonuts, as if he would appear in Earthbound 64. Unknown, "tl;dr - eat shit, faggots" – Dr. Andonuts. The game is using his name from the English SNES version. Okay. Varik enters Dr. Andonuts's mind and discovers the reasoning behind his insanity. He has red shoes and black glasses/shades. There's also a major difference between when you. He has purple skin (whether that is because of the flame surrounding him is up to debate), pink-ish hair (counting his mustache), and wears a pink-ish labcoat. Themes That, and Varik was implied to have died, too. Sprites Please download one of our supported browsers. They also serve as a mini-boss in Waterfall. Dr. Andonuts then asks Ness if he has seen a meteorite recently, and regardless of Ness's response (although Dr. Andonuts will make a comment about waiting for a meteorite to fall from the sky if Ness says "No"), Dr. Andonuts will realize that the Phase Distorter needs Zexonyte, which he can synthesize from a piece of the meteorite that fell in northern Onett to operate. After that, he starts spewing swears and insults at the main characters.[1]. Dr. Andonuts also asks Jeff if he wants a donut.

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