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Hey JW, did you know Tico Moralas??? Ben ” Barry” Kramer is in the Terre Haute, In. [1], After school, he worked as a physical education teacher for a time until he accepted a job at his father-in-law's southern New Jersey construction business which was booming thanks to demand from returning World War II veterans. The type of guy that one would say ” sooner or later, that guy will run into somebody who ain’t gonna take it nicely ” and obviosly, he did. And it was here, at 4:05 p.m. last Tuesday, that he was fatally shot by a gunman who had hailed his white Mercedes car in the middle of the street. Another Sunday, Don called to tell me that the boat was parked next to Fun Fair on the 79th Street Causeway. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) GA…keep thinking two decades way back before Bush, LOL, Its been a pleasure, good luck and stay safe. Roberts sold product to one of my partners up in NMB. Later to be The President. There has to me some piece of evidence that can be tested now that there is forensics. Frank is dead and so is Wayne Bock I believe but there must be a few that know about what happened. He was located with credible information not bullshit. Brownie’s Bites: Million Dollar Outboard Boat? You dont have to live in Fla. After working as a gym teacher in the Bronx and serving in the Merchant Marine, he got started in the construction business. Way back before Bush. I may be pulling stuff up decades before Blue Thunder but Aronow, and for that matter Ben, could of very well known more than some very powerful people were comfortable with. in the past. To - Missing Him: I am over it now. Hey Cig, I have run 2 Poker Runs out of Richmond, Va. Big local Offshore goings on there.Just Goggle. You can marinate on that for awhile. Testified Iran/Contra…. Others raced in the Kentucky Derby. Thank you. Seems a little too convenient. says: Wow - I never read comments but these read like a story ready to be written. Go back to where you came from. Waited 2 to 3 days in Hollywood for his arrival. I’m pretty sure i could dig this stuff up again if i had to. Someone asked about the “Jayne Gang?”  Uea, I knew a few Jaynes, the first one I met was George. It was nice reading the posts from the people who served time with him, im sure you guys will never forget him. He had loaned it to Frank Schweihs for several weeks, (Frank was known for using cars belonging to other people). You know what i mean. she gave the signed copy of “speed kills” I believe he is telling the truth. Could be why Bobby is dead. Senior Editor Kevin Koenig spoke to those who knew him best, the key players of Thunderboat Row. Charlie McCarthy has his ideas. in a way I hope ben gets out and does not die in stir…he is a smart man and vastly clever, and whatever he may have done in the past he deserves respect. And I answered, “yes Frank I know”. They choked on it and went teets up. MM. In the 80’s, It seems like a lot of folks ended up in the car business, real estate business or Harley Davidson dealers. But I do have one question??? The truth is that Bobby always did pride himself as not being a rat which makes me believe Kramer is full of crap: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/03/23/1544290/dismissal-of-conviction-sought.html. He’s rotted in prison since ‘91. [CDATA[ If you cut it to close to the sea wall headed for Bear Cut you’re done. I went to school with Aronow and Cary. says: Robert “Bobby” S. Young died today, March 31, 2009 in custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons at 1:30 PM. Madman, I hear what your saying…..Interestingly enough, Pat claimed he was being ripped off and I know for fact that he was. says: Actually, I did not mean it in that context, though, it is about someone he called katdancer. One of my first customers was a tall, handsome, well tanned gentleman named Don Aronow. That said, I would always favor the Cig over the Apache for pure looks and legacy. His name was mentioned during the investigation early on. And are you in contact with anyone from back in the day? Lillian Aronow, Donald’s wife, offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of his killers, but little of use surfaced. You mentioned KB and the guy in TN who has the initial GW. Whoever pulled Don’s card is probably Passed on or in “Lazy Days Lodge”. Over now, but the memories remain. No Name He purchased boats from Thomas in the 1980’s? TF. He just rubbed elbows with the bigger thugs and got away with it up to a point. Thanks to those that are sharing the stories, great reading. Too many people on this page that I know…  Lots of players and people that really know the answers. Don wanted to be involved in the boat business, offshore racing, or anything that was different from being a builder in New Joisy. The flame arrestor rod pierced his back two or three inches. Part of that tape was played in court but not the whole thing. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) document.getElementById('eeEncEmail_EZa8qpr9tY').innerHTML = output; RED WTF!!! The problem with this theory is that Aronow's murder does not resemble a professional hit job. ", Added Theodoli, the present owner of Magnum: "He was a hard-nosed guy. DON ARONOW HAD IT ALL. The business got very ugly shortly after we got out. He also denied knowing another associate of Findlin’s and again, this was pure bullshit. He had left a week later, after I took care of him. And that was their goal, the rest is window dressing. The story was also the basis for the 2009 documentary film Thunder Man: The Don Aronow Story and the 2018 movie Speed Kills with John Travolta. I believe were nothing more than publicity for Bush. Well, if Don Able is still around it would be interesting to get his take on the ol’ Aronow story.

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