cz 455 25 moa base

This thing is solid. Minh Nguyen The picatinny rail section of this base is MIL-SPEC 1913 compliant. great product. Also, highly impressed with the bolt knob I was able to add for $15. Not really much to say about the base in terms of a range test, except that the gun shot well (and it was way windier that day at the range than I would prefer for .22LR shooting). For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Very good fit and finish. This helps on higher powered scopes when coupled with the smaller stocks that are normal on a rimfire. Anyway, fit very snug on my CZ455 Varmint. Thanks for making such a great piece of kit for precision work. Area 419 is trying to address the needs of those shooting the .22LR CZ 455 to 200 yards and beyond, and the growing need for equipment to facilitate participation in the .22LR precision rifle formats (e.g. There are 4 clamp screws that clamp the sides. They all work, but this one is a step above in quality. So the biggest selling point of the Area 419 CZ 455 scope base is the side clamping design, and the base is clamped via four 2.5mm socket hex screws. Murray Thompson These folks are very responsive to questions and issues. (verified owner) – October 29, 2018, This base is exactly what I hoped it would be. Bases will come Type III black hardcoat anodized and will come with the necessary wrench for torquing the clamp screws. If so, our premium stainless steel or titanium scope mounts offer slopes up to 30 MOA, and do so with style. Our rail comes in a 30MOA cant as it is meant for guys pushing their 22LRs out to 300+ yards. Fantastic base for this gun. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We also added real estate to the front of the rail to allow you to move your optic forward. Do you need a CZ 455 scope mount with greater MOA to get out past 150 yards? The install is quite simple. This is not ideal for many reasons. CZ 452, CZ 455, CZ 457, CZ 512 & CZ 200 MOUNT 2-PIECE | 1" $150.00. Mounted quickly and easily. Easy to install, looks great on my rifle and does everything I hoped it would. There is no way this rail could be better. The simple dovetail/set screw bases work for some people but we weren’t happy. Shipping is at light speed also. Kevin Y In Stock . Torque Specs: 25 in/lbs Dovetail: 11mm (measures .437" across top of dovetail) Product Details . Bases will come Type III black hardcoat anodized and will come with the necessary 2.5mm wrench for torquing the clamp screws. Following the success of our CZ455 scope base, and the release of the new CZ457, we knew we had to provide a true custom base for this great line of rifles. This scope base is designed to be attached to any CZ-457 Action. The rail is slid onto the 11mm dovetail of the receiver, and set screws are tightened from the top / 12 o’clock position and into the top of the receiver. CZ 452, CZ 455, CZ 457, CZ 512 & CZ 200 MOUNT 2-PIECE | 30mm . Area419 customer service is also awesome and shipped the same day. The tolerances were spot on…slid on with minimal pressure and no play. From now on, I will be getting these bolt knobs when I can for guns I own. (verified owner) – May 6, 2020. (verified owner) – January 14, 2019. 1/4" to the top of the dovetail Free Shipping to U.S. locations Shipping to International … 300 yd shots are easily doped with my Vortex Razor. Fully recommend! This is is great product at a great price. (verified owner) – September 27, 2019. Rock solid and doesn’t mark up the dovetail. Masterpiece Arms BA Competition Chassis (R700 SA), Area 419 Hellfire Action – by Defiance Machine, Remington 700 Short Action Improved Scope Rail (ISR-SA). Make sure to watch out for even more CZ upgrades from 419 in the future! I like the new base setup a lot! Rail weaver for CZ 455 25MOA. Precision Rifle Project Series: American Rifle Company Mausingfield, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), I recently acquired a CZ 455 Varmint Tacticool Suppressor-Ready, Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56mm MRAD, Seekins Precision 34mm tube ‘high’ (1.0″ tall) rings, Metalcloak HD Steering System for Jeep Wrangler JK, Bore Sighting: Don't Bother With Laser Bore Sighting Tools, SK Long Range Match Rimfire Ammunition Review, Brownells (Not a Ruger) 10/22 Takedown Rifle Project, 55gr 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington Ammunition Comparison, Precision Rifle Project Series: Vudoo Gun Works V-22, Bullet Choices for Precision Rifle: Slow and Heavy versus Fast and Light, Rifle Shooting with a Tripod and Really Right Stuff Equipment, Mini-Review: BCMGUNFIGHTER KAG-KM (Kinesthetic Angled Grip - KeyMod), Click here to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Following the success of our CZ455 scope base, and the release of the new CZ457, we knew we had to provide a true custom base for this great line of rifles. (verified owner) – September 10, 2018. At first, I got it just to differentiate my gun from my little brother. © 2018 MasterPiece Arms Holding CompanyAll Rights Reserved. Furthermore, the price of the Area 419 CZ 455 scope base is lower than the cost of the Murphy Precision. (verified owner) – July 1, 2020. Once torqued it was rock solid! This helps on higher powered scopes when coupled with the smaller stocks that are normal on a rimfire. – December 1, 2018. Darryl You must log in or register to reply here. makes an extended length and shorter version for the CZ, in 25 MOA, flat, and in left handed versions - all in 3/8 or 11MM dovetail applications. Have tried several bases for my CZ455 and this is my favorite by far. Looking forward to the new CZ457 and plan on buying one for it. These bases are a work of art. Went on slick and easy, rock solid, and I even waited the 24 hours for the loctite to set up. I use this 30 MOA rail on my custom CZ 455 for the NRL 22 Precision Rifle League. Also, Area 419 is now offering the CZ 455 Scope Base in 15MOA and 30MOA configurations, but no other options (e.g. Add to basket . Needless to say they are in the trash now. It will also be available in a 15MOA configuration. Picatinny cross slots run the full length of the rail, which gives the shooter flexibility when mounting scope rings and other accessories. tight fit, snug, rock solid. Talley Rimfire Rings for CZ Scope Mount 4.6 out of 5 stars 117. The machining and finishing is beautiful and the product superbly functional. The third issue I mentioned in my show-and-tell article of the CZ 455 is that the dual rows of set screws requires careful and gradual tightening of each side in order to get the rail to be level with the receiver, and not canted to one side. Installation is simple. Add to basket . My rings mated up perfectly to the rail, cant ask for more! Reuse or reproduction is prohibited without prior arrangements. You can use threadlocker, of course. $52.99. Rated 5 out of 5. somiracle1122 (verified owner) – September 10, 2018. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. There is a single set screw on the top of the Base. For more on Area 419, visit their website at http://www.area419.com/. Wish it didn’t have the silver pin in the back to limit forward travel. I use this 30 MOA rail on my custom CZ 455 for the NRL 22 Precision Rifle League. Current production rails do not have an opening down the middle of the rail, it is solid. Recommended torque spec: 22 in/lb (2.5 NM). Instead of throwing my trusty Weaver T36 back on this rifle, I decided to take the Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56mm MRAD off my Remington 700 ATAICS (.308) and put it on this rifle. To start the thread off, anyone whom has read my previous meanderings is familiar with my use of MOA sloped or 1 piece picatinny style bases and when compared to other similiar base manufacturer's in the same price range or less, the D.I.P. Love this rail on my 455. (verified owner) – February 3, 2020. This thing is excellent. But I also plan on doing some modifications to my .308 Remington 700 ATAICS, so the gun will have some downtime, anyway (more on this in a future article). I looked at a number of bases for a 453, 455, and 457. would buy again. But coincidentally, after I placed my order with Murphy Precision, I stumbled across a social media post by Area 419 (most well known for their HELLFIRE muzzle brake, which I am a huge fan of) announcing the pending release of their CZ 455 scope rail / base. We added real estate to the front of the rail to allow you to move your optic forward. This is suited for the rimfire that needs an extended rail. There are 4 clamp screws that clamp the sides. I believe this rail is far superior to the competition in almost every aspect. This will fit any CZ457 Action. The more common rings like Seekins Precision / Vortex, American Rifle Company, and Spuhr. JavaScript is disabled. While the initial run did not have any cant options, Area 419 did indicate on social media that they made some of the bases in a ‘short’ configuration with one less Picatinny slot, so I requested the short base. Area 419 CZ 455 scope Base 5. © 1999-2020 ocabj.net All Rights Reserved. Like the design. BTW, the customer service is awesome. SKU: CZ457Rail Categories: Cool Misc. This base is a little taller than the popular set-screw models (our rail adds a total of about 1/2″ of height to the dovetail) but by using lower height rings/mounts you should be able to retain a similar over bore height and maintain a good cheek weld without any riser. At $100, it is actually less expensive than some of the existing set screw design CZ 455 scope bases. Click here to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking. short rail vs long rail). The CZ 455 has an 11mm dovetail on the receiver, but I wanted to use Picatinny mounted rings, since I have pre-existing scope rings that I could use on this rifle. Accessories, CZ457/455 Accessories. Totally Outstanding! As an Amazon Associate, this site earns from qualifying purchases. The material is flared out in the area to provide optimum viewing when in the prone position without much movement if any. After I saw the Area 419 product, I decided to place a pre-order for their initial run of the CZ 455 scope base, and it arrived the Monday after Thanksgiving. Rail weaver for CZ 457 | 25MOA. Thoroughly pleased with the quality of this DIP product. Two piece mount for CZ 452, CZ 455, CZ 457, CZ 512 & CZ 200 with tube diameter of 30mm. There is a single set screw on the top of the Base. Jonathan Ocab, Shooter: Cameras and Firearms. Just received my area419 scope base and bolt knob for my new cz457 percision trainer awesome made products the fit and finish looks like factory Installed plus the shipping was fast got it in 3 days I will be buying more stuff really soon thanks Area419 one more thing I was disappointed I did not receive any stickers with my order they could have just forgot to put them in the box, Perfect fit and finish. One is that the set screws do have the tendency to back out. somiracle1122 Amazon.com: Area 419 CZ 457 Scope Base 15 MOA: Sports & Outdoors Skip to main content ... Evolution Gun Works HD CZ 452, 453, 455, 511 For 11mm Picatinny Rail Mount 0 MOA 4.9 out of 5 stars 24. The CZ455 Scope Base was superb and good. You just can’t beat the Area 419 bases. Have only sighted the gun in at 50 yards. Convert the stock dovetail to a standard Picatinny scope mount with *25MOA built into the rail and extends about 2 slots past the front of the receiver. Our scope mounts are proudly made here in America on our state of the art CNC equipment.

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