costco tv warranty accidental damage

Hey all. And the answer is to just tape a new screen on? Amazingly, Costco does not specify a specific time window for you to bring back food items. It should be noted that this excludes touchscreen tablets. Rather-Be-Shopping.com. They actually provide a Concierge Service that you call to get free technical support. Return policy is 90 days. See Also: 10 Things To Know Before Using Costco Optical. Learn More. Repair guys replace a bunch of parts. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet in December 2018. If they claim it was physically damaged, get them to prove it. $300 sign up bonus for no fee banking account with Innovation Credit Union (not Quebec), [B&H Photo Video] So I figured it would be really good info to pass along. Plum Member Holiday Shopping Event 20% OFF [30% PLUM PLUS] (Nov 5-8 & 12-15) [EMAIL INVITE ONLY] - 20% off $75 ONLINE. The same concierge service is standing by to help you with this warranty. © Copyright 2000 - 2020. 2 year warranty as well. If your kid broke the TV, how can you think of claiming warranty with Costco? But if you buy your TV from Costco, you automatically get a 2-year warranty. After that you’ll need to attempt to get them repaired or replaced on your own dime. Again, the warranty is a flat 2 years on these appliances. According to a Costco rep, eyeglasses and contacts bought at the warehouse fall under their 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. So now we’re waiting again for new replacement parts (hopefully not busted). It would also be smart to buy your next projector from Costco as it comes with a 2-year warranty. All Rights Reserved. Discussion. Get Email Offers. Talk to Costco. buy now. Not only does Costco have a great return policy, but the in-house Costco warranty is pretty darn good as well. Ask the Reader: Have you ever taken advantage of the Costco warranty? Warranty Period (Accidental Damage is included only if indicated in Your Warranty Contract Summary Order). RedFlagDeals for iOS and Android makes it easy to stay on top of the latest Canadian deals, flyers and freebies from wherever you are! Join the conversation with thousands of savvy shoppers in Canada’s largest online forum. Hi, do the cordless phones sold at Costco have extended insurance if I used my Citi Costco card? I would have been better off paying a higher premium for the product with a more reputable retailer that specializes in electronics. Extended Warranty. Not sure why you’d buy a new TV from anywhere else. Hold on — I have some double-sided tape that I bought FROM COSTCO. Three months later, the screen is PEELING OFF of the television. We tried all the tricks in the book, to no avail. Accidental Damage TV Warranty? They demand we try to repair anyway (mind you, this TV has already been repaired once). Display posts from previous: All postsLast dayLast 7 daysLast 2 weeksLast monthLast 3 months6 MonthsLast year, Sort by AuthorPost time Photo Centre. Not sure what happend but i suspect my 4 year old son trough something at it. Here’s How Costco Prices Stack Up. Costco Concierge. 5 total years of protection starting at $29 99. Business Centre. There’s a reason your auto insurance “totals” the car. So, the item stopped working, accidental, water damage - I file a claim. SquareTrade warranties for TV's and laptops are different. The most disappointing part of all this? Costco’s service sucks, and I’ve always been such a huge fan. You have no clue what happened based on what you have said. AscendingDescending, Powered by phpBB ® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Copyright © 2000 – 2020 RedFlagDeals.com. When u say talk to costco, u mean go see them with the tv or call them? You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I want to purchase the 3 year accidental squaretrade plan, but have a question about how long I would be covered for. And quite frankly, this is like the car that suffered a front-end collision with a brick wall. This goes for almost all of the products listed below. I didn't see anything other than it needs to be purchased within 30 days. The Costco Warranty: All The Products They Stand Behind (and For How Long), Are Costco Tires Cheaper? Food Court. Here’s exactly how it works and what products at Costco come with a special warranty that far exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty. How do I get these replaced. This feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you specify. Pharmacy. Home automation, NOVO (HiFi) Magazine, Google Trusted Photographer, electric vehicles. Skip to Main Content . See Also: Guess Who Makes Costco Batteries? I still have a very favorable opinion of their warehouse return policies, but the major appliances support is very lacking. When you buy your hearing aids at Costco their warranty is a little different than most. All food items, both perishable and non-perishable, fall under Costco’s liberal warranty policy. Or i just take the loss? protect your tv. You can see where the point of impact was where it kind of spiderwebs out. No way that's liquid damage or a faulty TV. I’ve had this card for a couple years and had NO idea about this extra 2 years. I would advise against buying major appliances from Costco if their warranty is a major consideration. When i came back home today, i found it like the picture attached. Administrator means SquareTrade Inc., 575 Market Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco, California 94105, Toll free: 1-877-WARRANTY (1-877-927-7268), … No supervisor available. It would also be smart to buy your next projector from Costco as it comes with a 2-year warranty. I have a 20-month old laptop with a malfunctioning keyboard. This warranty only protects you from manufacturer defects and not accidental damage. DEFINITIONS: The words and phrases defined below have the same meaning wherever they appear in bold in these Terms and Conditions: 1. The only “edible” items that don’t qualify for this warranty are alcohol and cigarettes. This warranty protects you from accidental damage like drops and spills on top of manufacturer defects. Protect your device. Learn how your comment data is processed. Projectors. This feature lets you determine how good a deal you are getting on toilet paper purchases. It was a battle, but we got it replaced. I should probably blame Samsung for that. You'd end up with 5 years of warranty (manufacturer and electrical failure) if you purchase the drops and spill protection for the computer and paid with your Costco Citi Visa card. Should i go to costco and ask for an exchange? 5 total years of protection. After calling and explaining my case literally SEVEN different times to different reps over almost 3 weeks with zero call back or follow up, I get to a "manager". But, the representative off their website's response completely contradicts the "stack on" notion that would result in 7 years. I agree, 3 year warranty that covers accidental damage for $61 with tax for me is a killer deal. Although GeekSquad is great and easily accessible, their 3 year warranty was $250+ I have the same 16.1" Pavilion. I had a TV that cracked on its own. Tire Centre. Costco tv warranty. Nothing hit it, ever. Grrrr! If the case & glass are unbroken, one wonders what a 4-year-old could have done? Thanjs. Stand behind the products you bring into the warehouse, and the warranties and service you sell. This TV should be “totaled.” It’s been sitting on our wall literally peeled open and exposed to dust, debris, and dander for two months. Costco sells Interstate Batteries and stands behind them with a pretty solid warranty.

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