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Dorothy is Greg's great aunt who always kisses him on the lips. Rodrick is infamous for his stereotypical rebellious nature, feigning illness in Rodrick Rules so as to be allowed to remain at home to throw a chaotic house party during his parents' absence, only for the evidence to appear in newly developed photographs that are discovered by the boys' parents just after Thanksgiving. She is a very rude little girl and is first seen at the end of the opening scene in Rodrick Rules in which during her birthday party at the roller rink, Rodrick embarrasses Greg, prompting Greg to try and tackle him, but he misses and face-plants in Taylor's birthday cake, destroying it. Virtually oblivious to Greg's existence or identity (Greg stops trying to impress her after she mistakes him for Fregley), she appears to take an interest in Rowley's sweetness, judging by an enthusiastic message which she had signed in his yearbook (as opposed to the note that she had written for the envious Greg). Loretta is Greg's great-aunt and the sister of Grandpa, Arthur, and Reba. More than 1,800 voted at the polling site. Greg is his favorite. Grandpa is Greg's unpredictable paternal grandfather, who is asked to babysit Rodrick and his brother in Rodrick Rules. Motivated by his lust for revenge, he volunteers to play a tree in the school's upcoming production of "The Wizard of Oz"after viewing the movie adaption for the first time. He died as a suicide bomber in the 3rd “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book. She is the youngest daughter of Mr. Hills and Mrs. Hills. He never has an actual conversation with anybody, but sometimes Greg tries to respond to him just in case he is trying to communicate. Meemaw is dead, while Peepaw is still alive. Chirag Gupta cofounded Deyor Camps with his partners Himanshu Agarwal and Gautam Yadav to meet the demands of the fragmented adventure travel market in India. Patty Farrell is a minor character who shares an intense rivalry with Greg, which is showcased on a few occasions. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. She is stubborn. All Rights Reserved. Taylor Pringle is a minor character who only appears in the films, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and does not appear in the books. Greg is amazed when he discovers that he has been given a textbook that used to belong to him. The Heffleys’ pet pig was introduced in The Long Haul, in which Manny Heffley won it at a country fair for correctly guessing the weight of a hog. Their belongings were there. He declares that he will never wear the headgear again irrespective of what Dr. Kagan says. Byron is Frank's cousin whom Greg is not excited to see[7] because, at Gammie's last family meeting, he was sent out to get milk, but hit a pothole halfway home, and got a flat tire. Greg believes that Joshie is for six-year-old girls, but Rowley ignores him, saying that Greg is jealous because he was the one who "discovered" Joshie. In the film series, Mr. Jefferson has not spoken until the third film, implying that he is a man of a few words. The relationship she shares with Greg and Rowley is emphasized and exaggerated in the film portrayals, to the extent it can be assumed that the feelings Greg has for her may be mutual. When Greg jumps, he loses his swimsuit on the board, and Taylor chucks it onto a nearby fence to get back at Greg for brushing her off. This resulted in him becoming a fine young man who works at the movie theater. She is depicted as being friendly and good-natured. ", the team takes a picture of Tyson's bent arm, which gets them disqualified as the chaperones think the picture is of his buttocks. Mrs. Jefferson is Rowley's mother. She also has Lego building bricks that Susan bought so that her kids had something to do at her house. 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Her parents are involved with the school board in this portrayal. In the books, Mr. Warren is Frank's boss. They have a lot of children, all of whom are male, with names beginning with the letter S. Five of the children's names are revealed, and they are (from oldest to youngest): Shawn, Shane, Sam, Scott, and Seth. Rodrick idolizes him and his lifestyle. When Greg gives Taylor a brush-off that he is not scared and that she would not understand since she is "just a little kid", she pressures him to jump. The smell was deviled eggs, which Greg hates and threw into one of their plant pots when he was having dinner at their house. 'Megamind' was not as successful as 'Despicable Me,' but the Will Ferrell/Brad Pitt/Tina Fey superhero toon was far more prescient in terms of superhero domination and toxic fan cultures. Greg later tells the whole school he ate the cheese instead of Rowley and she compliments and accepts him when she sees that Greg is learning the errors of his ways. The Heffleys indirectly met them during their road trip, though only Greg knows who they are. In The Third Wheel, Greg uses Great Uncle Bruce's old cologne on Valentine's Day, which ends up attracting some old ladies. Aunt Audra is one of Susan's sisters. Angie Steadman only appears as an additional character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film. Susan thinks Audra is wasting her money. Frank Heffley is Greg's overactive but well-meaning father. When they play a game of "Guess Who? A minor character in the books, but the main antagonist in the third film, Heather is only featured in several books as the object of Greg's unrequited infatuation. He bullies Greg a lot and pulls awful pranks that ruin Greg's and his family's life. Scotty is a first grader from Rowley's karate class. In the film, Greg and Rowley meet her under the bleachers during a game of "Gladiator". Dr. Kagan, Frank's dentist, makes his debut in The Ugly Truth. He also plays a considerably more prominent role in these films, appearing in adaptions of books in which he is absent or hardly mentioned. Sweetie is a dog that first appeared in Dog Days. Vista’s Strong Ammo Sales During Covid-19 Could Benefit From Biden-Harris, China Bans Travel From U.K., India And Other Countries With Higher Coronavirus Infection Rates, Season 4 Of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Stands To Benefit From Shooting Delays, Voting Conspiracy Groups On Facebook Threaten Violence After Trump Falsely Accuses Dems Of Stealing Election, Judge Says Trump Campaign Has ‘No Evidence’ To Support Georgia Mail-In Ballot Claims, Four Officers Charged In George Floyd’s Death Must Be Tried Together, Judge Rules, Cody Rhodes Name Change Could Lead To Him Once Again Competing For AEW World Title. [5] Frank is edgy around Rowley,[5] does not appreciate Greg's skill at video games, loathes heavy metal,[4] and adolescents. She and Loretta are identical twins. Once, they played throw and catch with a strong sharp piece of concrete. Yeah, thats why it says fictional character, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the comedyheaven community, Press J to jump to the feed. He will then sniff his rear end until he goes to sleep. She believes in crystal balls and took Greg along with her to see her fortuneteller a few times. To the annoyance of Greg, the pig exhibits extraordinary intelligence and gains human characteristics. Before she died, she accidentally put her ring in an Easter egg that was found by Greg at the end of the book. However, Greg does not see him as a close friend because he is "not a school-year friend". In the third film, Stan, the father of the family, is shown to be a neighbor of the Heffleys. Malcolm is the wilder. He is an antagonist in the first film. AS MANY as 70 cows and bulls died while 30 others fell ill at the Mata Mansa Devi Gaudham, Haryana’s state-of-the-art cattle pound located adjacent to Mansa Devi Temple in Panchkula on Wednesday. [4] Rowley claims that Greg had nothing to do with the comic strip in the first book, a rare antagonistic move from him. In The Third Wheel he comes to live with Greg's family after he discovers his job selling shirts in Boston was a ripoff. He is a character who is mentioned in Cabin Fever and The Third Wheel. Theres nothing there. He is played by Owen Fielding in the first three films and is played by Wyatt Walters in the Long Haul. She often seems to be concerned about Rowley, such as the time he broke his big toe after Greg put one of his dad's dumbbells under a pillow that Rowley kept kicking at Greg's sleepover.

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