breville coffee grinder problems

I am interested in receiving email messages to this A: If you notice lots of coffee below the lower burr that eventually stop ground coffee output, it is advisable to take your unit to a reputable Breville repair facility. Thankfully this failure mode is much less common; typically occurring if you got a rock or pebble jammed in the burrs during grinding. (READ MORE) Also, the paddle wheel may be damaged or irregularly shaped. Frustrating I know. After salivating over this Smart Grinder Pro for the last few months, I finally bought myself one for Giftmas. This usually only happens when you use the portafilter, as the ground container is a perfect fit. There is usually a replacement warranty that covers for such issues. Breville does everything with their users in mind, not only did they make this ergonomic grinder, they also made it simple for potential customers by summarising everything on the image below: Overall, I think the Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder is definitely one of the best coffee grinders within its price range. Q: My Breville Smart Grinder is making a loud noise, what can I do? Skipping that lid altogether and stowing it in a drawer solved the problem. For detailed test results see the bar graph at the end of this review. If the problem persists, the problem could be that the grinder is overheated. Comes With Lots Of Additional Accessories, Difficult To Clean Lower Burr Due To Access, Frequent Maintenance Required For Optimal Operation. Not uncommon I’m finding with grinders in several price ranges. When you want to reset the default volumes and the espresso water temperature of this device, simply press and hold the “program” button. Q: I have just recently purchased a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. You can get French Press but you have to adjust the burrs directly for more range. Use this brush to clean the outer burr and keep it free from particles. I'm stuck on this grinder because I love Breville appliances and the look of it, but if I can't even get it to do the basic function of grinding for a V60, I guess I need to look toward a Baratza or something else highly recommended. And the noise, mostly concentrated in the espresso range, lasts for about 4 seconds. I can't. Then, rinse it under the cold tap for five seconds. A: Amazon seems to have some of the lowest prices when it comes to Breville Smart Grinders. Here we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Here's a quick two minute overview of this replacement part. This guide will help you troubleshooting the most common cause of jamming with the BCG800XL (and BCG800) Smart Grinder from Breville. You can use a hair dryer to dry. With up to 60 intuitive grind settings, Breville’s programmable coffee grinders maximize the potential of any brew. If you have to remove the lower burr during cleaning, make sure you consult an authorized repair personnel, or a friend who is experienced with these types of repairs. A: This has nothing to do with anything being wrong with the machine. Went to a 50, no real difference. Although the machine has sensors, it’s still advisable to unplug it before you start cleaning. Cookies help us deliver our Services. With the machine unplugged, remove the bean hopper, get rid of any foreign bodies, and clean the chute and burr heads. The two methods require too different of a range of particle sizes, and I’d assume your Breville came calibrated for espresso. The machine encourages you to grind by the number of cups or shots you intend to brew, which is useful if you agree with Breville on how much ground coffee is best per cup or shot. So, if you do decide to use white rice in your espresso machine, do not use too much of it. Can you help? This coffee grinder looks sophisticated and come in 3 colors: silver, cranberry and black. Happy holidays, all. In most cases, this is due to improper maintenance. This home grinder comes with a range of extra accessories. The rest of the machine works. It sits underneath the steel burrs and receives the ground coffee. Another common cause of Breville Barista Express grinder problems is improper … Lift up the bean hopper. What is the problem? The Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder is an excellent grinder for coffee lovers who want enjoy a great cup of coffee at home. The coffee grinder is very easy to use; it comes with 25 grind settings, dosing adjustments, and an intuitive interface on its LCD screen. Best of luck with it though! There have been a lot of positive reviews about Breville Smart Grinder (BCG800XL), and you can read some of those reviews here on Amazon. This makes it easy to grind a precise amount to cater your specific tastes. It’s not normal for a new grinder to make crazy noises. What do you recommend? The grind got slightly coarser doing this, but not anywhere near coarse enough to use in a French press. I’m getting another today, and hope this one works better. This will stop the operation. If you tend to use darker roasts, you need to be especially careful when you make another grind, as the oil in darker roasts can cause your coffee machine to clog a lot faster. Thank you, Andrew - Q: I can’t seem to lock the bean hopper into position. The belt could be the problem. Try re-locking the bean hopper. If your coffee maker is not working, check out this Breville coffee maker troubleshooting guide. Once setup, the grinder can automatically prepare up to 12 shots of coffee based on your preference. All Rights Reserved. Particle-Size Uniformity and Grounds Retention. However, here are some additional tips that could prove useful to prevent further grinder problems and make your espresso machine as effective as it can be. Laser diffraction particle size analysis performed by our friends at Horiba Instruments confirmed that of the four grinders we tested for this report, the Smart Grinder Pro, at a variety of settings, generates the highest percentage of grounds within an optimal range of particle size. A: The Rancilio Siliva espresso machine is a classic espresso machine for those looking for a great machine for their home, and this machine definitely works well with the Breville Smart Grinder. To avoid some of the most common Breville Barista Express grinder problems, it is essential to keep the bean hopper as clean as possible. Then, repeat the cleaning process on the inner burr. What this all means is the hopper can act as an airtight container, which allows you to keep your beans longer. Clean the burrs. => Click here to read our full length review of the Breville Smart Grinder (with pictures, video). Not only will it prevent issues, it will save you effort as you will not have to descale the device as often. Burrs: 40mm stainless steel conical If the grinder is still under warranty, you can take it back to where you bought it and ask for a new one. One of those issues is the taste of your coffee being influenced by a scale build-up. But when I pull the outer burrs, the "coarse" arrow points to the 10 and the "fine" points the other way. Beans feed smoothly, and the burrs stop promptly enough so that setting the timer results in a reliably consistent dose. A: Although the whole machine is built to last for a long time, you can still get replacement burrs from Breville. Looks a tad coarser, but again, the burrs were manually adjusted so I'd expect a little visible difference in any case.). If your impeller is made of stainless steel rather than plastic you likely have a newer model with significant design changes (eg: BCG820). Copied and pasted from their website, it advertises that this grinder has "60 Precise Grind Settings from the finest espresso to the coarsest French Press grind" yet their rep tells me I can't get a coarse grind out of it. Re-insert the upper bean hopper and lock it.

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