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The official Japanese website refers to Aqua as the "Dancing Waters Forming Bonds" (絆繋ぐ舞水, Kizuna Tsunagu Busui?). While it won't stop bosses, it'll still keep you nipping at their heels. Each Dimension Link has its own unique Deck of commands, and while most of these are simply recycled from the normal list of Attack and Magic Commands, the Cinderella, Snow White, and Vanitas D-Link Decks are composed of completely original commands. Her judgments between what is right and wrong are never misplaced, although Ventus and Terra sometimes lose sight of the right thing to do. Kingdom Hearts II made us use all those reaction commands. Who am I to (publically) judge you? You can also swap Cure with Cura, if you're an insufferable over-achiever who wants to make melding needlessly complicated. for Aqua.....Time Splicer(Stopra or Stopga + Wishing Edge[I think]) and Thundaga Shot(Thundaga + Zero Gravira/Graviga? Deep Freeze is handed out to those of you who not only took time to look at the Sticker Album but also earn 110 points on it. Fires eight giant bullets. Deck Commands appear on the Command Menu in the bottom left corner. Let's be real here: Aqua has all the best commands. Seemingly unshaken by this she presses forwards and encounters several Pureblood Heartless, namely Shadows, Neoshadows, and Darkballs. Perform a spinning attack that deals additional damage if you are low on HP. She then encounters Vanitas again, this time with Ventus's cherished Wooden Keyblade. Press the. Launch a ball of fire that explodes when it hits an enemy, catching nearby foes in the blast. Check out the Attack Commands section above to obtain Magnet Spiral. May Stun foes (50% chance). It's the most convenient way to take out the trash these days. If it connects, it can even shock nearby foes. You can step on them while they are shrunk to deal damage. Later on, after Mickey informs Yen Sid that they have located Ventus's heart, Yen Sid concludes that Terra is the only one left to find, implying that they have already located Aqua. While she doesn't appear in the game, in the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded opening Aqua is briefly shown on the Dark Margin during her conversation with Ansem from Blank Points. With Barrier Surge, you can surround yourself with a bubble-like shield and then slam into your enemies. Aqua is quick to get to Ventus' side, just as a large wave of Heartless appear and create a giant wave of Darkness. Suspend your enemies in anti-gravity fields and then send them flying off in all directions. Scatter confetti. Cloak yourself in a whirlwind of fire, then fly around at will, dealing damage to enemies on contact. Can add up to three attacks by tapping the. You can pick up Mine Shield in Peter's Hide Out in Neverland, or just meld it with Fira + Zero Gravity. Strike an enemy three times with a single jumping attack. Summon three pillars of flame that will orbit you as you float around the battlefield like the Angel of Death. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You can pick this one up in Neverland's Rainbow Falls, or you can meld it if you need it sooner. Stop nearby enemies in time and teleport from one to the other, dealing out an onslaught of quick strikes. Usually helpful though. Stopga can be easily melded by combining leveled up Stop and Stopra commands, while Aerial Slam can be found in Pete's Rec Room. Like seriously, please meld this one. Expend HP to perform a single, powerful attack. Can be used once to restore a small amount of HP. After she catches a frozen Ventus, they are confronted by Braig and Aqua fights him. Once you have High Jump, you can mosey your way back to Enchanted Dominion and pick this up in Maleficent's Dungeon. In Birth by sleep, Aqua's armor is mostly colored in shades of silver, black, grey and blue. Aqua and others later watch Sora and Kairi share a sunset together, only for Sora to fade away as Kairi sheds a tear. If you're looking for a little extra challenge or mabe space to impliment Crystals, try your hand at melding. Two-hit spin that generates a shockwave and a falling meteor. What could be better than a fireball hurling towards your enemies? Terra and Aqua start to question him but this ends up troubling him and he passes out. Sort of. Call on the wind to lift enemies into the air and send them flying for more damage. The former is only technically easier because you can pick it up for free in Peter's Hide Out. You will not receive EXP, but the enemy will still drop prizes. You're better off melding. Restore a large amount of HP to yourself and nearby friends. She wears a silver badge similar to badges also worn by Ven and Terra, though Terra's is gold. The Finish Commands can be renamed by the player, but it's unknown whether they have any effect other than cosmetic ones. She is one of the Keyblade Wielders before Sora. Upon both Vanitas' and Terra-Xehanort's defeat, Aqua and Ventus try to save Terra from his darkness, only for Terra-Xehanort to snare them with chains of their unbreakable bonds. We already went over Fission Firaga under Firaga Burst, so let's move onto Crawling Fire. Cloak yourself in ice and hit the enemy with a jumping attack, after which ice bursts from the ground for additional damage. Throw the Keyblade at the enemy. (Note: you must purchase a secondary movement ability before being able to meld your current one), (Note: you must purchase a secondary block or barrier ability before being able to meld your current one), (Note: you must purchase a secondary reprisal ability before being able to meld your current one).

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